Fantasy Premier League Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW14 Teams Part 1

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Here’s our Fantasy Premier League Tips GW14 article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their GW14 teams. There’s Harry Vernon, Antonello, Stephen Troop and Andrew Whitfield. Between them they finished in the top 1% of teams 17 of 24 times in the last 6 ULTRA competitive seasons.  Includes 9 top 30k finishes in that time.

Fantasy Premier League Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW14 Teams Part 1

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends.

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The reference to 19 top managers is from the article where I follow 19 top FPL managers who have finished in the top 10k overall rank the last 3 seasons.

Antonello Di Filippo

Antonello’s last 3 overall ranks are 21k, 10k and 42k

GW13 points: 68  (19 Top managers average 51) Total points: 772 Overall Rank: 915k, green arrow: 803k   Team Value: £102.1m

Antonello used his WC in GW8

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 GW13 review:

I’m finally starting to see some light, despite all the countless coin flips I’ve lost over the course of the season in selecting one player over another (without me listing them you know them anyway).  Yet I’m there only about 25 points away from where I used to be at this point in the season; 

The week went pretty well with 8 returns, still no CS but I expected it. 

Owning neither Son nor having Cash starting (yes when I read that Lamptey was ready I put him starting to take advantage of his offensive strength against Forest … then you all know how it ended).  As a good old friend of mine says in here I had to hide behind the sofa for that game but it went well;

There was a very nice moment during the games, namely when Man United was about to play and we were talking about it in chat with my buddy Contributor Yaniv, about who had Bruno Fernandes on the team and who was a United supporter.  A  really a very hilarious moment, ruined and culminating of course with a big regret when we saw (this plague that is spreading) that he left the penalty to Rashford.

GW14 talking points/plans/thoughts:

I am really very happy now with my team, the only players I don’t have but would like now are Mbeumo (wait on that) Trippier and Palmer;

It almost seems like I wasted a transfer but I needed to replace Hojlund and Darwin is now great for the series of games (it was a transfer I should have done anyway), rather than replace Cash who has Bournemouth now. I will remove Villa players in due course.

I don’t want Son, as I suspected with injuries Spurs lose so much value, even though he scored 3 goals albeit offside;

A.Becker got hurt, so it also opens up the possibility of Kelleher, many are saying Liverpool doesn’t defend well and that without AB’s miracles they would have been pierced multiple times, I don’t really care about that honestly, a goalkeeper from a top six at 3.9 I always want to get him (especially given the near abandonment situation between the posts of Areola and Turner who no long starts meaning it offers an easy change).  

The problem is that the optimal entry point would be this week, but I only have one change.  I don’t want to take the -4 and I want Mbeumo too much against Luton, so I will probably wait for the GK replacement.

GW14 so what next:

Now I have 1 transfer, and £0.1m itb, as I said this week it’s really quite easy. Bruno Fernandes OUT and Mbeumo IN.

I would like to keep him until the potential double of GW 20, leaving him on the bench together with Haaland for the 18th and then sell him to the 21 who leaves for the African Nations Cup.

Captain – Salah  VC – Haaland maybe Mbeumo

Transfer Summary:  Mbeumo IN for Bruno Fernandes OUT

Here’s the team prior to any transfer taking place

Fantasy Premier League Tips

Harry Vernon

Harry’s last 7 seasons are 74k, 35k, 86k, 22k, 6k, an incredible 224th and 6k

GW13 points: 71 (19 Top managers average 51) Total points: 826 Overall Rank: 62k, green arrow: 166k   Team Value: £103.2m

Harry used his Wildcard in GW10

Follow Harry on twitter here

Delighted with my 71 points and very happy with my starting 11. My concerns are how long before Tsimikas and Lascelles are dropped.

Areola still can’t keep a clean sheet and Turner is now second choice.

So, my planned transfer is…..

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Andrew Whitfield

Andrew’s last 5 seasons overall ranks were 119k, 34k, 132k, 6k and 19k

GW13 points: 53 -4 (19 Top managers average 51) Total points: 758 Overall Rank: 1,439k, green arrow: 53k   Team Value: £102.0m

Andrew has used his wildcard in GW8

Follow Andrew on Twitter

Gameweek 13 review:

We resumed after the international break, with plenty of drama, late goals, red cards, penalties, a goal of the season contender, and a new league leader.

The clash of the top two kicked us off, with the heavily captained Erling Haaland looking set to win it for Man City, until Salah set up Trent for a crucial late leveller. That draw left the door open for third placed Arsenal who left it very late before a last gasp Havertz goal at Brentford put the Gunners top.

The wheels are off at Spurs. After 8 wins in 9 games, it’s now three successive defeats. A Watkins goal won it with Son frustrating his owners with three disallowed goals. An overhead bicycle kick from Garnacho set up Man Utd for a 3-0 win at Everton, with Bruno “doing a Saka” and handing a spot kick to team mate Rashford.

An Anthony Gordon inspired Newcastle thrashed Chelsea, who had Reece James sent off. Forest lost their unbeaten home record as Pedro scored twice and Dunk saw red. The injured Bowen missed out as West Ham grabbed a late come from behind win at bottom club Burnley. Bournemouth thrashed hapless Sheff Utd but Solanke was Soblanke. And Luton moved four points outside the drop zone by beating Palace.

A not so eagerly anticipated Monday night clash between Fulham and Wolves concluded matters on Monday, where it turned out to be a thriller, with Fulham nicking it 3-2 with a stoppage time penalty, one of three awarded in the game.

My GW13 score and rank:

I took a points hit and scored 53-4 = 49 points. 6/11 returners including a captain goal was a reasonable result in a low scoring week, an above average score, and just about enough for the smallest of green arrows, although a frustrating Sunday left me with an overwhelming feeling of what might have been, as two potential hat tricks passed me by.

My 5th green arrow in the last six weeks is certainly progress since my GW8 wildcard, but the climb from 2.5M has been steady rather than spectacular. Up just 3% this week from 1.5M to 1.4M. I have taken a -4 hit for the last two weeks and emerged with green arrows in both, so that’s a bonus, as injuries to Burn, Maddison, Mitoma and Bowen have forced me to shuffle the pack to put my team where I want it.

My GW13 significant moments:

The highlight was probably the goal from Lascelles who I bought in GW12 to replace the injured Burn, as part of my strategy of owning a Newcastle defender to hedge against the highly owned Trippier clean sheets. I got lucky as Trippier blanked after hitting the bar, and Lascelles not only hung on to the coat tails of Trips, but outscored him. He lost two bonus points late on or it would have been a 9 pointer.

A fortunate double Arsenal return too, as Saka had a quiet game but grabbed a very late assist and bonus points, and Gabriel somehow escaped with a clean sheet after a Ramsdale howler almost handed a goal on a plate to Mbeumo who I held off buying until next week. A very lucky escape all round.

A Haaland captain goal saw him outscore the two other popular captains of Salah and Son. I owned both Haaland and Mo. And a Watkins goal completed the returners.

But that Spurs v Villa game left me frustrated as I went into the game in a strong place, with 5/7 Saturday returns, and a four pronged attack on what looked a potentially high scoring encounter, with Son, Watkins, Diaby and Cash. They returned just 8 points between them, with Cash and Diaby departing at half time, and both Son and Watkins somehow dodging huge points as Son had three goals ruled out for offside, Watkins had one disallowed too in what could have been a brace of hat tricks. So close to a monster gameweek. Watkins was also booked late on and lost two bonus points in the process !!

I took a bold gamble in taking a hit to replace both Mitoma and Bowen, when there was a chance Bowen might play and haul v Burnley to leave me red faced. Both of them didn’t play which was good. I brought in Palmer and Son, the latter to attack that fixture. I am convinced it was the right decision if not the right outcome. A hit for Bowen to Son was almost a spectacular success. I am not put off with his fixture away to Man City, which is tailor made for him. Many will look to offload him after three blanks, but I am actually excited to have him back.

Areola continues to be a goal keeper disaster, Archer fluffed his big chance from a rare start in my team as Sheff Utd look out of their depth. Starting Archer over Palmer didn’t matter, as didn’t choosing Taylor ahead of Tsimikas on the bench.

The key threats against me stayed quiet, 5 of the 6 biggest threats all blanked, including Trippier, Bowen, Alvarez, Mbeumo and the Palace clean sheet. Gabriel matched the clean sheet of Saliba.

So what next ??

There is a full programme of midweek European games so EIGHT Premier league teams are in action. A high potential for injuries. So as always, it’s best to resist price changes and hold transfers, unless you are going to be priced out of your priority move.

Well we now embark on an extremely busy phase of FPL which sees SEVEN gameweeks in December !! So it’s worth noting the deadlines in your diary, to avoid missing one, especially as it’s going to involve the Christmas holiday period. Seven quick fire December gameweeks mean that ranks and mini leagues have the potential to change hugely. Being on the ball will give you every chance to gain ground.

GW14 starts on Saturday, but it’s quickly followed by a midweek GW15, and another weekend GW16. That’s three gameweeks coming up now in just 8 days !!!!

What it does mean is that we want nailed starters and strong benches as they will likely be needed. How many of your squad will play three games in a week ? And how strong is your bench to step in when required ? Have you got a full playing bench ?

There are also some very important things to be aware of on the horizon, which will greatly impact on every transfer that you make from now on.

Firstly, we have a blank gameweek for Man City and Brentford in GW18, as Man City will be busy playing in the World club championship. So beware being too top heavy on these teams. It’s likely you will want to sit them on your bench in GW18, which also means all of your bench players will be needed that week – hence a strong bench will be required.

There is a strong possibility that Man City v Brentford will be rearranged into the midweek after GW20, thus creating a double gameweek for city and Brentford in GW20. It’s not confirmed but there are very few alternative free midweeks. Hence the need to bench Man City and Brentford players in GW18, rather than sell them, as they may be needed for the GW20 double.

If the GW20 double did go ahead , Man City would play Sheff Utd and Brentford, both at home – classic Erling Haaland triple captain time. A double gameweek that includes Sheff Utd sounds too good to resist.

Then, we also need to consider the African Nations Cup ( Afcon ) that will take place from GW21. This will see a number of players unavailable for up to four gameweeks, depending on how long they stay in the competition. Concurrently, the Asian Cup will also be taking place. So the likes of Salah, Mbeumo, Son and Mitoma, plus more besides, will not be available and will need to be sold, if they are going to be absent for a few weeks.

So being careful not to overstock on players blanking in GW18, and players unavailable between GW21-24 is crucial now in plotting all future moves

Regarding this week, the current players on the chopping block seem to be Mitoma, Bowen, Son, Alvarez and Cash. The popular players being snapped up are Gordon, Mbeumo, and the Arsenal trio of Zinchenko, Saliba and Saka, as well Isak.

We could see a big captain split, with Haaland and Salah dominating the conversation. Salah has Fulham at home and is going for his 15th consecutive return at Anfield, but Haaland is set to feast on a crumbling Spurs defence !!

My GW14 transfer plans:

I have one free transfer and 0.4M in the bank.

My preferred transfer this week is…..

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Stephen Troop

Stephens last 5 seasons ORs were 159k, 16k, 22k, 86k and 43k

GW13: 51 (19 Top managers average 51) Total points: 771 Overall Rank: 942k, green arrow: 111k   Team Value: £101.7m

Stephen used his wildcard in GW8

Follow Stephen on Twitter

GW13 Review

51 points which was a green arrow from 1.05m to 942k. Continuing the climb from the depths of 3.1m in GW pre wildcard and my highest rank excluding GW1. Captain Haaland, Salah, Watkins, Saka, Porro and Gabriel the returners. No spectacular returns but with popular players I don’t own blanking this was enough, especially since I opted to hold Bowen and roll the transfer. Cash with 0 points continues my frustration with him as does Areola, Ward prowse and Diaby blanked

GW14 Team

2FT 0.3m ITB

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Fantasy Premier League Tips
Fantasy Premier League Tips

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