fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW8 – player rankings


Here’s our fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW8 article in our player rankings series. There’s a table of stats to help you make a transfer choice.   

fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW8 – player rankings

No comments on each player in this article due to time pressure.

This is the 2nd article in our player rankings series. See the defender and GK player rankings article.


I’ve started with a selection of midfielders that I think will start GW8 and have some longevity in the team.

I’ve then looked at their expected goals and assists data in 18/19 so far as well as how it relates to their historical numbers.  I’ve then adjusted it for their ability to over/underperform, their bonus potential, their fixtures over the next 6 and any specific 18/19 factors and numbers.

Whether you believe the rankings or not there’s plenty of information to make your own decision

Stats definitions

There are a number of new stats this week so worth reading

SP/Pen:  indicates whether the player has some set piece representation or penalty responsibility

Pts per 90: the FPL points earned per 90 minutes played in 18/19

Consistency:  the % of starts where the player has scored a goal or assist.  Sub appearances are ignored.

Mins last 4:  average minutes of the last 4 matches.  Generally I count sub appearances or rotation but not injury absences although there is some discretion there.

Fixture ease ranking so you can see who has the best fixtures from GW8-13 and GW8-10. See our fixture ease article

Underlying stats ranking is from our underlying stats article cumulative to GW7 where projected goals are turned into raw points. It’s their rank in relation to each midfielder on that articles schedule not for every midfielder. Info from the excellent free site article and the free site

VFM rank. I have divided their projected points by their price to get a rough value for money assessment.  This time it just ranks them in relation to each other.

ATGS GW8 – 1 bookies anytime goalscoring odds for the player. It assumes they start and doesn’t include assist potential

Player values are as of Thursday.

 The schedule

Here’s the schedule. If difficult to read you can copy and paste it by using this link to the google spreadsheet

 fantasy premier league tips midfielders GW8

A couple of  comments

Salah is top as he is producing great underlying stats even although his finishing hasn’t looked anything like last season.  If you don’t believe he can follow through these stats then you will have a totally different view of him although it’s worth remembering that it’s Huddersfield GW9, Cardiff GW10 and Fulham GW12.

Richarlison is at the another that could do some explaining over before Ming Lu comes on again giving me some stick!.  Last season his expected goals were over 10 and his actual goals were 5 so he either can’t finish or is incredibly unlucky.  He’s gone someway to rectifying that this season but it still makes it difficult to anlayse him.  If you think he can youcan see from his underlying stats ranking that he is quite high.

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