Fantasy Premier League Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW11 Teams Part 1

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Here’s our fantasy premier league tips GW11 article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their GW11 teams. There’s Costas Chari, Alex Ball, Rick Porter and Andrew Whitfield. Between them they finished in the top 1% of teams 20 of 28 times in the last 7 ULTRA competitive seasons.  Includes 15 top 30k finishes in that time.

Fantasy Premier League Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW11 Teams Part 1

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Costas Chari

Costas’s last 7 seasons were 12k, 283K, 191k, 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW10: 72 (19 Top managers average 72) Total points: 600 Overall Rank: 1,922k, green arrow: 243k   Team Value: £102.0m

Costas used his Wildcard in GW8

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Another week post WC another green arrow (3 in a row) landing at 1.9mil from 2.1mil. Top million by GW10 is always a good indicator so my rank is not where I had hoped it would be but its still a 3.2mil rise since wildcarding in GW8.

Taylor subbing in for Gabriel was good and so was the Darwin haul. 3 assists and a goal since I bought him on wildcard. Bowen a disappointment however. I wont say anything bad about Watkins he has given us loads of points recently so he can have a day off.

Plan was to bring Estupinan for Burn this week but Estupinan is still not even on the team sheet and Brighton are not clicking recently. So it will be either Guehi or Tsimikas. Both with good fixtures.  One with assurance of starts the other (Tsimikas) with an expiration date however a higher ceiling. I am yet to decide. Branthwaite drops out of the starting 11 anyhow.

Haaland the obvious captain.

Transfer summary:  to be determined

Here’s the team prior to any changes being made

fantasy premier league tips

Rick Porter

Rick’s last 7 seasons ORs were 12k, 38k, 1k, 29k, 1k, 30k and 2k.

GW10 points: 71 (19 Top managers average 72) Total points: 603 Overall Rank: 1,753k, green arrow: 175k   Team Value: £101.1m

Rick used his wildcard in GW8

GW10 review

A solid week. I backed the wrong captain (again) but I’m certainly not one to turn my nose up at a green arrow. An increase of 175k is a good result. That’s a gain of 1.7m since I Wildcarded three weeks ago.

My transfers this week worked out reasonably well — short-term, at least — though I’m still 17 points away from the 1m mark, which is the pool I’d ideally want to be swimming in at this point.

The Positives

Son has already showed his worth over Maddison, so I’m glad I kept him. Though, in order to do that I had to sacrifice Bowen and keep Neto, which felt weaker at the time but actually gained me three points.

We all knew Udogie was dicey this week, but I had Taylor on the bench vs Bournemouth ready to step in, so wasn’t overly worried as a cameo felt unlikely. I was hoping for a clean sheet, but got a goal from Taylor instead.


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Alex Ball

Alex’s last 9 seasons overall ranks were 60k, 27k, 3k, 312k, 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

GW10: 68 (19 Top managers average 72) Total points: 618, Overall Rank: 1,069k, red arrow: 6k   Team Value: £102.6m

Alex used his Wildcard in GW8

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Andrew Whitfield

Andrew’s last 5 seasons overall ranks were 119k, 34k, 132k, 6k and 19k

GW10 points: 75 (19 Top managers average 72) Total points: 613 Overall Rank: 1,266k, green arrow: 338k   Team Value: £101.1m

Andrew has used his wildcard in GW8

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Gameweek 10 review:

An eventful weekend which saw a hat trick at the Emirates, the only two unbeaten records stay intact, a few surprise results, and a one sided Manchester derby.

Erling Haaland scored twice to punish those who had dared to sell him as City cruised to victory at Old Trafford. Arsenal hit struggling Sheff Utd for five with Nketiah the hat trick hero. But Spurs are still top after a Friday night win at the Palace with Son on the scoresheet.

Liverpool comfortably saw off Forest with Salah and Darwin amongst the points. Villa saw off Luton but it was Diaby and not Watkins who stole the show. Brentford were surprise winners at Chelsea, as Everton also surprised West Ham.

An entertaining 2-2 between Wolves and Newcastle saw Trippier for once score nil points and Neto carried off injured. Bournemouth finally managed a win beating Bournemouth and Brighton were held by Fulham

Captaincy was split this week between the three principals of Haaland, Salah and Watkins, who delivered very varied results between them.

My GW10 score and rank:

I had 7/11 returners in a score of 75 points, including a captain goal, which is always a decent week. And it did indeed bring a 20% green arrow, which you take every week if offered.

There was a tinge of disappointment though as my two transfers yielded a net loss of 7 points, and I captained Salah over Haaland.

But up from 1.6M to 1.2M this week, which means three successive green arrows and a halving in rank since being sat at 2.5M before playing my wildcard in GW8. That’s definitely all in the right direction.

My GW10 significant moments:

I had my captains armband on Haaland for much of the week as I fancied him for a haul at Old Trafford. But the polls of highly engaged managers had Salah way out in front and I tend to not stray far from a highly captained poll leader. There won’t be many weeks when Haaland’s EO will be at such low levels and the damage being small if not captained. Salah did at least score, albeit a loss of 8 points compared to if I had stuck with Haaland.

I transferred out Son and Neto who annoyingly returned 15 points, and brought in Saka and Mitoma for 8 points, so a disappointing outcome. But Neto did get injured so maybe a bullet dodged. Attacking the Arsenal and Brighton fixtures was and is a sound play. So I stand by my transfers. Hopefully it still bears fruit.

I also considered keeping Son and transferring out Maddison instead, going for Cole Palmer instead of Mitoma. I was 4 points down there too, as Son outscored Maddison and Mitoma blanked in a nice fixture v Fulham. Losing Son was certainly uncomfortable. A lot rests on Mitoma in these Brighton fixtures to justify pinning my colours to Maddison instead of Son. A tinge of regret in losing Son.

So bearing in mind, my transfers and captaincy all hurt me, it was something of a surprise to still see a 20% rank rise !!

A lot of that, and the deciding factor in my green arrow was a lovely 13 pointer from Diaby. I had purposely selected Diaby on my GW8 wildcard and tripled up on Villa for a nice little fixture run starting with Luton at home. So I was rewarded by 20 points this week from my triple up. Watkins was a surprise blank though as part of that triple up.

I had a sprinkling of luck. Matty Cash was subbed off and banked his clean sheet before Villa conceded. And a rare 6 pointer from last sub from my two defenders not featuring. That Taylor 6 pointer plus the Diaby haul was my saving grace.

It was disappointing to bring Gabriel back into my team, only to see him benched, after all the bench shenanigans when I owned him earlier in the season. A golden fixture at home to Sheff Utd is not one to see a benching. Fortunately Udogie missed out and Taylor delivered that bench jam.

As always, the performance of your biggest rank threats matters. Of my biggest three threats, Son delivered 10 points, but both Trippier and Alvarez handily blanked.

So what next:

I am currently cruising the Med this week and docking in Barcelona, Marseilles, Genoa, and Mallorca. I didn’t get to see any of the weekend games. I will be home for GW11.

So my immediate thoughts are which cocktail next rather than FPL but I do have plenty of time on board to ponder and write this article whilst sipping my Pina Collada.

We have a midweek round of the EFL cup, so it’s that usual dilemna of beating the price changes or holding back on transfers with the danger of injuries ahead of Saturdays deadline.

The Erling Haaland debate took another twist after those selling him had made some very nice gains over the previous two weeks. This week the pendulum swung, as he delivered a points haul. Will sellers be now scrambling to take hits to bring him back before Bournemouth at home, or sticking to the plan. It’s certainly a plan that’s going to see huge swings each week. Not for the faint hearted with his ownership still around 84%.

Captaincy will probably be more one sided this week. I expect Haaland’s EO to be back to sky high levels so tin hats and sofas at the ready for non owners. Mo at Luton is certainly a big shout though this week given his sizzling form.

My GW11 transfers:

I have one free transfer and zero in the bank.

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fantasy premier league tips
fantasy premier league tips

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