fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW14 – our imaginary wildcard


Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW14 article where we pretend we are using our wildcard. It gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek

 fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW14 – our imaginary wildcard

This is an article where I’m pretending I’m using my wildcard to give you player picks with more longevity than the next game. It’s fairly short and there are no stats.  That’s just time pressure and the short gameweek. There are more options in my fixture ease article


The team is slightly over my budget and totals £103.4m

 fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW14


 The structure is a flexible one and depending on fixtures could be 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 or even 4-4-2.  Niasse and Loftus cheek are probably the most common rotation but with 4 at the back neither could play.    There are some rotation and gametime risks within the team but I’ve tried to limit them and mention them below.

However remember whoever you choose at this time of year has rotation risk especially in the teams within the Champions League


 The uncertainty over Jones and the further questions as to who the first choice CBs are leading me to De Gea rather than paying the £6.8m for the certainty of Valencia

Elliot is the cheap backup


 Conceding against Huddersfield is always a faith tester but I’m keeping mine with the Man City defence and Otamendi as the best defensive team in the league

With Chelsea having a nice run of fixtures I’ve gone for £5.4m Christensen as the defensive representation.  This is a risky move as it relies on Luiz continuing to be benched.  However he is significantly cheaper than the safer alternatives of Azpilicueta or Alonso so he’s in only for that reason.  If you make this choice please go in with your eyes open.

Liverpool have a strong home defence as they showed keeping Hazard and Morata quiet.  At his price Moreno can afford to be rotated

Burnley continue to defy my expectations and underlying stats and get clean sheets.  Representation is advisable and I’ve kept Ward from my current team

Lastly I’ve gone for Dunk as a cheap filler in a reasonably strong defensive team with good all round fixtures.  He will probably spend alot of time as 3rd sub but is always a clean sheet possibility when he comes on as Brighton showed at Old Trafford in GW13 with a dogged performance


 Salah is just impossible not to have in your team at the moment.  Great returns, great underlying stats and playing in a very advanced position on the right of a front 3

Hazard may have started the season slowly but his form and underlying stats have significantly improved as he got match fitness, using his explanation.  He is playing virtually as Morata’s strike partner as well.  As said above Chelsea have a great run of fixtures

Sterling is my Man City attacker of choice although this week he looks unlikely to play given he’s play 90 minutes in the last 2.  As Chelsea have such strong fixtures I’ve stuck with 1 Man City attacker.

Richarlison is the guy I just can’t seem to get into my own team.  Watford have tricky fixtures but his performance against Chelsea and even the underlying stats in the drubbing by City show that he can score against anyone in his advanced LW position


Aguero is the best forward for me but rotation has made me rule him out as a viable City option

I’ve stuck with Kane for the moment.  Spurs have reasonably good fixtures and his goal against WBA has bought him some time

Morata  for the Chelsea fixtures and his consistency this season

 Lastly budget has forced me to go for the cheapest option in Niasse even though he is suspended for GW14.  He has shown good form and good underlying stats.  Everton also have good fixtures

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  1. azard in but don’t know how to do it , my team at the mo is
    Gomes Foster
    Jones Otamendi Moreno Brittos Ward
    Richardson Zaha Carroll Salah Sterling
    Morata Kane Vardy
    Any ideas how to get Hazard in

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