fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW11 – player rankings

Fantasy Premier League, Player Rankings

Here’s our fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW11 article in our player rankings series. There’s a table of stats and commentary plus fixtures to help you make a transfer choice.

fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW11 – player rankings

This is the 2nd article in our player rankings series. See the defender and GK player rankings article.


I’ve started with a selection of midfielders that I think will start GW11 and have some longevity in the team.

I’ve then looked at their expected goals and assists data in 18/19 so far as well as how it relates to their historical numbers.  After that I’ve then adjusted it for their ability to over/underperform, their bonus potential, their fixtures over the next 6 and any specific 18/19 factors and numbers.

Whether you believe the rankings or not there’s plenty of information to make your own decision

Stats definitions

SP/Pen: indicates whether the player has some set piece representation or penalty responsibility

Pts per 90: the FPL points earned per 90 minutes played in 18/19

Consistency: the % of starts where the player has scored a goal or assist. Sub appearances are ignored.

Mins last 4: average minutes of the last 4 matches. Generally I count sub appearances or rotation but not injury absences although there is some discretion there.

Fixture ease ranking so you can see who has the best fixtures from GW11-16 and GW11-13. See our fixture ease article

xG90/xA 90 – their expected goals and expected assists per 90 minutes played.  An xG90 of 0.3 would imply a 30% chance of scoring every 90 minutes based on an average premier league player.  I’ve taken them from the excellent free site

Shots per 90 – shots per 90 minutes played.  I’ve taken this from the excellent free site

ATGS GW11 – 1 bookies anytime goalscoring odds for the player. It assumes they start and doesn’t include assist potential.

Player values are as of Thursday 1 November.

The schedule

Here’s the schedule. If difficult to read you can copy and paste it by using this link to the google spreadsheet

fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW11

Manchester City

The problem with ranking Man City players is guessing the minutes they will play over the next 6 games or so.  That’s an impossible job but I’ve had a go. You may just want to look at the stats and make your own decision

Southampton (H)
Man Utd (H)
West Ham (A)
Bournemouth (H)
Watford (A)
Chelsea (A)


3 players here in Sigurdsson, Richarlison and Walcott.  Sigurdsson speaks for himself.

Richarlison’s main issue is finishing chances although in xG terms and shots per game he’s good.  Walcott’s stats aren’t that bad despite all the negativity however 1 assist in the last 7 isn’t exactly screaming buy me.

Brighton (H)
Chelsea (A)
Cardiff (H)
Liverpool (A)
Newcastle (H)
Watford (H)


Hazard ticks every box.  It’s just a matter of checking if he’s fit for the weekend.

Willian has alot of good attributes including  set piece responsibility and good returns when on the pitch despite not having a significant goal threat.  His main negative though is that he’s a bit of a sub magnet when Hazard is fit.

Barkley is a difficult one to assess due to the limited minutes he’s played for Chelsea.  Despite being a CM he does have a goal threat.  His main limitation is the competition from Kovacic who even if he doesn’t start ahead of him could take minutes away as a sub.

Crystal Palace (H)
Everton (H)
Spurs (A)
Fulham (H)
Wolves (A)
Man City (H)

Man Utd

Martial and Pogba here

Martial finally looks like the player this season who posted excellent stats last season.  Again his main issue will be competition from Sanchez and to a lesser extent Rashford for the LW position and the minutes it could take off him either in rotation or substitutions.  It’s also not so long ago that Mourinho was rumoured to want to sell him.

Pogba has a big advantage of penalties with his initial miss in GW10 not leading to any doubts by Mourinho as to whether he will continue with them.  Again the CM position isn’t the ideal midfield position and his returns show that

Bournemouth (A)
Man City (A)
Crystal Palace (H)
Southampton (A)
Arsenal (H)
Fulham (H)


A couple of cheap players here who are a little more expensive than £4.5m but offer a bit more potential than 2 points or 1 if they get a yellow card like alot of the £4.5m mids.

Paterson is currently playing as striker which is a bonus.  Warnock has been quite the tinkerer when it comes to his CF though so there is risk there.  Murphy seems to have established himself in the side as an LM although again that tinkering risk remains

Leicester (H)
Brighton (H)
Everton (A)
Wolves (H)
West Ham (A)
Southampton (H)


Fixtures are about to turn here although Fraser still ranks reasonably high due to his good returns and underlying stats even after I’ve factored in the fixtures.

Brooks has great potential as a scoring midfielder but it’s a bit difficult to assess his gametime with Stanislas hovering around.

Man Utd (H)
Newcastle (A)
Arsenal (H)
Man City (A)
Huddersfield (H)
Liverpool (H)

Others worth mentioning

Anderson is merely a fixture punt despite his poor returns.

Ozil despite ok returns has been posting pretty poor underlying stats which has limited him.

Schurrle has excellent shot volumes although quality wise it’s a questionable.

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