fantasy premier league tips – FFGeek contributors show their GW3 teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league tips article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW3. In this part there’s Keith Spencer, Joe Armiger , Costas Chari, Mikael Hietala and Jordan Sadler

 fantasy premier league tips – FFGeek contributors show their GW3 teams part 2

Here’s part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

You can see Part 1 of the contributor articles here

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Keith Spencer

Keith finished with a 3k OR last season, an incredible OR of 325 in 16/17 and 9k in 15/16.

He is one of the top 10 FPL managers I follow weekly who’ve finished the last 3 seasons in the top 10k OR.

GW2 points: 88 (average 60) Total points 177, Gameweek rank 328k, Overall Rank: 61k, green arrow 22k, Team Value: £101.0m

fantasy premier league tips

Joe Armiger 

Joe finished with a fantastic OR of 987 last season and 49k in 16/17

GW2 points: 76 (average 60) Total points 152, Gameweek rank 957k, Overall Rank: 360k, green arrow 7k, Team Value: £100.7m

I was thinking of renaming my segment “what to do when your plans go wrong” as mine clearly have with a disappointing 19th position in the FFgeek contributors league. I think that we are always looking at the positives and the next games and who we should bring in and remove but as I have experienced this week and last , human nature kicks in and panic follows when things go wrong (I know I take this game to seriously) but I take comfort that everybody reading this shares the passion

I was vowing never to play the Game again on Saturday evening when I had 7 points from my 4 players who had played that day and how it seemed every player I had not included in my final draft but had been in all 112 drafts I put together before the final one we’re racking up double points . My friends and girlfriend were happy winding me up about my fall from grace and I panicked …. so what did I do … I jumped on the Richarlison band wagon and dumped Andre Schurle …. why??? …. because when your plans do not work out in this game you have to buy yourself time and preserve your ranking and the best way to do this is by picking the players with the highest percentage of ownership … it isn’t a sexy way of playing the game (the pep way) and it isn’t the gung-ho (Klopp way of playing) , so my answer to reaching panic stations after just 2 games is to turn to percentages and become the (Jose) of FPL with my unimaginative , uncreative, moneyball approach

Here is my mediocre team awaiting the next wave of creative thinking .. I just hope it is quick before I move from Jose to Pulis

fantasy premier league tips

Costas Chari

Costas finished with an OR of 29k last season and 27k in 16/17

GW2 points: 81 (average 60) Total points 162, Gameweek rank 644k, Overall Rank: 191k, green arrow 27k, Team Value: £101.1m

Hey guys! 81 points on each of the 2 gameweeks is not bad but I actually lost on the head to head league I play with my buddies by 1 point (Wan- Bissaka came in for sanchez 😡)

So I had 2 free transfers this week and went for 3 changes taking a 4 point hit

Moura out and Fraser in. I know you might be thinking I’m crazy after that screamer but I thought with Son coming back soon and the bad fixtures of Spurs in comparison with the great form and good fixtures of Bournemouth, that I would roll the dice.

This has allowed me to save funds and upgrade Patricio to Ederson for obvious reasons.

I was planning on going from King to Zaha but due to the Sanchez and United in general situation this will have to wait. So its Sanchez out and Hazard in who has provided 2 assists in 40 minutes and has a good run of fixtures.

Captain-wise I’m on Aubameyang at the moment but most probably switch to Mane as I don’t own Salah

fantasy premier league tips

Mikael Hietala

Mikael finished with an OR of 22k last season

GW2 points: 61 (average 60) Total points 125, Gameweek rank 2,290k, Overall Rank: 1,368k, red arrow 310k, Team Value: £100.2m

My decision to not start off aggressive after GW1 blew up in my face, so now I am taking a hit to stop my rank from sliding even more. I had to get rid of Ederson if I wanted Mendy, and with a wildcard in the near future Etheridge has quite an easy game this weekend. Richarlison has proven his worth, and will keep costing more and more each gameweek. Away at Bournemouth proved the perfect opportunity to get him into the team!

Brighton are without two of their starting defenders (Bruno and Dunk), so Liverpool could well run riot on the South coast. This makes Salah an easy captain choice. Aguero was, of course, in the running, but Salah edges him out because of Brighton’s current defensive issues.

Here’s the provisional line-up for the weekend.

fantasy premier league tips

Jordan Sadler

Jordan finished with an overall rank of 76k last season

GW2 points: 78 (average 60) Total points 174, Gameweek rank 825k, Overall Rank: 77k, red arrow 49k, Team Value: £101.4m

Gameweek 2 review:

A reasonable week this week with a gameweek score of 78. My gamble of captaining Mendy over Aguero due to concerns of Aguero’s gametime cost me 12 points so that was a little disappointing. My Fabianski/Patricio rotation is slightly concerning me as that’s now 4 blanks in 4 between them but I’ll persist for now as Fabianski has been playing very well and Wolves have been incredibly unlucky with their goals conceded. Six of my players returned, two of which were double figures. The five that didn’t were Fabianski, Luiz, B Silva, Jota and King, the latter two now not part of my gameweek 3 squad.


I had two free transfers coming into this gameweek and I had planned to trade out Jota and King for Ramsey and Jimenez but Ramsey didn’t start and Jimenez’s performance this week was rather underwhelming so I decided to look elsewhere. Jota’s and King’s performances only confirmed further to me that they needed transfering out, so that gave me £13m to spend on a midfielder and forward.

The two midfielders I considered were Mkhitaryan and Pedro and the two forwards I considered were Wilson and Ings. Due to price rises/falls I wanted to get my transfers done early as I personally like to maximise my team value. I decided to go with Mkhitaryan due to his superior fixtures and concerns over Pedro’s gametime with Hazard returning. It was a tricky decision between Ings and Wilson as both look like excellent options but I decided to go with Wilson as he has penalties and his fixtures matched up with my squad better due to me already having Cedric.


Salah. He’ll comfortably be the most captained player this week and the last two times Liverpool played Brighton they won 5-1 and 4-0 so I’d expect a similar sort of result Saturday. The only other player I’d consider is Mane but I prefer to play it safe early in the season so it’ll definitely be Salah.

Good luck for gameweek 3.

fantasy premier league tips

Contributors league

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