Fantasy Premier League Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW13 Teams Part 1

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Here’s our fantasy premier league GW13 article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their GW13 teams. There’s Costas Chari and Alex Ball, Rob Reid and Andrew Whitfield. Between them they finished in the top 1% of teams 18 of 28 times in the last 7 ULTRA competitive seasons.  Includes 14 top 30k finishes in that time.

Fantasy Premier League Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW13 Teams Part 1

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends.

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The reference to 19 top managers is from the article where I follow 19 top FPL managers who have finished in the top 10k overall rank the last 3 seasons.

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 7 seasons were 12k, 283K, 191k, 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW12 points: 96 (19 Top managers average 77) Total points: 717 Overall Rank: 1,164k, green arrow: 1,336k   Team Value: £102.6m

Costas used his Wildcard in GW8

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Amazing gameweek for the team and feel even worse about the International Break now that I have momentum! Wildcarding in GW8 at 5.3mil overall rank the target was to reach top 1 million at this stage! Being 1.1 million and so close to that means I am in a good position moving forward! 

Overall Rank could have been even better had I trusted my gut and gone more differential but I just couldn’t face another setback once I started gaining rank. Plan this week was Cash to Saliba but the Maddison news changed everything and I had to take a punt on Bruno Fernandes. Feel a bit gutted by this but still happy after scoring 96pts and a gameweek rank of 88k! Bruno Fernandes will stay for another week and then get Mbeumo in GW14 in his place. 

Darwin. what a player. Since I got him he has been averaging 7pts a gameweek but I still feel robbed! He is a 15pointer each week waiting to happen and I feel he has cemented his starting place. 

Next week is difficult for many! There is no clear transfer target so I will probably give it go! Cash is the weak link of the team and since I cant get to Saliba I will try and save some cash on the transfer so a Fulham defender regarding the fixtures looks like a good punt! Either Ream or Castagne who also rotate well with Branthwaite and Taylor. 

Captain- I really want to give the armband to Bowen But Haaland is a bit scary not to captain although there is some injury risk to him during the IB. Even weeks where Salah is the clear choice Haaland still has around 130% EO and hurts rank when he hauls.

Transfer summary:  to be determined

Here’s the team prior to any transfer being made

fantasy premier league tips

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 8 seasons overall ranks were 29k,  66k, 12k, 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW12 points: 74 (19 Top managers average 77) Total points: 743, Overall Rank: 416k, green arrow: 6k   Team Value: £102.0m

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Rob used his Wildcard in GW10

GW12 Review

A green arrow, but one tinged with a bit of disappointment. 5 returns including getting the right Captain choice in Salah, but massive frustration in leaving 15 points from Tsimikas on the bench and also getting a 50/50 transfer call in midfield wrong by going Martinelli over Bowen. On the Tsimikas call, I’m not the only one who made this decision – on the balance of things, we had no knowledge of Gomez’s injury and to be frank he was terrible in the first half versus Toulouse. I’m still comfortable with the process behind this, even if the outcome was a frustrating one.

Captain Salah, Saka, Alvarez, Watkins and Haaland all returned then. It should have been more from Watkins and assists only for Saka and Alvarez aren’t massively rank changing, while Haaland’s haul had a negative affect on my rank. Getting the Captain pick correct this week then was pretty much main the reason why I wasn’t on a nasty red arrow.

For the blanks it was the whole defence, Mitoma and Martinelli. Mitoma only got 45 minutes and Martinelli was perhaps a little unlucky. To not get anything from defence was frustrating – Palace’s clean sheet was gone before I’d even switched Soccer Saturday on and Arsenal inconceivably managed to cough up a goal to Burnley. Then on Sunday, for Matty Cash, substitute Aston Villa and Fulham in for the 2 clubs in the latter part of the previous sentence and an Areola clean sheet is starting to look like it’s rarer than Aberdeen not getting thrashed at Celtic Park.

At least it was a green arrow, but the last few weeks have very much felt like what could have been – I was behind the curve on the GW8 Wildcard and I’ve missed some hauls and got some 50/50s wrong that would have seen me comfortably in the top 100k by now. The international break has come at a good time it seems for my FPL team and in a way I’m a little pleased I’ve got some time to realign my thoughts as to how I attack the next block of this season, a packed 8 GW period that will take us into the New Year.

GW13 Thoughts

2 free transfers, £0.6m in the bank.

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Alex Ball

Alex’s last 9 seasons overall ranks were 60k, 27k, 3k, 312k, 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

GW12: 95 (19 Top managers average 77) Total points: 735, Overall Rank: 598k, green arrow: 854k   Team Value: £103.6m

Alex used his Wildcard in GW8

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Andrew Whitfield

Andrew’s last 5 seasons overall ranks were 119k, 34k, 132k, 6k and 19k

GW12 points: 80 -4 (19 Top managers average 77) Total points: 709 Overall Rank: 1,492k, green arrow: 303k   Team Value: £101.7m

Andrew has used his wildcard in GW8

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Gameweek 12 review:

Well an eventful set of games to take us into the 3rd international break !! The two most popular captains both hauled with a brace each, punishing those who went for a differential captain and also those who don’t own both, while those who sold or benched Tsimikas were also left cursing too. It’s also hotting up at the top of the league with only three points now separating the top five in the table !!

A candidate for game of the season saw Man City stay top, despite losing the lead in the 94th minute. A Haaland double     was in vain as ex City player Cole Palmer converted a last gasp penalty in a 4-4 draw !!

Spurs have now lost successive games, despite leading from the 3rd minute to the 90th, before the hungry Wolves scored twice in stoppage time !! Liverpool are now up to 2nd after beating Brentford 3-0, with a Salah double and that Tsimikas haul when many didn’t expect him to start.

Arsenal comfortably saw off Burnley 3-1 with Saka and Martinelli only managing an assist between them as Trossard scored again, and it was Saliba not Gabriel who landed that big defender goal.

Villa beat Fulham by the same score line with Watkins scoring again. Everton won a 3-2 thriller at Palace, Westham also won 3-2, coming from behind to beat Forest. A Solanke double saw off injury plagued Newcastle 2-0. Man Utd sneaked past Luton 1-0. And Sheff Utd are off the bottom after sharing a 1-1 at Brighton.

My GW12 score and rank:

I had 6/11 returners and a 32 point captain brace, which is always a decent week, and it did indeed bring a 17% rank rise. I scored 80-4 = 76 points, so a green arrow when I took a points hit is also a bonus.

The week was an ok one, but could have been a huge success but for a certain 15 point Liverpool defender on my bench.

Up this week from 1.8M to 1.5M, not where I want to be, but that’s 4/5 green arrows since I played my GW8 wildcard, when I was sat at 2.5M. It’s definitely progress and there is a long way to go.

This time last season I was ranked at 20k after a flawless start. What a difference a year makes. It’s a tough season.

My GW12 significant moments:

The captaincy decision was a potential gameweek decider if one of Salah or Haaland exploded and the other didn’t. In the end, they both hauled with 16 points each so it didn’t matter as long as you owned both and captained one.

I have gone against Haaland for the armband three times this season and he’s braced in two of them, away to Man Utd and Chelsea. Fixtures don’t matter. I went with Mo’s 14 successive returns at Anfield and he duly made that 15 with a haul. I thought I had stolen an advantage with Mo going first with his double, only for Haaland to later match him with a dubious penalty and a goal which was touching his hand as it crossed the line.

6/7 of my attackers returned which was good, Diaby was fortunate to be awarded his assist, but Watkins, Bowen, Saka and Diaby added to my two heavyweight hauls. The one attacker who blanked was Mitoma who I brought in on wildcard with the home fixture v Sheff Utd in mind. Of course he was benched for it. He did get 45 mins, which was more than enough, but not to be.

My transfer of Maddison to Bowen worked out well, but my second transfer i made proved to be a mini disaster, which ultimately cost me a whopping 19 points !!

I could have just done Maddison to Bowen with my one free, and started Tsimikas v Brentford. But after his benching in the previous game and poor display in Europe, his starting chances looked no better than 50-50. I also expected Liverpool to concede.

So I dealt with the long term injury to Dan Burn and brought in Lascelles. The way 50% owned Trippier has been hoovering up bonus points every time Newcastle get a clean sheet means going without a Magpies defender is effectively handing 9 points to 50% of managers every time they get a shutout. I had it covered with Botman, then Burn and I wanted it covered with Lascelles too, especially with Newcastle facing Bournemouth.

Taking a hit for a defender is nearly always a big NO. The best outcome of a Tsimikas one pointer and a Lascelles clean sheet would only have broken even after the hit. So it made sense to play Tsimikas and delay Burn to Lascelles by a week and do it for free in GW13. But another factor was an immediate 0.2M prices gain, with the potential for more to follow in the two week international break, which ultimately likely blocks my future transfer plans.

So whilst the Tsimikas haul made me look a complete fool, there was sound logic behind my decision. Who could have foreseen that Gomez would have an injury, meaning Tsimikas played 90 minutes, Liverpool keep a clean sheet, Tsimikas grabs two assists, Newcastle concede and Lascelles scores zero !! Brutal.

Whilst I had 6/7 of my attackers returned, my defenders all flopped. Newcastle lost to Bournemouth, Gabriel failed to get a clean sheet in a golden home fixture v Burnley, with the added salt of his defensive partner Saliba scoring instead, Matty Cash conceded for the 5th successive game since I bought him, and Areola conceded yet again. Only one West Ham clean sheet all season.

My green arrow was preserved, largely due to my three biggest rank threats, Son, Trippier and Alvarez managing just a solitary assist between them.

So what next:

We now head into the third international break, with a two week wait for GW13. So unless you are on wildcard, absolutely no early moves is the play. The risks are there with many of our players away on international breaks and playing two games in that time. I won’t be doing anything in that time. Price changes won’t affect that. It’s too risky making early transfers until close to the deadline.

The Haaland or no Haaland debate will rage on. Sellers have generally done well without him and spreading the money, but he’s now had two goal performances in the last three games, with that unexpected blank v Bournemouth in between. Are no Haaland managers staying strong ?

I expect Haaland to top the captain polls in a tasty first game showdown v Salah. Perhaps Son at home to Villa will attract plenty of interest too. And Bowen away to Burnley for those who like a punt.

Bowen, Saliba, Palmer, Salah and Mbeumo currently head up the most transferred in players, with Maddison, Romero, White, Son and Mitoma on the chopping block.

Cole Palmer now has four penalties to his name which is not sustainable but he is looking good too. People moan about players getting lucky with penalties but the reason we select penalty takers in our teams -is because they get penalties !! How many penalty takers do you have in your team ?

It will be interesting to see the impact all these injuries have on the previously unbeaten table topping Spurs who have now lost twice. How will this affect Son ??

Anyway, time to put your feet up, watch Englands double header v Malta and Macedonia, or Belarus v Andorra if you prefer, and come back feeling refreshed for GW13.

My GW13 transfer plans:

I have one free transfer and 1.2M in the bank.

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fantasy premier league tips
fantasy premier league tips

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