fantasy premier league transfer tips GW27 – the bandwagons and sinking ships


Here’s our fantasy premier league transfer tips GW27 article where we outline the bandwagons and sinking ships. These are the 4 most transferred in players (bandwagons) and 4 most transferred out players (sinking ships) so far in the FPL gameweek.

fantasy premier league transfer tips GW27 – the bandwagons and sinking ships

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On a general note with GW26 games still ongoing this week early transfers (unless you’re wildcarding) carry an additional injury risk with players still to have a match.

The Bandwagons

These are the 4 most transferred IN players so far in the gameweek


The £8.1m Everton midfielder is currently in a hot streak.  3 goals and 2 assists in his last 5 starts and 13 points against Palace in GW26.  The fact that he has played in GW26 reduces the post transfer injury risk has to be a plus.

He’s started as a striker in 4 of the last 5 and has produced very good underlying stats in those 5 games.  All of that are massive buy signals for FPL managers.  Also in the upcoming blank week GW31 as Everton are out of the FA Cup and their GW31 opponents Norwich are away to Spurs you would think he would have a fixture.

It is worth noting though that 4 of those 5 fixtures mentioned above were against Crystal Palace, Watford, Brighton and Newcastle so it was a pretty favourable run.   His overall season stats are reasonable although I would question whether they are the underlying stats of an £8.1m player.  His points per match of 5.1 is very good though but that is based on him over performing his underlying stats quite significantly and more than he managed last season.  Is it unsustainable or the sign of a young improving potential star.  After all Barcelona were apparently interested 

The problem though is the fixtures apart from the previously mentioned Norwich game.

GW27 ARS (A)
GW28 MUN (H)
GW29 CHE (A)
GW30 LIV (H)
GW31 NOR (A)
GW32 LEI (H)
GW33 TOT (A)

The question then is whether you believe his recent form can hold up over the tough run of fixtures to come

Calvert Lewin

You can make similar comments to those for Richarlison for his strike partner and £6.1m FPL Everton forward.

3 goals and an assist in his last 4 games is good going but again on the back of a fixture list that included Palace, Watford, Newcastle and West Ham.

His PPM of 4.0 looks poor but it is heavily distorted by his sub appearances so not relevant.  His underlying stats though are absolutely fantastic.  Only 3 forwards who have played ,more than 1000 minutes this season, have a better non penalty xG90 and 2 of those are Aguero and Jesus.  However these underlying stats are way better than anything he’s previously achieved so again you would think about sustainability going forward.

His season stats though give you hope for the upcoming tricky fixtures it’s just is this the real Calvert Lewin who’s grown as a young player or one you have to doubt can keep his form at this pace

GW27 ARS (A)
GW28 MUN (H)
GW29 CHE (A)
GW30 LIV (H)
GW31 NOR (A)
GW32 LEI (H)
GW33 TOT (A)


The £7.7m Wolves forward has got 3 goals in his last 3 games.  His PPM of 5.2 is absolutely excellent and he seems to have a share of spot kick duties at least.  His underlying stats are good over the season in both shooting volumes and xG.  He also has very good creativity stats to his game as well with only Firmino getting more assists as an FPL forward this season

The fixtures are excellent with Norwich the ultimate entry point.  It is worth noting that Wolves play on Friday in GW26 so you should think carefully before you make a transfer prior to that match.

Wolves are also 1 of 4 teams guaranteed to play in the upcoming blank GW31

GW27 NOR (H)
GW28 TOT (A)
GW29 BHA (H)
GW30 WHU (A)
GW31 BOU (H)
GW32 AVL (A)


The £12.8m Liverpool midfielder has been in sensational form.  It’s hard to say enough superlatives.

The only issues are future rotation.  In current form though he’s a dangerous captain favourite not to own.

Fixtures are exceptionally good.

Remember he’s yet to play in GW26 which means early transfers carry additional risk

GW27 WHU (H)
GW28 WAT (A)
GW29 BOU (H)
GW30 EVE (A)
GW31 CRY (H)

The Sinking Ships

These are the 4 most transferred OUT players so far in the gameweek

Martin Kelly

The £4.3m Crystal Palace RB was once everyone’s 2nd favourite cheap defender.  We’ll come to the favourite soon.  However he’s now injured although it doesn’t seem too serious and seems to have lost his place, at least in the short term, to once first choice RB Joel Ward.

Fixtures are good but it’s hard not to see him as a sell

GW27 NEW (H)
GW28 BHA (A)
GW29 WAT (H)
GW30 BOU (A)

Raheem Sterling

The £11.7m Man City midfielder has no goals in his 4 starts, a 1 minute sub appearance in another start and a no show in the 6-1 win over Villa.  It’s not what you paid that kind of cash for.

An injury which seems to suggest he won’t play in the plumb GW26 game v West Ham and is also doubtful for the Champions League match v Real Madrid.

With tricky fixtures to come, an injury and a blank for the EFL cup final in GW28 it’s hard to make a counter argument for a transfer out except maybe that there’s a long time to see if he will be fit for GW27.

GW27 LEI (A)
GW28 None
GW29 MUN (A)
GW30 BUR (H)
GW31 CHE (A)
GW32 LIV (H)


Now the once £4.0m Sheffield United defender who played as an attacking mid was a favourite in everyones squad.  However 3 benchings have seen him being transferred out en masse.

Now a goal off the bench v Bournemouth is certainly a distraction and favourable words from the Manager about him may give some hope for a hold and a return to the first team.  It’s a difficult one though but hard to ignore the 3 benchings.  Especially when Sheffield have such good fixtures.  It’s whether you hope he gets his place back for the plumb home fixture next v Brighton or cut your losses and do a straight swap for another Sheffield defender

He and Sheffield have a minor annoyance in the blank for the EFL Cup final where their GW28 opponent Aston Villa play.

Sheffield have played in GW26 so no more chances to see a starting lineup before GW27.

GW27 BHA (H)
GW28 None
GW29 NOR (H)
GW30 NEW (A)


The £12.2m Liverpool midfielder has a thigh injury which still casts doubts over future appearances.  The fixtures are mouth watering but I personally would find it hard to play the game of  “injury hope for the best” with a Liverpool spot in my team at that value.  However that doesn’t mean he needs to be sold this minute.  There’s 9 days before GW27.

GW27 WHU (H)
GW28 WAT (A)
GW29 BOU (H)
GW30 EVE (A)
GW31 CRY (H)

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3 thoughts on “fantasy premier league transfer tips GW27 – the bandwagons and sinking ships”

  1. Anyone else been toying with keeping DCL or getting in Jiminez?

    Arsenal defence isn’t great and DCL stats off the hook.

    But Jimi fixtures…

    • I have the same thinking. Before this GW, I plan on DCL -> Jimenez but not sure after that. DCL could have GW31. If I transfer him out, it could be -4 if I don’t have enough player in GW31 and not play FH chip.

    • I have the same thinking. Before this GW, I plan on DCL -> Jimenez but not sure after that. DCL could have GW31. If I transfer him out, it could be -4 if I don’t have enough player in GW31 and not play FH chip.

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