Fantasy Premier League Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW24 Teams Part 1

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Here’s our fantasy premier league tips GW24 article where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their GW24 teams Part 1. There’s Costas Chari, Antonello, Andrew Whitfield and Kris O.  Between them they finished in the top 1% of teams 16 of 24 times in the last 6 ULTRA competitive seasons.  Includes 9 top 30k finishes in that competitive time.

Fantasy Premier League Tips – 4 FFGeek Contributors GW24 Teams Part 1

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends.

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The reference to 19 top managers is from the article where I follow 19 top FPL managers who have finished in the top 10k overall rank the last 3 seasons

Antonello Di Filippo

Antonello’s last 3 overall ranks are 21k, 10k and 42k

GW23 points: 94  (19 Top managers average 76) Total points: 1,346 Overall Rank: 445k, green arrow: 310k   Team Value: £103.2m

Antonello has all his Chips

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GW23 review

94 points scored, the highest score among us FFGeek Contributors, I am on my fourth green arrow in a row, I have gone from 1million positions to 400k, finally something acceptable, catching up will be very hard.

I made a last minute change by taking off the Everton defender for gabriel (by the way it was always assist for Martinelli’s goal), and that cost me several points

I’ve got a yellow flag on Gordon and I’m not too happy about that given the amount of injuries Newcastle have and the schedule the lad could have and his position on the pitch (although Barnes is back), however he could be handy to take off let’s see why:

DGW25 and Chip strategy

Liverpool have 2 games in GW25 as well as City having 2 in GW25. Taking off Gordon who plays against BOU at home anyway might fit, but taking off Alvarez to put on Darwin even if coming back Haaland robs him (in theory because then it wasn’t like that yesterday ) of game time, is something that with City’s double I’m not crazy about

So a real conundrum as I need 3 changes to bring in 3 Liverpool players (I should take a minus four this week) because there are no combinations of players I like that I can take with my two changes without downgrading someone else.

We could fit taking Palmer out for the calendar this week.

a real puzzle then

the only thing I am certain about is that I want to implement this plan:

TC 25 on Haaland

FH 26

WC 27

TC 28 on Solanke (who could have two very easy home games v Sheffield Utd  and Luton.  This is still speculation not fact)


I have 2 ft and 1.7 million in the bank

I want to bring in Liverpool players 

but I don’t have enough funds to do 

Gordon out Jota in

Alvarez out Darwin in

Cap Haaland on whom we have safe leaks before deadline 

VC Richarlison great period of form

Transfer summary:  to be determined

Here’s the team prior to any transfer taking place

Fantasy Premier League Tips

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew’s last 5 seasons overall ranks were 119k, 34k, 132k, 6k and 19k

GW23 points: 73  (19 Top managers average 76) Total points: 1,370 Overall Rank: 231k, green arrow: 2k   Team Value: £104.1m

Andrew has all his Chips

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Gameweek 23 review:

An action packed gameweek with red cards, very late equalisers, two hat tricks, a twist in the title race and a huge 45 goals in the onion bag !!

Arsenal deservedly beat Liverpool 3-1 to cut their lead to just two points, with Saka scoring in the right end and Gabriel in the wrong end, as Jota Darwin and Trent blanked. Villa thumped rock bottom Sheff Utd 5-0, with Watkins hauling with a goal and three assists. Two more goals for in form Richarlison but Spurs were pegged back to 2-2 in stoppage time by Everton. And a Garnacho brace helped Man Utd ease to a 3-0 over West Ham.

Brighton had a comfortable 4-1 win over Palace, there was an eight goal thriller at St James park as Luton led 2-4 before Newcastle pegged them back. A Cunha hat trick helped Wolves destroy Chelsea 4-2 at Stamford Bridge. Burnley came from 0-2 to draw 2-2 with Fulham after a 91st minute goal. And Solanke blanked in a 1-1 draw with Forest.

The action concluded with Man City coming from behind to win 3-1 with a sizzling Foden hat trick.

My GW23 score and rank:

A score of 73 points, with 6/11 returners and a captain assist was enough for the smallest of green arrows.

A horror show in defence, but 6/7 returns amongst my attackers, two big hauls, one pretty rank neutral from Watkins, the other hugely important and unexpected as Phil Foden’s hat trick, one assisted by captain Haaland turned a near 30% red arrow into a scarcely believable green.

Up from 233k to 231k. That’s now 7 green arrows in the last 8 gameweeks, and 13 in the last 16. So that’s certainly progress, even though my last two greens have been small and my rank is down over the last three weeks.

My GW23 significant moments:

I went into that Brentford v Man City game on a precarious 30% red arrow, owning Haaland ( my captain ) plus Foden but NOT owning Alvarez or De Bruyne, who was 73% owned at my rank level. It could just as easily have got worse than better. So that final game could not have gone much better, with the Foden hat trick and captain return, with my two City threats staying quiet. A green arrow going into that game seemed as unlikely as my Barnsley team winning the Champions league. Hail Foden !!

The returns of Palmer and Watkins were rank neutral as they are both close to 100% owned at my rank level, but the Saka goal was welcome and the Gordon assist, though that was tainted with his injury withdrawal at half time which could otherwise have seen him add to his tally in what turned out to be a 4-4 draw.

Gabriel found the net, but it was at the wrong end !! He also might have had an assist with a raking long pass which was not awarded. Estupinan was benched and my defence including keeper contributed a woeful two points !!

I am still haunted by that early Salah to Bowen transfer that I did to beat price changes, when he was injured in the cup before the next gameweek. Whilst he recovered to play, I wouldn’t have bought him flagged had I waited. I would probably have got Richarlison instead. Not owning the popular Spurs man has been hammering me every week !! In fairness Bowen was a solid pick anyway on great fixtures but he’s been poor with three blanks, whilst Richy has been sensational.

So what next ?

A relatively quiet midweek now with the only significant game being an FA cup replay between Villa and Chelsea which will have implications for whether Arsenal v Chelsea or Westham v Villa goes ahead in quarter final weekend in GW29 and becomes only the third game so far taking place that weekend. Whilst it’s a fair way off yet, the replay result will have an impact on transfers now for those not planning to free hit in GW29 and building a team to navigate it.

We now have confirmation that FOUR teams will “double” in GW25 due to rearranged fixtures – Man City, Brentford, Liverpool and Luton. And FOUR teams will blank in GW26 – Liverpool, Luton, Chelsea and Spurs, due to the EFL final.

So transfers now need to be geared to bringing  in players who double in GW25, and also being aware of GW26 blankers. The obvious opportunity is tripling up on Liverpool and Man City in GW25. But the caveat is that Liverpool also blank in GW26, so you need to be careful, especially if you also hold players from Chelsea Spurs and Luton who blank in GW26, as well as your Liverpool players, not forgetting any injured players in your squad too.

If you can get to 5-6 doublers in GW25, whilst still being able to put 10-11 players out in GW26 with no more than a -4 hit, then you will certainly be in reasonable shape. That should be the aim now with every transfer being precious.

We are also keeping an eye on Son’s continued involvement with South Korea in the Asia cup, our players involved in the latter stages of Afcon, and the fitness of Mo Salah, particularly with that Liverpool double in GW25. A few might decide to swerve him if he blanks in GW26, plays Man City in GW28 and probably blanks in GW29. A few might not have a choice if they’ve spent and spread the Haaland. Salah and Son cash while they’ve been away in international tournaments.

It will be interesting to see the ownership levels of Erling Haaland now he is fully back in action. He had dropped from 80% owned with 4 million sellers, yet only dropped 0.1M in price. He has gained only a proportion of that number of owners and yet he has risen 0.3M in price. Price manipulation at its finest.

My GW24 transfer thoughts:

I have one free transfer and 4.4M in the bank.

I still have one eye on …..

You can see the full article, including LIVE NOTIFIED transfers, lineup and captains on the FFGeek Patreon site wide forward tier for only £3 pcm with loads of other content mentioned above. That includes following Andrew’s Team and 5 others with live notified transfers as they happen and the teams final lineup each gameweek.

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 7 seasons were 12k, 283K, 191k, 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW23 points: 57 (19 Top managers average 76) Total points: 1,287 Overall Rank: 1,385k, red arrow: 231k   Team Value: £104.7m

Costas has all his Chips

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Kris O

Kris’s last 9 seasons ORs were 79k, 17k, 19k, 39k, 44k, 46k, 23k, 12k and 19k

GW23 points: 61 (19 Top managers average 76) Total points: 1,290 Overall Rank: 1,320k, red arrow:  148k   Team Value: £103.5m

Kris has all his Chips

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You can see the full article, including LIVE NOTIFIED transfers, lineup and captains on the FFGeek Patreon site wide forward tier for only £3 pcm with loads of other content mentioned above. That includes following Kris’s Team and 5 others with live notified transfers as they happen and the teams final lineup each gameweek.

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Fantasy Premier League Tips
Fantasy Premier League Tips

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