fantasy premier league update – A double gameweek is confirmed by the FPL site

Here’s our Fantasy Premier League update article where we finally get an announcement from the fantasy premier league site.

fantasy premier league update – A double gameweek is confirmed by the FPL site

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The Premier League has said that on the 17 June the 19/20 season will restart if the safety requirements are in place.  The Fantasy Premier League site’s plan is to resume FPL with additional multiple Gameweeks for the remaining 92 fixtures. I’m assuming that will be 9 gameweeks @ 10 games per week plus the 2 postponed games.

Aston Villa v Sheffield United and Manchester City v Arsenal, were postponed due to the Carabao Cup final and will now take place on Wednesday 17 June, 2 days before a full gameweek commences on Friday 19 June.

That will mean a double gameweek for the 4 clubs above:

The doubles are as follows:

Aston Villa ( Sheffield United H) and (Chelsea H)

Sheffield United (Aston Villa A) and  (Newcastle A)

Manchester  City (Arsenal H) and (Burnley H)

Arsenal (Man City A) and Arsenal (Brighton A)

The games in that gameweek then assuming it is as GW30 was are then:

Aston Villa v Sheffield United

Man City v Arsenal

Watford v Leicester

Bournemouth v C Palace

Brighton v Arsenal

Man City v Burnley

Newcastle v Sheffield Utd

Norwich v Southampton

Aston Villa v Chelsea

West Ham v Wolves

Spurs v Man Utd

Everton v Liverpool

That makes a total of 12 fixtures.

What about a few other things that have been mooted for FPL?

Nothing has been mentioned about what state our teams will be pre GW30 or post GW38?  Also whether 2 transfers carried in to these additional fixtures will be still there.  Will any additional wildcards or unlimited transfers be available?  These are all things that have been theorised but not mentioned in the statement.  No mention of 5 subs like the Premier League has announced.

I imagine given the silence that our teams will go in as per they are now but that’s far from guaranteed.

The FA Cup

As I said in my previous article with the remaining fixtures being played over 6 weeks.  The remaining 9 gameweeks can be played with 2 midweeks free without interrupting any of the fantasy premier league gameweeks.

Provisional 2019-20 Emirates FA Cup schedule:

Quarter-finals: 27 June & 28 June
Semi-finals: 18 July & 19 July
Final: 1 August (after the end of the fantasy premier league gameweeks)

The European fixtures:

These will take place after the fantasy premier league gameweeks are finished

So no more double gameweeks or blanks after the immediate one?

That seems to be the likely outcome if I’ve put this together right?

What’s my immediate FPL team reaction?

I have my 2nd wildcard, free hit and bench boost left to play.  I’ve used my triple captain chip.

My immediate reaction is to use my free hit chip to set up for the double gameweek rather than the wildcard.  If I only had the wildcard depending on the state of my team I would probably use it.

I guess there could be postponements related to the virus which could make the free hit and wildcard useful but would any issues be so significant that they result in cancellation of the league rather than 1 off postponements of games?

A few others things 

Depleted squads will not delay restart the Premier League have said

The Bundesliga has seen an increase in  injuries reported as threefold over the last fortnight.  That seems like we will want to avoid dead weight in our squads with everyone in the 15 man squad able to contribute points.

It seems most games will take place at the designated teams home games.  The following games will take place at neutral venues: Manchester City v Liverpool, Manchester City v Newcastle, Manchester United v Sheffield United, Newcastle v Liverpool and Everton v Liverpool. The police have also asked that this list includes any match that may see Liverpool win the title.

I’ll be doing update fixture ease schedules of some sort soon.

I outline my  FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

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    • I know it’s not really a concern of yours on this site, but I wonder what they’ll do with the head 2 head leagues? A lot of us really enjoy playing in these types of leagues. Will they create extra fixtures I wonder? I wish they’d just paused the fantasy league on gw29 or whatever it was, instead of giving us all those meaningless 0-0 draws.

  1. Gary – I love head to head leagues too. The most sensible thing would be to take the head to head fixtures from the blank GW30 to GW38, and simply use these for head to heads in the additional gameweeks to be added GW39 to GW47

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