fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW15 – our imaginary wildcard


Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW15 article where we pretend we are using our wildcard. It gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek


This is an article where I’m pretending I’m using my wildcard to give you player picks with more longevity than the next game. It’s fairly short and there are no stats. That’s just time pressure and the short gameweek. There are more options in my fixture ease article


The team is slightly over my budget and totals about £103.3m

 fantasy premier league GW15 wildcard tips


The structure is a flexible one and could change depending on fixtures. Niasse and Loftus Cheek are probably the most common rotation.  There’s alot of talk about gametime secure players.  I agree with the principle but you have to distinguish between rotation and players who could lose their place.  The amount of games played by the teams in the UCL means that there will be rotation.  Pep is doing it, Klopp is doing it and Conte is doing it.  So I’m not going to avoid City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United players just because the players won’t play every game.  Those that will are few and far between and will feel the effects as well.

However If you look at players who could potentially lose their place as what you should avoid then Niasse and Kenny with a new manager are risks in the team above.   Christensen is due to competition.  Moreno possibly as well.  That’s more than enough.

Carrying £4.0m non playing defenders is probably not a great idea.  Guaranteed every week rotaters like the Spurs full backs are worth avoiding (I’m trying to sell him.  He’s on the fire putting out list!).  Jesus and Aguero are the same although their explosiveness and ability off the bench may convince some.


 With Elliot dropped I’ve gone for 2 £4.5m GKs.  I’ve chosen a mixture of save points and good defences.  They seem to rotate ok initially.


 I’m still sticking with the City defence and Otamendi despite another faith testing moment v Southampton

 Chelsea’s fixtures demand some representation and I’ve gone for the cheap route of Christensen due to funds.

Liverpool have a strong home defence  so I’ve gone for Moreno.

Burnley continue to defy my expectations and underlying stats and get clean sheets. Representation is advisable and I’ve kept Ward from my current team

 Lastly I’ve gone for Rob’s controversial banker in his player picks.  That’s Everton RB Kenny on the back of some reasonable fixtures and Big Sam improvement although that hasn’t always been immediate.  Plus he rotates perfectly with Moreno


Salah is just impossible not to have in your team at the moment. Great returns, great underlying stats and playing in a very advanced position on the right of a front 3

 I’ve stuck with the Chelsea double up due to fixtures so Hazard’s in the team.

Sterling is my Man City player of choice.  He looks likely to miss the West Ham home game as a starter anyway which is a shame

Richarlison is great value and with his performance against Chelsea can mix it with any team.  Watford’s fixtures improve again around GW17

Loftus Cheek maybe a 5th mid but has good fixtures and plays in an attacking position for Palace


I’ll repeat that Aguero is the best forward for me but rotation has made me rule him out as a viable City option

I’ve stuck with Kane for the moment. Spurs have reasonably good fixtures  and 2 goals in his last 2 games have helped his cause.  He is on a tightrope though

Morata for the Chelsea fixtures just gets he nod despite a couple of questionable performances and the chance of rest this weekend

Lastly budget has forced me to go for the cheapest option in Niasse  He has shown good form and good underlying stats. Everton also have good fixtures.  He needs to get into Big Sam’s team though

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