fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW24 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard


Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW24 article where I pretend I’m using my wildcard. It gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW24 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard

This article brings together the various earlier articles in the week.

In this article I’m pretending I’m using my wildcard to give you player picks with more longevity than the next game.

I’ve given links to articles below with all the detailed stats you’ll need if you want to investigate a player in more detail.

Player rankings defence and GK

Player rankings midfielders

Forward player rankings

There’s also our fixture ease article which gives player suggestions with good fixtures. You can also see who the popular transfers are in our bandwagons article .

Lastly you can see who the 10 top managers I follow have in their teams

A bit of blank and double preamble

See my 2 double gameweek articles:

The original blank and double planner and the latest pre 5th round draw version

I would say firstly that I wouldn’t wildcard now.  Here’s my current thoughts on what I’m planning with the chips:

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW24

Now Man City are the last team you would want to use the triple captain chip on due to the selection uncertainty but the alternative is a single gameweek (Salah against Huddersfield at home in GW36) or gamble that Chelsea get to the semi finals of the FA Cup and they need to create another double gameweek.  Or that the weather magically makes one appear with a postponement or 2.

My current feeling is to use it in GW25 and hope for the best.  Now in this article I’m pretending to use the wildcard now which changes things.  I was just theorising on my own position.

I believe Rob Reid who has used his wildcard is putting something together on his plan before GW25 which will be useful for those who have used their wildcard

The FFGeek imaginary wildcard team

My value at the moment is a fairly low £102.3m and this team is higher at roughly £105.0m

I’ve written this before the 5th round FA Cup draw btw.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW24

So the players are in 3 different groups

So if you’re using your’e wildcard now you’re probably setting up to have a decent team for the blank of 31.  Free Hitting in GW32, returning to your blank team for 33 and muddling through to 35 with a bench boost or triple captain

The players with fixtures in the blank weeks of GW31 and GW33.  

There are 5 teams with games in both gameweeks guaranteed with the pool of players I was thinking of:

Bournemouth,  Burnley,  Leicester,  Liverpool  and Huddersfield

So for me with 7 gameweeks to go before the first blank of GW31 I’ve gone for 6 players from those teams.  That still gives plenty of time to make enough transfers to field a full team but if you are wildcarding you may feel comfortable with more

I’ve gone for 3 from Liverpool in Alisson, Robertson and Salah.  I don’t like the expensive defence but all the cheapies are injured or have gametime risk attached.  You may feel more comfortable with Mane or Firmino which I would understand.

From Leicester I like the defender who seems to play everywhere but his position of RB in Pereira so he’s in.  I like Barnes of Burnley but I couldn’t fit him in although he’s an easy transition.  Fraser is great value from Bournemouth and lastly I’ve gone for a Huddersfield benchwarmer in Puncheon

Double gameweek 25 players

There’s nothing more anti climatic than a Man City only double gameweek.

They are so good that having Everton seems a bit of a waste and who knows who will play twice in a Pep team at any time let alone when there are 2 games close together.

So I’ve chosen 2 players who at least are effective off the bench in Sterling and Aguero although you choose them with a high degree of gametime security risk.  I don’t see the point of any Everton players although I imagine alot of managers will play Richarlison by default.

Players with a decent chance of getting to the double in GW35

Remember you’re using your wildcard so you are probably going to concentrate initially on a full ish team for GW31 but having players also in the team that you think have a decent chance of getting to the FA Cup semi’s will help with the double in GW35. You already have 2 City players and then hence the 3 Man Utd players in Pogba, Lindelof and Rashford.  Unfortunately the budget is thin here so I’ve gone for 2 teams that at least have gone through to the 5th round and have a decent cheap defence in Palace and Wolves.  That’s Jonny and Wan Bissaka.

I’ve put Etheridge as the cheap GK.  It wasn’t an easy pick believe me  as he has Man City in GW33 which will hopefully be postponed if City get to the Semis.  You just have to hope the save points offset the goals conceded and that Brighton (their GW31 opponent) get through to the quarters for another good double although you’d probably free hit there anyway.  .

Some of these players will be traded to field a team in GW31.

The residual

That just leaves Ings as he’s got 3 good fixtures next.

That’s it hope you found it useful.  Please leave comments if my thinking is flawed.  I don’t pretend to be the guru here so comments welcome.

The next 6 fixtures from the official FPL site

Official FPL haven’t updated it for a week so doesn’t include any blanks and doubles.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW24

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  1. Good solid team Geek, however, Frasers fixtures are quite simply dreadful so I would swap him out and take a chance on Jota. Not only is he in good form and has been playing as an OOP forward, but Wolves have very good fixtures. And your 4th midfielder is really one you can take a punt on.

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