fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW13 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard


Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW13 article where I pretend I’m using my wildcard. It gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek.  

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW13 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard

This article brings together the various earlier articles in the week.

In this article I’m pretending I’m using my wildcard to give you player picks with more longevity than the next game.

I’ve given links to articles below with all the detailed stats you’ll need if you want to investigate a player in more detail.

Player rankings defence and GK

Player rankings midfielders

Forward player rankings

There’s also our fixture ease article which gives player suggestions with good fixtures. You can also see who the popular transfers are in our bandwagons article .

The FFGeek imaginary wildcard team

My value at the moment is a fairly low £102.4m and the team is slightly above that at £102.8.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW13


The structure is flexible but the presence of Success means that the  realistic available formations are 3-5-2,  5-3-2 and 4-4-2.

While Success is playing now he is a gametime risk due to Deeney coming back.  Interestingly they both played in GW12 when Deeney came on as a sub when they were chasing the game.  To defend the use of Success I have very rarely used all 3 subs in 1 gameweek so for me it’s a risk worth taking

The core team

I use my 10 top FPL managers article to define a player to be thought about as potentially essential as one who is owned by 7 of the 10 managers or one who is owned by 70% of the top 10k FPL managers. It’s only my definition for my use so no need for a debate on the merits of players being essential.

These areat the moment:

Aguero, Salah, Hazard, Alonso , Doherty, Arnautovic, Richarlison and a Liverpool defender. I’ve downgraded Alonso to Luiz as a £1.5m gap is enough compensation for the odd 11 point rank battering I’ll inevitably take. I’ve chosen Alexander Arnold as the Liverpool defender on the basis that everyone will be rotated so I may as well go for the cheap end of the options even though he probably has more rotation risk than others.

Wan Bissaka also meets this definition but given the fixtures and the fact that he will occupy the bench for a decent proportion of gameweeks then I’ve decided he’s expendable.

That means 8 of the 15 players are already decided on.  However there is enough in the 7 remaining players plus captain decisions and weekly transfers to still move forward while neutralising some of the players who are the main ranking damaging risk.


I’ve gone here for Fabianski for his save point potential and for West Ham’s good run of fixtures coming up after the Man City game first up.  Only Burnleys’ Joe Hart has made more saves and although although Ryan and Patricio have slightly more points as the £4.5m ish GKs than Fabianski, I think the fixtures should hopefully bring some clean sheets.

Button is the reserve non playing GK who should get some games when Ryan goes to the Asia Games for Australia in January

I’ve stuck with the 1 goalkeeper theory just to avoid having the wrong one on the bench and missing the unexpected 11 pointer for a clean sheet that you thought would never happen.


3 of the 5 defensive slots are taken up with the core players as mentioned above in Alexander Arnold, Luiz and Doherty.  After Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea are the best defences in my view.  Doherty is subject to monitoring his injury.

The next option for me is Laporte of Man City.  He isn’t cheap and has struggled for bonus points but seems to be the most secure option in the backline of Man City.  Laporte should pick up the most clean sheets.  He doesn’t have that much scoring pedigree although has 2 goals in all competitions this season.

My next option is a big gamble in £5.0m Spurs CB Juan Foyth.  At the moment regular CB partner to Alderweireld, Vertonghen, looks like he’s still going to be out for a while still and Foyth seems to have got the jump over Davinson Sanchez.  He’s a very cheap way of getting into the Spurs defence where the fixtures improve from GW15 onwards.  At the time of writing I couldn’t check with Spurs supporter Joseph Crilley but if he provides information to the contrary then I will update the article with an additional note.

UPDATED:  Vertonghen back in training earlier than expected although Sanchez out for potentially the rest of the year.  Would need a back 3 for Foyth to feature so scrap this as a pick

If you wanted a safer option you could go for Holebas of Watford or Digne/Keane of Everton


Hazard, Salah and Richarlison are functions of the core midfielders above.

Hazard is showing returns and underlying stats that are quite incredible despite a quiet spell recently of 1 assist in his last 2 starts plus 1 sub appearance.

Salah has been producing underlying stats virtually as good as last season but not delivering the returns.  Things have improved with 3 goals and 2 assists in the last 4 games which is hopefully a positive pointer for the future.  He still has a bonus issue though only getting 2 so far this season

Richarlison is established as the Everton CF which is as good a reason as any to have him.  2 goals and an assist in his last 3 show he’s getting used to it and his good returns are backed up by decent underlying stats.  There are questions about his finishing ability but that hasn’t been the case so far this season at least.

Cardiff’s CF Paterson is classified as a midfielder in FPL and has scored 3 goals in his last 4 games producing decent underlying stats in the process.  He’s cheap enough to be benched for games where he’s unlikely to return.

Lastly there’s Anthony Martial who has form and fixtures on his side at the moment.  I’ve done a recent focus article on him and he is also subject to an injury monitor.  I think with some adjustments Sane could also be an option given that he is likely to be wanted to provide the width on the left hand side in the absence of Mendy due to injury.


Aguero is still a certainty for me despite being a sub magnet.  He’s still providing good returns even as a target for early substitutions by Pep.

Arnautovic has a great run of fixtures after Man City in GW13.  He’s got a goal and assist in his last 2 and has decent underlying stats.

Both are part of the core team above.

Lastly there’s Success of Watford who is a gametime risk but there to help fund the remaining parts of the team.  He’s started the last 4 and is just a bench player on the assumption that Deeney could take his place rather than they play together.  In those 4 games he’s scored 1 goal.

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  1. Why not Ederson instead of Laporte, he is cheaper and even more secure. As you said Laporte has small chance of attacking threat so to me Ederson is a better choice, what do you think?

  2. Thanks. Man City ownership is certainly a dilemma. I have not seen many teams on this site recently with 3 City players. With Aggy @ >50% ownership, Ederson approaching the 30% mark and Raheem & D.Silva posting good Threat %, Sane is a shout with 3 goals and 3 assists in 5 starts. In truth it should have been more and he has the potential to be explosive (I owned him during a ‘hot spot’ last year and The memory of his returns is lodged in my frontal lobe). Am trying to wedge him into my team as a differential but its a tough gig not owning the mainstays that will defo hurt you if you don’t own them. Am considering Mendy, Richarlison, Ings out for Alex Arnold, Sane, Success in swap to reset 1st 11. A week ago I would have though that insane. Am currently sitting under 1.5k and enjoying the ride. I know it’ll go south soon.

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