fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21 – the FFGeek and Rob Reid’s imaginary wildcard

Here’s a shorter than normal fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21 article where I pretend I’m using my wildcard. It gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek.  There’s also a guest imaginary wildcard from Rob Reid the FPL Vet

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21 – the FFGeek and Rob Reid’s imaginary wildcard

Firstly Rob and I have not seen each others imaginary wildcard’s so any similarities are purely co-incidental.  The article is shorter than normal as it is a very short turnaround gameweek.  At the bottom of the page is a screenshot of the official FPL fixture rating for the next 6  so you can easily check out anyone’s immediate fixtures

The FFGeek imaginary wildcard

Here’s the team.  The value is around £103.3m

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21

So in goal I’ve stuck with the save and bonus points of Fabianski in the hope that West Ham can add some clean sheets to it in addition.  Button gets the nod as the cheap reserve GK in the hope that he can steal Ryan’s place while he’s at the Asian Cup.

In defence I’ve gone for Digne as Everton have some decent fixtures going forward and he has decent attacking potential.  Liverpool seem to have taken the mantel of best defensive team and although Alexander Arnold has rotation fears his price and attacking ability counter that risk.  Watford have some good fixtures and Holebas good attacking and set piece potential.  Wolves may have lacked clean sheets recently but Doherty continues with the attacking points ticking over.  Lastly there’s the value of Wan Bissaka and his bonus potential when Palace do get clean sheets

In midfield I’ve gone for the big 2 combination of Hazard and Salah Pogba is the form player and United have some good fixtures.  Funds led me to Deulofeu over Pereyra and Richarlison continues for his points potential over a period of decent fixtures.

Kane is the premium striker and Ings and Jimenez are my 2 budget strikers.

Everyone potentially could start and produce points and there are no passengers in the side.

Rob Reids imaginary wildcard

See also Rob’s GW21 player picks and team for GW21

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21

We’re into the second half of the season, so the second Wildcard is now live. There are a couple of schools f thought on this. First up a disclaimer: I would personally recommend that you hold your Wildcard in preparation for the Double Gameweeks that will start to appear around GW32. This way you can stock up on players with multiple games in one week, utilising your Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips in the process. This is just me personal opinion though. I know many experienced FPL managers don’t really buy into this and are happy to use their Wildcard a bit earlier, using careful transfer planning to navigate the doubles.

An early word on Double Gameweeks and Blank Gameweeks

It’s probably fair to say that last season the doubles were slightly disappointing. I think this was down to the lack of truly competitive fixtures, with the title race secured and the relegation battle not as close. In previous seasons though this hasn’t been the case and there’s been some massive weekly scores, some around the 200 point mark. I think this year’s doubles could be more competitive. The title race will be much closer this year I reckon and there’s a whole clutch of teams in a dogfight at the bottom of the table. Much will depend also on the FA Cup. What we want to see for double gameweeks is the big name teams being kept apart and making it to the quarter-finals. The romance of the FA Cup does not apply to FPL I’m afraid!

The same also applies for The Carabao Cup, and this already looks promising with Spurs heavy favourites to win their semi against Burton and one of City or Chelsea going to progress from the other.

There’s a pretty much guaranteed double for these finalists as they will blank in GW27 – the fixtures can’t be moved forward into GW26 due to UCL/Europa League games and they can’t be moved back as a midweek GW27 as a midweek GW28 directly follows. There’s some juicy fixtures for a double here as well- Chelsea home to Brighton or Spurs away to Burnley.

So it’s up to you what you do with your Wildcard but I intend to hold mine until around GW31 (I’ll likely use my Free Hit chip to navigate any big blank weeks in that period.) But if you do want to use your Wildcard sooner, here’s what I would do this week!

Imaginary Wildcard

This is on my rather modest budget of £102.8m and I’ve come up with this.

Foster at 4.5m has good fixtures and likes save points and I’ve paired him with cheapie Button who is getting some gametime at the moment with Ryan at The Asia Cup. Liverpool have the best defence in the league at present and I’ve doubled up with TAA and Lovren (though you’ll have the City fixture to navigate first up.) Doherty is also in for his attacking potential and then it’s 2 cheapies with everyone’s favourite budget defender AWB and the uber-cheap but playing Bednarak.

It’s fun in midfield with Salah and Hazard the premium options, Pogba and Anderson giving some bumper mid-price points potential and cheapie Brooks completing the set. Kane is another premium option up front and I’ve matched him with cheap striker Ings and Mitrovic who despite my reservations seem to be coming back into form under Ranieri. This gives you lots of captain options and also potential to swap in City assets such as Aguero, Sterling or Silva for when they come back into form.

Hope this is of interest and good luck if you’re using your Wildcard this week!

The Official FPL fixture schedule for the next 6

Just so you can check on everyone’s upcoming fixtures:

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21

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