fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW14 – player rankings


Here’s our fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW14 article in our player rankings series. There’s a table of stats to help you make your transfer choice.

fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW14 – player rankings

This is the 2nd article in our player rankings series. See the defender and GK player rankings article.


I’ve generally started with a selection of midfielders that I think will start GW14 and have some longevity in the team.

I’ve then looked at their expected goals and assists data in 18/19 so far as well as how it relates to their historical numbers. After that I’ve then adjusted it for their ability to over/underperform, their bonus potential, their fixtures over the next 6 and any specific 18/19 factors and numbers. This is very different to my recent underlying stats article which took this seasons underlying stats adjusting it only for the average minutes played in the last 4 games

Whether you believe the rankings or not there’s plenty of information to make your own decision

Stats definitions

SP/Pen: indicates whether the player has some set piece representation or penalty responsibility

Pts per 90: the FPL points earned per 90 minutes played in 18/19

Consistency: the % of starts where the player has scored a goal or assist. Sub appearances are ignored.

Mins last 4: average minutes of the last 4 matches. Generally I count sub appearances or rotation but not injury absences although there is some discretion there.  I have adjusted Sane’s minutes positively due to the Mendy injury and will make discretionary changes for analysis.

Fixture ease ranking so you can see who has the best fixtures from GW14-19 and GW14-16. See our fixture ease article

xG90/xA 90 – their expected goals and expected assists per 90 minutes played. An xG90 of 0.3 would imply a 30% chance of scoring every 90 minutes based on an average premier league player. I’ve taken them from the excellent free site

SH90 and KP90 – shots and key passes per 90 minutes played. I’ve taken this from the excellent free site

ATGS odds – 1 bookies anytime goalscoring odds for the player. It assumes they start and doesn’t include assist potential.  The odds aren’t available as I write this on Wednesday 28 November.

Player values are as of Tuesday 27 November.

The schedule

The schedule ranks players by expected FPL points over the next 6 games.

If difficult to read you can copy and paste it by using this link to the google spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should be easy to sort into the various columns as I’ve separated them out apart from the consistency fractions.

 fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW14

A few notes

The Man City players are the hardest to model as their gametime is so unpredictable.  Generally when on the pitch they are pretty devastating.  I’ve looked at the minutes Sane has played when he’s started on the assumption that with Mendy is out and his previous lack of gametime plus World Cup rest that he must be due some decent minutes.

There’s no Son and no Gross as it would be useful to see them start a couple of reasons for selection and injury issues respectively.  I’ve also not included Maddison.  He is available with his suspension being used up in the EFL Cup game midweek.  I’d just like to see him come back into the side given Puels unpredicatble selection

I’ve not included any Arsenal midfielders.  Who knows who will start week to week.

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13 thoughts on “fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW14 – player rankings”

  1. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Martial vs Anderson of West Ham. I’m debating which to go for this week. Cheers

  2. Gary… I would go with Martial. He is a more potent threat and better finisher than Anderson. He also has a good premier league track record when on the pitch, so his returns look more sustainable.

  3. Richarlison is currently outperforming both of them for points and for the same price and has the added bonus of playing as an out and out striker..

  4. It seems like sane is the one now. Cheaper than sterling and sterling was playing bernado deep at the UCL. Also Sane taken off on 70 mins and I believe geek’s theory of Man C needing sane when mendy is out.

  5. Cheers guys. I did consider Richarlison but don’t like the look of his fixture run. Sane is out of my price range for the move I want to make this week, unless I was to take a hit which is risky on a player who only seems to play every other week. Appreciate the feedback tho, thanks.

  6. I went for Anderson couple weeks back – mainly for the decent fixtures and the hope he and Arnie start clicking…

    However i didn’t know his xG was so low, but that could be due to the tough fixtures and a settling in period.

  7. Absolutely gutted after a 60k rank drop in 2 weeks. Currently, my team looks like this:

    Fab, Button
    Laporte, Alonso, Robertson, Doherty, AWB
    Richarlison, Hazard, Mane, Barkley, Diangana
    Aguero, Arnie, Wilson

    I have 2.3m ITB and can fit Sane in for Barkley if I change Wilson to a 5.5m forward (Success? Ings would have been perfect had he been fit). Should I do it or should I carry forward the FT?

    • It’s one of the big problems of going without Salah man and why I’d never advise it. He’s bagged me 32 points these last two weeks because of captaincy, 80 points over the last 5 weeks because of captaining him 4 of the 5 weeks. It has a huge influence on rank.

      I don’t know what I’d do in your shoes but I do think you should work out a plan of getting Salah in for Mane but that is up to you as I know some people feel they can spread the funds easier that way. Ings may be back for the weekend so can you hold for now and see on Friday?

      • True, Jordan. Not having Salah did hurt me and with his ownership increasing, it doesn’t look too good for me. But I feel Mane to Salah is a sideways move and I’m not sure it’s totally worth it with both being on form. Moreover, taking a hit for a sideways move doesn’t quite seem lucrative. I’m trying to keep calm here but if I slide down this week too, maybe I’ll be desperate enough to get Salah in somehow.

  8. I am a bit worried about Hazard!
    I don’t want to sell him, but are you selling him? Could he play 90-100% of the matches?

    Sarri: “I am worried that Hazard had a back injury and now ankle. He has lost a lot of training, so it is normal he is not at the top of his physical condition. This week it is useful for him to have training. He cannot play 10 matches in 30 days – sometimes he has to rest.”

  9. What’s de best option? Martial, Ali or David Silva? I have the choice and I hesitate ;) Thanks for your help ;)

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