fantasy premier league tips – Keith Spencer with an OR of 3k last season shows his GW1 team


Here’s our fantasy premier league tips article where last seasons 3k OR finisher and incredibly 325 the season before Keith Spencer shows his team.

fantasy premier league tips – last season’s FFGeek contributors league winner (OR 3k) Keith Spencer shows his team

Goalkeepers – Set it and forget it

De Gea (£6.0m)

I am going for a set it and forget it option. Through the past years I have looked where I can get better, I think this is one area. I am a manager that is to not afraid to take hits at any time during the season if I think it will benefit my team for at least 6 Gameweeks. So set it and forget it..

Hamer (£4.0m)

My back up keeper, who will start in GW1. I think it is a great option to start with a keeper just in case if he is starting at 4.0.

Defenders – OOP, Attackers, and Possible BP Magnets

Shaw (£5.0m)

I think he will have a smashing first 3 game weeks… after that we will see.

Van Aanholt(£5.5m) and Schlupp (£4.5m)

PVA will be a one week rental. I have 0.5 in the bank and will quickly change him to Mendy after GW1 as Man City have a great run of fixtures. Schlupp will stay until he gets benched. He started in midfield at the end of the last season when they went on a run and has done so again at the beginning of this season.

Coleman (£5.5m)

Coleman to me is ready for a break out season. As you will see with me as I have 3 Everton players. I believe they have improved drastically in the summer and have added more athletic and attacking players all over the pitch.

Peltier (£4.0m) of Cardiff.

A £4.0m starter for the moment might switch to AWB from Palace if he hasn’t gone up in price by GW4.


Salah (£13.0m)

No words needed

Mane (£9.5m)

I will eventually have Firmino as well, these three were potent last year and as a trio had the a ton of Big Misses last year. I am expecting them to actually be better.

Jota (£6.5m)

I think he will have a decent season as well. I think Wolves come December will either be the other surprise of the season or they will be in trouble.

Richarlison (£6.5m)

I am expecting him to have a great season to continue the form he had at the beginning of last season. It has been well documented that he basically player a year and a half straight of football and finally had a rest… Big things to come out of him.

Hudson-Odoi (£4.5m)

Looked very skilled and as a place holder I think he might get a couple starts and who knows if he impresses the manager more. Sarri, has already made some great comments about him.

Forwards – Wait and see approach

Aguero (£11.0m)

It was a toss up for me between him and Auba, but what swayed me the most is that he knows the system, and they look for him constantly. I am totally not sure where Auba will lineup and how much Lacazette would be involved. That was enough for me. After week one fixtures look juicy but rotation is possible.

Zaha (£7.0m)

I was always going to go with two 7.0 strikers to go with and Arnies fixtures really scare me and now they are signing some forwards and Chicarito is in the wings as well. Zaha to me is safe unless Ings somehow gets in the picture and now Zaha might end up being a OOP the opposite way.

Tosun (£7.0m)

Risking this one as I think Everton will get off to a flying start. Could be an easy switch if Arnie has a great week 1

Here’s how it looks:

fantasy premier league gw1 teams

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  1. Hi keith, team looks strong as expected. with everton’s shocking pre season form (I cant remember them winning a game after they won 22-0) does this not deter you from tripling up on them?

  2. Does Everton’s dealings today change things? Is Bernard likely to replace Richarlison? like you I have Shaw and Hudson-Odoi and I don’t want to find I don’t have 10 playing in GW2/3 as WC players return

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