fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW18 – our imaginary wildcard


Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW18 article where we pretend we are using our wildcard. It gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek


This is an article where I’m pretending I’m using my wildcard to give you player picks with more longevity than the next game. It’s fairly short and there are no stats. That’s just time pressure and the short gameweek.


The team is slightly over my budget and totals about £104.0m

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW1818


The structure is a flexible one and could change depending on fixtures.

 As I’ve said before regarding gametime there’s a difference between rest related rotation risk which every player in the top 6 teams, especially,  potentially faces and players at the other end of the scale like Ben Davies who has a strong competitor in Danny Rose for his place who will rotate every other week.

 You do have to remember though that you can get considerable savings for taking that risk.  Christensen at £5.6m over Azpilicueta at £6.9m is a £1.3m saving for that risk.  Each FPL manager has to make an assessment of that risk and balance for his squad.  The latest premier league results saw an incredible amount of rotation and injuries and it’s balancing value vs the security an extra layout could give you


 Adrian seems to have secured his West Ham GK slot so he’s in place for DGW22.  The good fixtures for West Ham and a Moyes improved defence is a bonus.

I’ve gone for Pope for Burnely defensive representation.  The fixtures are getting trickier and Heaton will return at some stage but to me his save ability warrants the inevitable disruption


Otamendi  finally got a clean sheet against Swansea for my faith.

Christensen is the cheap entry into the Chelsea defence which still has good fixtures and stats if struggling to get clean sheets at the moment

With Moreno’s injury potentially being more of a problem than first thought I’ve gone for Robertson who with limited competition and very few games played hopefully will get a decent run in the side.  Liverpool have a strong home defence.

 I went for Smalling over Jones due to the injury risk associated with Jones

Lastly I’ve gone for cheapie Kenny who has seems to have made the Everton RB position his own.


 Salah needs  no explanation I hope.

 Hazard is continuing his good form after a slow start and should benefit from Chelsea’s good fixtures whether as a support striker, false 9 or LAM

 David Silva unsurprisingly is my Man City choice at the moment.  Sterling has had quite a few low goal threat stat games in the last 7.  Silva has been a consistent goal threat recently and on the few occasions he hasn’t been then it’s back to the day job of creating chances

Richarlison is great value and Watford have good fixtures.  He is an injury doubt this week and Silva has talked about tiredness and rest but a home game to Huddersfield is too hard to resist.  However wait for the Watford press conference for news

 Lastly and the most controversially, I’ve gone for the suspended Paul Pogba who will be back for GW19.  Value for money and gametime security wise he’s the best Man Utd player for me and that’s why he would be worth 1 week on the bench


With Spurs having a DGW22 I’ve stuck with Kane as the obvious captain choice for that week

Charlie Austin may have some tricky fixtures but he’s also got Huddersfield in GW19 which is a big attraction.  The guy is an old style selfish goal scorer and perfect for FPL

Lastly I’ve gone for another gametime risk player in Leicester forward Okazaki.  Calvert Lewin is probably the safer gametime choice of the cheap strikers.  If I told you though that Okazaki has a better xG90 than Kane, Lukaku or Morata would that help convince you?  Hopefully his 2 goal and an assist performance in GW17 will help cement his place although Puel is the manager who froze out Austin at Southampton.  Maybe your chances of selection with Puel are inversely proportional to the goal scoring potential?

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