Fantasy premier league tips – Costas Chari, Robert Cosgrave and Stephen Toumi with their GW1 teams


Here are 3 more FFGeek contributors with their GW1 teams.  Costa’s Chari, Robert Cosgrave and Stephen Toumi discuss their teams and strategy.

 Fantasy premier league tips – Costas Chari, Robert Cosgrave and Stephen Toumi with their GW1 teams

Costas Chari

Costas finished with an OR of 29k last season and 17k in 16/17

Hello all I’m Costas Chari from sunny Limassol in Cyprus.

I have finally completed my team (subject to change of course). Unfortunately, I don’t have a twitter account so I won’t be able to share any changes.

To start with I’m very happy to be given the opportunity to share my team with other FPL managers and I hope I don’t confuse anyone with my selection!

I have chosen to take a risk and go without Kane and Salah. This however have given me the opportunity to be balanced in all lines. Don’t get me wrong if you compare Salah with any player he comes on top BUT I looked at it from another point of view:

Instead of having Salah (£13.0m) and lets say a £7-7.5m forward such as Tosun I chose to go for Mane and Aubameyang, I think in the long run I will benefit from having two players from top teams.


Patricio: I had to go for a £4.5m and £4.0m due to fund shortage so I think Patricio is the best £4.5m option


Shaw is the cheapest route into the United defence and offers a chance for assists. David Luiz is at an excellent price and Mendy gives me a cover for the City defence with possible attacking returns


Mane had a great pre season and could be on penalties. Sanchez I think is a great differential and so is Moura (both had good pre-seasons). Richarlison I had to pick due to the good fixtures and the new coach of Everton seemingly favouring him. I can always switch to someone else if it doesn’t click.


Aguero and Aubameyang I think are a must at this point without indications of Kane/Lukaku being able to start in GW1 (I wouldn’t want £11-12.5m sitting on the bench). Zaha has had a perfect end of the season and pre season but  King and save the 0.5.

Geek note:  Costas subsequently told me he went for King

fantasy premier league tips

Robert Cosgraves team

Robert finished with an OR of 20k last season and 23k the season before

I am delighted to be a part of the FFG contributors! I have been doing fantasy football for a few years now but only seriously concentrated on it the last 2 seasons, finishing 23k and 20k respectively.

My team has changed ALOT over the past couple of weeks (I couldn’t even tell you my original draft!) But I believe I have finally constructed my final draft.

Every single draft has included Salah, Aguero, Ederson, Zaha and Richarlison (as soon as Everton bought him). I really wanted Aubameyang as I am a big fan of his but the opening 2 fixtures are just not guaranteed goals, plus the conundrum of Lacazette and the LW position. So I decided to avoid and await clarity on Emery’s line-ups for these fixtures and reassess for the West Ham game in GW3.

Defence was a key factor last season so I have opted for 3 premium attacking full-backs this season as opposed to my usual 2 plus 1 rotating £4.5m cheapie. I had Bailly but the injury doubt and my love for full backs brought me to Luke Shaw. Ben Davies was a bit of a punt and will probably be transferred out when spurs play Man Utd in GW3 (he scored against Newcastle away last season so felt like an omen!)

I have elected for Sanchez due to pre-season and the fact that he will be the main man in the team with the world cup players not readily available as of yet. Schurrle and King were the ‘best of the rest of the budget’ with the best fixtures.

Overall my team looks very attacking as my midfield are all wingers and defence all include full/wing backs (even my bench).

Good luck to you all!

Stephen Toumi


It’s been a very long month with all the tinkering with different players and formations. There was more to contemplate with the World Cup ending in July, as fantasy managers would need to adjust their early season starting XI due to the unavailability of players who went deep into the final rounds. While I have attempted to “think differently” to start the season, it appears many of the 5-man defender formations have fallen by the wayside and I stare at a 3-5-2 to begin the season.

Just how different is my starting XI this season? I refer back to an article I wrote on my website called, ‘Key to Success’ and a point I recall hearing last season, “play boring.” While this statement applies more to a fantasy manager with a high overall rank, it can be used to start the season. I have planned and organized my team for the first four gameweeks, with the expectation of activating the wild card after the international break.


Every season with struggle with a budget rotation or a premium between the posts. This year, I have decided to start with Manchester United’s David de Gea, after finishing last season with him. His £6.0 price tag makes him the most expensive at the position, but its warranted. While I don’t expect the sort of point total (172) of last season, he’s still the best in the EPL. He’s a “set and forget” player at the position, requiring just £4.0 to secure my backup, Artur Boruc of Bournemouth.


Initial plan was to go big at the back, as I did last season, but the more I tinkered, I realized that due to some premium priced players, it would a real challenge to field a balanced squad. Up until this week I continued to push for a 5-man defense, but it didn’t come to fruition.

I feel I settled on a good balance on defense starting Manchester City’s, Benjamin Mendy (£6.0) and Liverpool’s, Andrew Robertson (£6.0) as premium anchor options. Chelsea’s, David Luiz (£5.5) is a surprise starter in my XI, after putting in a good pre-season and favored by Sarri. Burnley’, James Tarkowski (£5.0) and Crystal Palace’s, Aaron Wan-Bissaka (£4.0) round out my defensive unit. While neither will start, they do combine for favorable fixtures if I need to shift my starting XI formation.


Much of the story this offseason as has been, Mo Salah or no Salah? At £13.0, he’s the highest priced player in FPL, selected by 53.8%! Ownership alone dictated he was a must start in my XI. It would take a lot to see him reproduce his 303-point total from last season, but Liverpool have only strengthened this offseason.

On a punt, I have combined him with Manchester United’s, Alexis Sanchez (£10.5). Now, I went off the rails last season and picked him up, which was an absolute disaster. This season, I put my faith in the Chilean early this season to produce, as United is short Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku on the back of the World Cup. If he doesn’t produce, by the international break, he can be downgraded to Kevin De Bruyne (£10.0).

Continuing to stockpile premium midfielders, Christian Eriksen (£9.5) makes the starting XI because of his consistency. With or without Harry Kane to start the season, Eriksen continue to post excellent returns (199/218/178 – last 3 season). No reason to think he’s quality returns will diminish this season and expect him to be the top scoring midfielder for Spurs.

In much of the same vein as Eriksen, Brighton’s. Pascal Groβ (£7.0) plays a similar role, as a majority of the scoring goes through his feet. His price increased, but with his durability and involvement, I suspect Groβ will have another outstanding season.

Fulham’s, Tom Cairney (£5.0) rounds out the midfield, his inclusion in the starting XI will be dependent on FDR, as I have options to move from a 3-5-2 to a 4-4-2. He’s got an attacking prowess, finishing with 5 goals, 5 assists in the Championship last season.


To start the season, I have decided against either of the £11.0 options, opting to go with players who were reclassified from the midfield last season. West Ham’s, Marko Arnautovic (£7.0) and Crystal Palace’s, Wilfried Zaha (£7.0) will form the forward strike force. Arnautovic carries a bit of risk, as the Hammers have a difficult FDR to start the season, but we’ve seen his ability to score against any team. At £7.0 there are other forward options, if either of these players fail to return attacking points.


To start the season, I am hedging my bet on “boring” and “balanced” to open the season with a 3-5-2 formation. It’s not without question or concern, as Sanchez has big potential, but underperformed much of last season. Add to that, the risk in not including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Sergio Agüero in my initial squad. Maybe that means deep down inside, I really DO want Harry Kane back in my lineup…after August, of course.

This team, as mentioned was built for the first four weeks of the season, with an attempt to roll a FT in the first few weeks to allow for options leading up to the international break, on the hopes my squad is performing and I can better use that chip later in the season. Good luck to all managers!

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