fantasy premier league transfer tips GW35 – analysing the teams of 10 top FPL managers – final article


8 of the 10 top FPL managers we follow used their wildcard this week.  7 of the 8 ended up with red arrows.  Here’s our final fantasy premier league transfer tips GW35 article where we analyse the teams of 8 of the 10 FPL managers who have wildcarded this week. These 10 managers have not finished outside the overall rank of the top 10k in the last 3 seasons. The article has been updated for the managers final scores.

fantasy premier league transfer tips GW35 – analysing the teams of 10 top FPL managers – final article

I’ve signposted the changes in italics

Notwithstanding the title this article is just about the 8 wildcarders.

If the article is too long there’s a combined FPL managers team for the 8 wildcarding FPL managers analysed towards the end of the article.

Firstly, there are 9 new managers in the 10 this season and I’m delighted to say that one of them is our own FFGeek contributor Keith Spencer. You can find Keith on twitter here by the way Keith’s last 3 years history are 17/18 (3,940), 16/17 ( 325) and 15/16 (9,280).

The criteria I’ve always been looking for is managers who’ve finished in the top 10k for the last 3 years when FPL has become considerably harder due to the amount of people playing and the information available.

It took me hours and hours to track down 10 managers who’ve been so consistent and my opinion after doing so is that there are probably only 20 or so in the world that qualify.

The 10 managers stats

These managers are unbelievable and every bit as impressive as last season.

1. The overall average finishing overall rank of the top 10 managers in the last 3 seasons is 3,667

2. The top 10 FPL managers have not been out of the top 10k in the last 3 seasons (ie 30 times playing)

3. 7 of the 10 have finished in the top 1,000 in the last 3 seasons

Gameweek 34 review updated

Here’s the scores so far for the 8 wildcarding FPL managers:

A poor week so far for the 8 wildcarding FPL managers. 7 of the 8 have red arrows

The average score of the managers ended up GW34 was 44.   That’s 10 points and 19% lower than the game average of 54. High score of the 8 was 54 and the lowest 40.

The average total points are 2,044

The average team value is £104.0m

The combined total of individual players in the 8 wildcard teams

Goalkeeper/Defence by player

Duffy is in 8 of the 8 FPL managers teams

Valery is in 7 of the 8 managers teams

Ryan and Doherty are in 6 of the 8 managers teams

Dunk is in 5 of the 8 FPL managers teams

Foster, Lloris and Alexander Arnold are in 4 of the 8 managers teams

Laporte is in 3 of the 8 FPL managers teams

Goalkeeper/Defence by team

Brighton GK/Defs are represented 19 times in the 8 FPL managers teams

Southampton GK/Defs are represented 9 times in the 8 FPL managers teams

Watford GK/Defs are represented 7 times in the 8 FPL managers teams

Liverpool GK/Defs are represented 5 times in the 8 FPL managers teams

Man City GK/Defs are represented 3 times in the 8 FPL managers teams


Son is in 8 of the 8 FPL managers teams

Eriksen is in 7 of the 8 FPL managers teams

Mane and Ward Prowse are in 5 of the 8 FPL managers teams

Sterling and Jota are in 4 of the 8 FPL managers teams


Aguero and Jimenez are in 8 of the 8 FPL managers teams

Lacazette in 3 of the 10 FPL managers teams

Deeney and Vardy are in 2 of the 10 FPL managers teams

Gameweek 34 captain choice

5 of the 8 FPL managers went with Duffy

2 of the 8 FPL managers went with Son

1 of the 8 FPL managers went with Vardy

The FFGeek poll was 49% Son and 14% Duffy. The site 1 poll was 31% Son and 20 Duffy% Mane. The top 10k was Son 43% and Duffy 23%.


All 8 wildcarding FPL managers played 3-4-3

Wildcards, chips, transfers and hits

All 10 of the managers have used their 2nd wildcard and free hit

4 have used their triple captain chip

 The top 10k overall rank vs the 10 FPL managers

The schedule shows the players in the top 10k overall rank teams percentage wise vs the 8 top FPL managers I follow who are wildcarding.  It’s therefore not a like for like comparison as 62% only of the top 10k wildcarded this week..

GKsTop 10k OR8 FPL wildcarding managers

Updated;  The top 10k average score is 49 so far compared to the 10 top managers average of 44.  All the information is from the execellent site FPL discovery.

The combined 8 wildcarding top FPL managers teams

Here’s a team which tries to make a combination from the most represented players.  The value is £102.3

fantasy premier league transfer tips GW35

Updated:  the highest scoring of the 8 wildcarders

Hope you found the above useful

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21 thoughts on “fantasy premier league transfer tips GW35 – analysing the teams of 10 top FPL managers – final article”

  1. Based on the percentages above, trippier should be Dunk or at least LaPorte. A lot of Fpl players will be rooting hard for Brighton this week.

  2. I’ve got two Brighton players but I’ll be rooting for them to concede. Lot of folk have three, or Duffy as captain.

    • Correct Allan… the only thing I will be rooting for is a goal by Dunk… but that is not going to happen. The 2 defenders I left on the bench for Dunk and Duffy scored 8 and 9 points so the Brighton gamble is pretty disastrous.

  3. Every year, somewhere between the Ides of March and Easter, the ‘silly season’ kicks in. Bottom beat top et al. The usual 6 out of 10 predictions become a 2/3 out of 10. Am happy to take some risks during this window as at least there is some logic to it. Players scrapping to stay on the premiership dancefloor. For some reason I thought I could circumnavigate it this season with the race for 7th. Oh how wrong I was. Everton, Leicester and Wolves – gosh. Double up with a triple Brighton and I have had to refresh the FPL site multiple times to believe my rank drop is so limited. However, triple Brighton aside, I did not play my wildcard for GW 34. I played it for GW 35-38 and therefore I am keeping the faith in the process. The season long strategy. The delta this season is no summer football (seriously) and English success in the CL. Grateful to the geek and all the contributors that have helped me find a logical balance this season.

  4. And it gets worse for those with Deeney.
    Fortunately for me I have him on the subs bench but any ideas what is likely to happen with the suspension. Seemed like a harsh sending off from what I hear but will it be appealed successfully? Anyone know how long these things take? If Watford appeal would a decision be made before 11:30 Saturday?
    With Ryan and 2 Brighton defenders I had planned on replacing one of them for next week and bring in Mane for week 36. If Deeney is suspended I’ll have to either take a huge risk the Brighton defence improve, have them hogging 3 of my sub spot (and with squad rotation still being likely to take the risk) or take a hit. Any recommendations?

  5. I have deeney and knockaert, plus double brighton defence. Was in 14,000 overall rank, who knows where im dropping too. Absolute shambles of a wildcard.

    • The wildcard isn’t just for this week so hopefully you will have a good BB next week (if you still have it). Even this week isn’t over yet Knockhaert scoring and a Bright clean sheet tomorrow will help you along.
      I went “quadrouple” Brighton defence with Duffy as captain, but managed to pick up points with Pogba and Sterling TAA and Erikson, I am on 52 points with a small green arrow as of Sunday night from 42k to 38k. A Brighton clean sheet tomorrow and things will be very good another hammering for Brighton shouldn’t affect me too much as few people will have Cardiff players, but it will make me nervous for next week.

  6. Any thoughts for the team lads? I have already taken – 4 but I’m tinkering with the idea of bringing in more city attack or a Liverpool attacker for GW35.

    Ryan, Button
    Duffy, Kolasinac, Bednarek, TAA
    Eriksen, Son, Pogba, Jota, Fraser
    Aguero, Gray, King

    BB is active so all are in play.

    5.5m ibt, current plan is to bring in salah and mane for Huddersfield game but I’m also considering sterling, kbd.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.

    • Peter, I think that even though Pogba is in good form (no denying that), but look at the next fixtures for United. Everton (A), City and Chelsea. I fancy you should drop Kolasinac and Pogba and pick Kdb instead. I fancy United can drop form any moment : big fixtures, tighter schedule. They had not been convincing of late and I think they can run out of luck any moment

  7. Peter – you need two playing goalkeepers to use the bench boost effectively so all your 15 players play, preferably as many as possible playing twice. Including two games from your second keeper

    Button is not playing.

  8. It’s a bad week when the highlight of my DGW was last night when I had no one playing. Already 12 below the average, I was dreading the Deeney/Lacazette points haul.
    As someone mentioned, the DGW was set up for week 35, but still…

    Three players that I dropped got more points than my entire team – TAA, Pogba and Wilson.

  9. If you don’t laugh you’ll cry. I had the Brighton trio of disaster (who’s idea was that?), Trippier, Deeny & Aguero & Jiminez returning a combined total of 1 point.

    1 point from 7 starters (after widcard) – surely that has to be a record?

    • I also felt the burn of a Brighton trio! But I was able to make something from Jiminez (C), Sterling, Mane and van Dijk (points not necessarily in that order).

      Anyone else concerned about MCI performance going forward, especially with facing Spurs 2X this week? (UEFA & EPL!!!)

  10. I thought Sterling would be rested v CPalace, that was a mistake. Anyone think A.Gray is worth a punt?

    • I’m preferring Doucoure over Gray… I even gambled with Success. Watford has two relatively easy games for GW 35.

  11. Same here Tony. That was my worst placing (over 5 million) of the whole season. And I hand picked the team. Random thought; I think Cardiff could get a draw v Liverpool.

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