fantasy premier league wildcard tips DGW35 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard


Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips DGW35 article where I pretend I’m using my wildcard. The idea is to give you transfer suggestions for the GW35 and the weeks ahead.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips DGW35 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard

The idea of this article is to bring together the other articles of the gameweek.  Unfortunately the short gameweek means there isn’t time to update the player rankings articles but in addition to the article below I’ve also put together stats for the players within the imaginary wildcard team.

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The team

Here’s the team.  Obviously if you’re wildcarding you couldn’t bench boost at the same time.  However the team would work I think as a bench boost.  The value is about £102.6m

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW35

General structure

As I eluded to above I haven’t gone for a defined bench.  I’ve tried to start with considering the template then looking at players with a balance of good fixtures, form and consistent performance.  I’ve also looked for a couple of players who through recent improvement or some other inkling I think can make a difference in this gameweek and beyond.

The template players

For those who come on to the site regularly you’ll know I take notice of the template players as a form of risk mitigation and who I define as owned by 70% of the 10 top FPL managers I follow.  In this case it’s at least 6 of the 8 players that were in the wildcarders teams.  Obviously with the wildcard template being a pretty universal disaster all these players aren’t going to be replicated in the imaginary wildcard team.

Those players are Ryan, Duffy, Doherty, Valery, Son, Eriksen, Jimenez and Aguero.

I’ve removed Ryan and Duffy for pretty obvious reasons.

Doherty becomes his team mate Boly to save cash.  Valery becomes Yoshida (different than my fixture ease pick apologies) as he features highly in my form tables.  Son gets removed despite his heroics of the UCL as I’ve moved to one Spurs player in Eriksen.  Aguero is removed as I’ve gone for De Bruyne instead.

Goalkeepers and defenders

Liverpool and Man City clearly are the best defensive teams so even though Liverpool doesn’t have a double both are represented through Alexander Arnold and Laporte.

Wolves are part of the template and the value team with a strong defensive ranking and a double fixture in GW35.  I prefer Doherty but Boly saves some cash and still has some attacking potential.

Yoshida is in their for his current attacking form ranking and for his value.  Koscielny is there as a punt player due to fixtures, a double gameweek and his attacking potential.  He is a injury and rotation risk though so proceed in that knowledge.  The risk is especially heightened if he starts in the Europa League tonight.

Foster of Watford for fixtures and Lloris for the fixtures after the double or Brighton at home if you’re bench boosting.


 De Bruyne is a player picked for his recent improvement and stats that make him look more like the De Bruyne we expect.  His relatively low minutes for the season to date give hope that he will play a large part of the run in.

Mane is in form and Liverpool have fixtures to justify his inclusion despite only having the 1 fixture in GW35.

Sterling is pretty self explanatory on form

I could do a separate article on the Spurs choice but I’ve gone for the 1 attacking player with Huddersfield gone.  I’ve gone for safety with Eriksen as the set piece man..  Moura and Son may be the auxiliary strikers but face potential rotation if Llorente starts.  Eriksen has started to play games further forward but even with that supposed limitation his recent form and consistency are good.

My last pick midfield is Mkhitaryan.  A fixture punt but also someone who can be explosive.  He is a risk though due to the unpredictable selection of the manager and should he start in the Europa League tonight that could send alarm bells for the double.


Wilson has good form and fixtures despite being on a single gameweek with Fulham at home a major attraction.

Jimenez has been consistency itself.  A slight dip in recent form doesn’t discourage me from his selection.

Lastly there’s Andre Gray who should play the next 3 games with Deeney suspended and his appeal having failed.  When on the pitch in the last 10 gameweeks he’s produced some excellent stats although they have been largely sub appearances.

The player stats

Stats definitions

PP90.  The FPL points per 90 minutes played

Consistency: the % of starts where the player has scored a goal or assist. Only appearance of 45 mins or more count

Fixture ease;  The ease of fixtures to the end of the season.  The lower the easier.  See the fixture ease article

ATGS/CS* odds – 1 bookies anytime goalscoring odds for the player. It assumes they start and doesn’t include assist potential. There are no odds for game 2 so I’ve used the team to win odds.  CS means clean sheet odds which are available for game 2.

Form ranking: See my form article. These are their rankings among midfielders for the last 10 and 5 gameweeks. NA means they didn’t play enough minutes to qualify.

Player values are as of 18 April

fantasy premier league wildcard tips DGW35

The official fantasy premier league fixture ranking schedule

fantasy premier league wildcard tips DGW35

Other stuff

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