fantasy premier league transfer tips GW8 – the bandwagons and sinking ships


Here’s our fantasy premier league transfer tips GW8 article where we outline the bandwagons and sinking ships. These are the 4 most transferred in players (bandwagons) and 4 most transferred out players (sinking ships) so far in the FPL gameweek.

fantasy premier league transfer tips GW8 – the bandwagons and sinking ships

On a general note with UCL games this week early transfers carry an additional injury risk with competing players.

The Bandwagons

These are the 4 most transferred IN players so far in the gameweek

De Bruyne

2 assists for the Man City CM in the win over Everton make it a quite eye watering 9 assists in the first 7 games.  He and Mahrez are also miles ahead of everyone else who’s played over 180 mins in xA90 so these returns owe little to luck or over performance.

If you were trying to throw caution at the matter you would say his running rate of xA 90 is twice his Pep average and his PPM of 9.0 can’t be sustainable when the highest last season was 6.9 by Sterling last season if I recall correctly.  While were at it he’s also running his xG90 at twice his Pep average.

However that’s all by the by because however you look at it he’s a very dangerous player not to own (at a relatively bargain price of £10.0m) at the minute especially when you look at the next 4 fixtures where 3 of them are at home.

GW10 AVL (H)
GW11 SOU (H)
GW12 LIV (A)
GW13 CHE (H)


Another pressing situation and another return as the Chelsea AM gets pulled down for the penalty.  I haven’t got the stats but it does seem that his returns at the moment owe much to his perseverance in harassing the opposition rather than creativity although I’d be willing to be corrected on that.  Still there’s no FPL points for style, every return is a return and a PPM of 5.6 is definitely not to be sniffed at for the price of £6.7m.  It’s just that you’d think defenders and midfielders would wise up sooner or later and not dilly-dally on the ball when he’s around.

His underlying stats and his shot and key pass volumes are all respectable for the price and even with the price rise since GW1 he looks great value for an attacking midfielder in an attacking side aiming for a Champions League place.

However he is only 7 games into his PL career so what his natural output is remains to be seen although again his price mitigates that risk to some extent as do the next 5 fixtures which are excellent.

GW10 BUR (A)
GW11 WAT (A)
GW12 CRY (H)
GW13 MCI (A)


2 goals in his last 2 games for the West Ham AM plus some pretty tasty fixtures and a forward in Haller who can hold the ball up and create chances is a pretty heady mix.

Digging deeper though and although his shot volumes are good he’s hasn’t got to 1 expected goal in total yet let alone the 3 he’s scored.  Although he does have a hammer of a shot it’s not out of the question that a bit of regression is on the cards from his PPM of 5.5 which is excellent at the cost 0f £6.0m.  On the positive side he does seem to have made the 3rd AM spot his own and has played virtually 90 minutes in both his last 2 games.

GW10 SHU (H)
GW11 NEW (H)
GW12 BUR (A)
GW13 TOT (H)


Although it’s 2 games without a goal for the Chelsea CF both games continued the positive vibe and underlying stats and against Brighton he did everything but score.  The only negative at the moment is the 76 minute average when he starts.  He’s still a bargain at £7.6m producing a PPM of 6.6 with 5 pretty tasty fixtures next.

GW10 BUR (A)
GW11 WAT (A)
GW12 CRY (H)
GW13 MCI (A)

The Sinking Ships

These are the 4 most transferred OUT players so far in the gameweek


2 games without a return and everybody’s favourite cheap striker is now on the way out.  That’s despite having the 2nd highest PPM at 7.6 of any FPL forward only behind Aguero.  There aren’t that many attacking players with a PPM higher than their price tag as he has at £7.2m. That’s also despite having very good underlying stats in every game except the away games to West Ham and Palace.  The Palace game which I expect was the game that tipped many over the edge was a particular disappointment with him only having the 1 shot.  But unless your name is Aguero you have the occasional quiet game

The away day form of Norwich as a whole hasn’t been great though and that’s what seems to be spooking FPL managers.  The last 3 away games have only seen them get to 1 expected goal once and in those 3 games they’ve averaged 9.7 shots per game which is well less than the average PL shots per game of 12.

I’m not sure though how desperate I’d be to sell him though before a home game vs Villa and even an away game when it’s against Eddie Howes defensive chaos.

GW10 MUN (H)
GW11 BHA (A)
GW12 WAT (H)
GW13 EVE (A)


When you’re competing against 2 other right backs it’s probably not the smartest thing to do to get sent off with 2 yellow cards in a matter of minutes.  Perhaps he can take credit now though for what some pundits are saying is Spurs turn cornering performance winning with 10 men.

What the fall out will be now he misses the away game to Brighton and gives a chance for Walker-Peters or Foyth to take the RB position.  At £5.0m and a pretty good PPM of 4.3 he looked a good prospect for a decent short run of fixtures for Spurs but that now has given way to a large amount of uncertainty

GW10 LIV (A)
GW11 EVE (A)
GW12 SHU (H)
GW13 WHU (A)


To be fair I can understand the sale of the Liverpool RF as his PPM is only 7.6, his xG90 is 0.01 lower than last season, he has not returned in 2 of his first 7 games and in 1 of those games he didn’t play the full 90 minutes.  Just in case Sheldon Cooper is reading this that was sarcasm.

The other side of the argument though is pretty clear though if I’m being fair.  He does have a tricky run of fixtures coming up and with Aguero , De Bruyne and Sterling performing at higher PPM levels and Aubameyang embarking on a great run of fixtures there is a theory behind the sale.  What’s more those fixtures could mean you won’t captain him again until GW13 in which case you can argue he’s an expensive and unnecessary drain on your squad at £12.5m

GW10 TOT (H)
GW11 AVL (A)
GW12 MCI (H)
GW13 CRY (A)


I would have thought that the time to sell  was before the Man City game rather than after as it’s a reasonably good run over fixtures once you’ve got over that hump.  However the Everton  underlying stats have taken a big tumble after the City game even if you forget that Everton haven’t got another clean sheet since their opening 2 in GW1 and GW2.

What’s more Digne hasn’t been able to compensate for that in attacking stats.  Prior to GW7 he was 23rd in my underlying attacking stats chart for defenders and as of today is 26th in defenders PPM and 14th in total points.  None of that is great for £6.1m

GW10 BHA (A)
GW11 TOT (H)
GW12 SOU (A)
GW13 NOR (H)

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  1. Agreed Son is a great pick if Spurs really have turned a corner. The press seem intent to overblow any issues with Poch and co. Priced at 9.7 is good value for an OOP player and decent fixtures too. Lots of outs too, with Pepe (if he ever plays to expectations), and any of the city mids barring KdB and Sterling.

  2. Geek – with Aguero looking likely to start in the champions league this week, do you think as an Aguero owner, it might be a decent punt for me to transfer him out for Aubameyang this weekend with Arsenal at home to Bournemouth.?I would then captain Aubameyang also.

    Note – I have KDB in Mid, not Sterling.

    Or do you think I should hold and hope Aguero starts at home to Wolves and captain him?

    • Hi mate. I wrote this on Monday before the news broke that he was injured. After the Everton game he self certified himself as ok.

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