fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW22 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard


Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW22 article where I pretend I’m using my wildcard. It gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW22 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard

This article brings together the various earlier articles in the week.

In this article I’m pretending I’m using my wildcard to give you player picks with more longevity than the next game.

I’ve given links to articles below with all the detailed stats you’ll need if you want to investigate a player in more detail.

Player rankings defence and GK

Player rankings midfielders

Forward player rankings

There’s also our cumulative underlying stats article which you may find helpful

There’s also our fixture ease article which gives player suggestions with good fixtures. You can also see who the popular transfers are in our bandwagons article .

The FFGeek imaginary wildcard team

My value at the moment is a fairly low £102.3m and this team is higher at roughly £105m.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW22


The structure is fairly flexible and the only limitation is that you’re likely to play 4 midfielders.

If you read my 10 top FPL managers article you’ll know that there are 10 players at the moment owned by 7 of them where in my mind you should think seriously about having them and whether they are essential.

These players from that 10 in the WC team are Kane, Hazard, Salah, Pogba, Richarlison, Liverpool defence, Doherty, Digne and Wan Bissaka.  The only one I’ve swerved is the West Ham defence.  There’s a very interesting article from FFGeek contributor Yaniv Salomon on this current template.


I swerved Fabianksi for Foster.  If you look at the expected goals conceded for cheap defences it basically goes in this order, Wolves, Leicester, Crystal Palace and Watford.  On shot’s conceded Watford are 5th overall.  So there seems to be something there to hang onto plus a few good fixtures.  The Bournemouth game seems to have made them a no go zone and there have been a few other disasters but I think you have to look at the season as a whole.

Button is just the non playing GK when Ryan returns and he will revert presumably to his reserve role.  There seems to be some belief that Palace GK Guaita at £4.2m can hold his place over the Hennessey who has some well publicised off field issues.


Having a Liverpool Defender is pretty essential for me and Alexander Arnold’s value is exceptional.  I would probably risk a double up with Gomez when he’s fit as well given his value at £4.9m

The Everton defence isn’t the most solid one but they have an excellent run of fixtures and Digne‘s attacking potential plus his set piece contribution sees him 5th of my defender attacking underlying stats list.

Pereira is a positional gamble.  You’ll see in my GW21 review that he lined up as a left sided forward in a front 3 which is a pretty exciting prospect even with the fixtures and the potential for PuelPep to put him in goal next week given his mad cap tinkering.  He has played 6 times, I think, as an RM so there is more to the prospect than the 1 gameweek.

Doherty has just been a fantastic attacking addition within the best cheap defence in the league for me.

Wan Bissaka is a steal at the price.  Palace have 8 clean sheets and only 4 defenders have more bonus points.


I’ve gone for 3 captain options with Salah and Kane nailed and ummed and arghhed over Hazard vs Aubameyang as the 3rd.  I did a load of analysis to try and decide on which one but in the end it’s a bit of a coin toss and I’ve gone for Hazard

I’ve gone for 2 Man Utd options in Pogba and below in the forwards of Rashford.  In my ranking analysis I haven’t even give them a last 4 game “bump” it’s been an analysis over the whole season and they are just good value.  An entry point v Spurs couldn’t be much worse but after that it’s a lovely little run. Pogba seems like he’ll be fit for the game from what I’ve read.

Camarasa seems a decent option as the mainly benched midfielder.  He’s picked out in FFGeek contributor Paul Williams fourth midfielder options article for more information. Needs injury monitoring.

Lastly there’s Richarlison.  Interestingly I rated Sigurdsson higher in my midfield rankings article but given Richarlisons popularity I see him as the safer choice.


Kane for me needs little explanation with his fixtures and form.

I mentioned Rashford above.  With Lukaku lurking and the competition for CF and the AM positions he is a risk but he’s just such great value with the fixtures coming up after Spurs.

Arnautovic is a talismanic player for West Ham and despite the turn of fixtures for the worse I think he can still produce

GW27 and Man City

GW27 is when the EFL final is and clashing PL games will be postponed.  Everton v City is obviously going to go after City’s 9-0 win last night.  One of Chelsea v Brighton or Burnley v Spurs will then go depending on who win’s their tie.  Now it’s not out of the question that they could bring it forward but more likely given last season that it’s postponed outwards.  Just something to think about.  The above team has Digne, Richarlison virtually definitely postponed and  Kane and Hazard at risk.

There’s no City players in there which seems like a miss.  I guess if you restructured you could go for Sane instead of Pogba or Aguero instead of Hazard and restructure.

The Official FPL fixture schedule.

Here’s the next 6;

 fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW22

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14 thoughts on “fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW22 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard”

  1. Hi Geek

    You say you ummed and arghed re Hazard or Auba. And did in depth analysis. How much did you think about Aguero?

    His next 3 opponents are Wolves, Huddersfield and Newcastle. He is well rested and seems nailed on to play given he didn’t play against Burton or Rotherham. And we saw how awesome he is in the Liverpool game, not that we didn’t know already.

    Surely he is favourite to outperform both Hazard and Auba over the next 3gws? Especially as Chelsea actually play Arsenal in gw 23.

    Interested to hear your thoughts?

  2. I have uhhmed and awhed over whether to take Auba or Haz out to bring Salah back in. I think these decisions come down to planning. In the end I chose to get rid of Auba with the view to swapping Auba back in for Haz from GW26 on. I just think Haz will out score Auba over next 4 GW’s (hopefully)… My plan is then to swap Kane for Aguero and bring Son in when he returns after Asian Games to get City coverage and keep Spurs coverage… Aguero, Salah, Son & Auba the route I am taking to the finish line.

  3. Hi Geek

    There have been suggestions in the last couple of days at the BBC and Daily Star that Rashford is the ‘Number 1’ striker now at Man Utd as far as OGS is concerned. Do you think that makes him less of a gametime risk now?

  4. Think ole loves the rashford and he would revert him to RF if he chooses to play lukaku up front. Nice run of fixtures for wolves after man c, the Ming thinks jiminez will outscore arnie in the medium term given arnie interest from china and seems injury prone. The geek has reiterated that Jiminez is not prolific but from the Ming lens (super subjective), the keepers somehow always pull out the top draw saves from the mexican.

  5. I agree Ming. I have Jimenez in for some time now and have no plans to replace him. Good value for the money I paid for him. And has shown he can score against the top clubs too.

  6. It’s a difficult/crucial week!

    Ive got 2 options to get Salah in:

    1. Hazard out Salah in. (0 point spend)
    2. F. Anderson out Salah in. Aubameyang out Arnautovic in. (-4 point spend)

    Option 1 or option 2 anyone?!

    • I’ve already got Rashford. I would have 7.4m for a striker, so could pretty much get any of Wilson, Arnie, Jiminez, Mitro, Ings, Deeney, Murray etc.

      • Well then get Arnie or maybe just roll the transfer over to next week as Auba doesnt have a bad fixture away at WH.. they have been poor enough at the back lately. Captain Hazard.

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