Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW21 article where we pretend we have a wildcard to use. It gives you some player picks with more longevity than just the next gameweek. It also puts those picks within a structure and a team value that is realistic. Lastly it brings together our player picks articles in the player rankings series.


As I said there’s no stats but go to our player ranking articles where there will be detailed stats on each player. Here’s the links in each position:




You can also check on individual players fixture rankings in our fixture ease article and how many of the ten top FPL managers we follow have them in their team.

So here’s the team. It’s affordable at just over  £102.2m

I’ve gone for 2 cheap GK’s although they are both in the team due to injuries which may effect their longevity

In defence I’ve gone for the 2 top ranked defences in Chelsea and Spurs as they also have reasonably good fixtures.  Brunt is expensive for a WBA player but plays as a LAM.  Middlesboro are the best cheap defence.  Yoshida is a gamble that Fonte won’t play further for Southampton

In the midfield Sanchez is fairly essential for me.  Alli too has good form and reasonable fixtures.  Then there are 2 cheapies in Stanislas and Phillips who have some set piece responsibility

Upfront I’ve gone for the the safe picks of Costa and Ibrahimovic.  As Arsenal have such good fixtures I’ve gambled on Giroud

Hope that with our player ranking articles this gives you some ideas for your transfers

Here’s a reminder of the GW21 fixtures

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    • City players have all big rotation risk. Even Aguero is benched sometimes ( just had 4 gameweek rest) and Jesus will be there now too. Sterling too inconsistent, KDB have had only 2 goals, Yaya Toure and Silva are just too expensive.

      I will keep an eye on Aguero because he have one big plus – we can always captain him.

      You never know what’s Pep thinking, do you? So I agree with article! Great!

    • Hi mate it is a tricky one. I had to take notice of my rankings in the forwards which had Aguero 5th. KDB was also 8th so they didn’t really make a convincing case for inclusion especially given that they are quite expensive

      Hope that helped. Good luck this week

    • You can have Ibra (great form, great fixtures) and Costa (top scorer). I would not recommend having three premium strikers because your team will be then too unbalanced with cheap defence and unstable midfield.

    • I don’t think its as bold as manager thinks. City has been off this year, Aguero has really been off. He’s expensive, which is the biggest turnoff to me right now. I was a big Aguero support to start the season and couldn’t see a starting XI without him. But having been let down week after week this year got frustrating, then the suspension happened and I haven’t owned him since GW4! There are good options available that will also allow a manager to upgrade at other spots on the pitch if Aguero isn’t included.

  1. My team:

    Grant (Foster)
    Cedric – Gibson – Alonso (Brunt – Amat)
    Philips – Sanchez – Alli – Stanislas (Lallana)
    Ibra – Costa – Giroud

    1.0 In the bank with no free transfers. What would you suggest to do? Willing to take a four point hit to get Cedric out. Or wait one gameweek and then Cedric to Rose and Gibson to Chambers? Thoughts?

    • Defensively, I think you let it ride this week and not take a -4 hit to move Cedric. S’hampton have a good matchup away to Burnley. Starters Alonso and Gibson, with either Brunt OOP vs Spurs away or Cedric, who should start with the possibility of a CS.

      I am moving to get Daniels, Baines as well as Rose. Not sure if I am going to include a Chelsea defender or not. Chambers is my budget buy which leaves me with 5.3 ITB. Currently it’s Jones of Man U, who takes up that fifth spot.

    • Hi mate. Thanks for the comments. What I understand about the injury is that it’s a minor one but deteriorating and Ake has been recalled as cover. I think you have a fair point overall though and maybe Azpili or Luiz would have been better picks. Thanks and good luck this week

      • Who would suggest to replace Ake?? As I only see him sitting on bench up to and around the 5 mill mark already have alonso as chelsea cover as well- brunt? what other options are there differential and preferably attacking like Ake in a cheap price bracket??

        • Ake at 4.4 had 3 goals on the season, scored from GW12 on, last coming in GW17. Along that same price, you could look at Michael Dawson of Hull, 3 goals as well. Doesn’t stand out as that dynamic of a player like Ake, but has the returns.

          Friend (4.4) at Boro is making it back into the starting lineup after injury, while he didn’t tally a goal before the injury he did pick up 2 assists and 2 CS. His line mate, Chambers is also 4.4 with just a single goal on the season, but starting.

          Francis at Bournemouth is suspended until the end of January, but he was the Cherries offensive threat from defense, priced at 4.6.

          Just a few names…good luck!

  2. I get a chuckle from your stock photo of Diego Costa complaining as he gets a yellow card. Surely after his great season there’s a better shot to offer?
    Great article as always – love this site!

  3. Is Hazard to Alli worth a 4 point hit? Alli seems to be in superb form and I have the “what if I don’t have him and he scores another 2” jitters!

    • I’ve gone and done exactly that, after Origi > Giroud earlier, but I’m around 600K after a woeful week and getting a bit desperate. Probably jinxed Alli now, so I wouldn’t bother!

    • I am close to activating my WC and leaving out Hazard and Sanchez! If you look at it from a points/price perspective, it’s a valid move, you save close to 2.0m to use elsewhere on the pitch. We always want to give key players “just one more week” to perform…or else. Looking forward to GW22, Chelsea has Hull. That has return written all over it. Even this week against Leicester missing players through AFCON, I think Hazard has great potential. By no means does he have the form that Alli is carrying. I think you can make a strong case to hold Hazard for 2 more weeks

      • Thanks.. I decided to hold on to Hazard for the time being now that the issue is overshadowed by the Costa problem which seems to require attention.. sigh..

  4. So my imaginary WC will suddenly become reality today or Friday before we kick off GW21. What I should have done was activate the WC before the end of GW20 in order to take advantage of the price increases over the EFL period. I didn’t and probably lost out of a few increases based on the players I wanted to bring in. My current team is struggling…badly and change is required to turn around my season.

    Courtois (Jakupovic)
    McAuley, Lovren, Jones (Cedric, Holebas)
    Sanchez, Hazard, Rodriguez, Allen (Capoue)
    Costa, Ibrahimovic, Carroll

    This has been my lineup for a few weeks but the returns haven’t been there. With the WC activated I look to make wholesale changes to my squad retaining just 3 players

    Heaton (Randolph)
    Daniels, Baines, Rose, Chambers, Jones
    Alli, Erikson, Lallana, Phillips, Stanislas
    Costa, Defoe, Ibrahimovic

    Some comments on my decisions: Randolph selected for rotation when Burnley faces tougher matches (ARS, CHE) yet I could lose out on the save points, isn’t that why we select Heaton?

    No Chelsea coverage defensively. I considered Cahill but then leave myself a bit thin for a third forward, which would be Negredo or Gray. With Jones as my fifth, in I can afford Defoe.

    McAuley or Brunt not featured. Not fond of this, as I would like one or the other. With 0,5 ITB I can only afford McAuley, as I end up 0.1 short on Brunt, but have midfield coverage with Phillips.

    It appears I am going for a ride on the bandwagon, as I drop both Sanchez and Hazard for Alli/Eriksen. Wise? Probably not, we all know the form of all 6 goals in 6 shots won’t last, but Spurs are playing very well. Their total scores are hard to ignore when comparing prices to that of Hazard and Sanchez.

    Defoe or Negredo. Defoe has the form, Negredo doesn’t but has the fixtures. This decision is based solely on what I do on defensively. Chelsea coverage means Negredo or Gray, Defoe means Chambers or McAuley.

    You can read some of my madness from my website:

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