fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW25 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard


Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW25 article where I pretend I’m using my wildcard. It gives player suggestions with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW25 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard

A short article this week due to the short gameweek.

A bit of blank and double preamble

See my latest article on the blanks and doubles

I would say firstly that I wouldn’t wildcard now. Here’s my current thoughts on what I’m planning with the chips.  There’s also a Yaniv Salomon strategy which I’ve also added.  There’s no place for the Triple Captain Chip at the moment due to worries over Man City rotation in GW25.  I talk about it separately below the schedule.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW25

Now Man City rotation are the reason why I’m a little unsure over the triple captain chip in DGW25.  The alternative for the triple captain chip in options 1 and 2 are Salah vs Huddersfield in GW36, Chelsea getting through to the semis of the FA Cup and needing another double gameweek to house it, the weather creating postponements or using it in GW35 and using the bench boost in another gameweek.

If you’ve already used your wildcard then you’ll be in the same position as Rob Reid who’s done an excellent article on the the blanks and doubles without your 2nd wildcard

The FFGeek imaginary wildcard team

My value at the moment is a fairly low £102.4m and this team is higher at roughly £105.0m

I’ve written this on the basis that you would navigate your way to GW31 to set up for both blanks, free hit in GW32 and do the best you can to get to DGW35 using the bench boost or triple captain.

Here’s the team:

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW25

Double GW25 players and Blank GW27 players

I’ve only gone for 3 here and all Man City Aguero, Sane and Ederson. Note this has been written before Pep’s Friday press conference although history would suggest he won’t be enlightening us greatly.

It’s difficult to predict who will play 2 consecutive games for Man City at the best of times but 2 in 4 days with a game against Chelsea 4 days after that is impossible.  It all depends on your attitude to DGWs and whether you think the potential rewards outweigh the risk.  Personally I would roll the dice.

Ederson is probably the only player that you could guarantee will play both games and although the fixtures could be easier and he’s not exactly known for save points I thought it was worth a go.

Aguero is likely to be a captain favourite for the gameweek and will even be triple captained to some extent.  Even with the rotation threat I think he’s worth the gamble for the double gameweek.  The idea would be to flip him for Aubameyang after the double gameweek.

With Mendy out of the squad for Newcastle but apparently close to fitness Sane maybe worth a gamble on the basis that Pep knows he can give him a decent rest once Mendy is fit.  De Bruyne is the player who has played the least minutes due to his injury but whether Pep will gamble with him after the injury is the question.

The players with fixtures in the blank weeks of GW31 and GW33.

In this scenario I’m preparing for the blank GW31 transfers.

There are 5 teams with games in both gameweeks guaranteed with the pool of players I was thinking of:

Bournemouth, Burnley, Leicester, Liverpool and Huddersfield

So for me with 5 gameweek transfers to go from GW27 before the first blank of GW31 I’ve gone for 7 players from those teams to give me plenty of options.

The first 3 are all Liverpool with Robertson being the defender in the absence of any cheaper alternatives.

Salah and Mane for me are the next obvious choice and Liverpool have a pretty decent run of fixtures which makes doubling up far easier

Then I’ve gone for 3 cheapies who will probably spend most of the time on the bench to GW31.  Those being cheapie GK Boruc who will hopefully hold his place over Begovic who has been pretty error prone to say the least.

The 2nd is Mee of Burnley.  Burnley have improved defensively recently with the 4 fixtures before Man Utd all having an xG conceded  of under 1 goal. They also have some decent fixtures if he needs to come off the FPL bench up to GW31

I’ve then gone for the Huddersfield bench warmer and £4.2m cheapie Jason Puncheon.  He at least played 90 minutes in the new managers first game but obviously carries some risk due to that appointment.

Lastly there’s the 2nd Burnley player of Barnes who’s been in pretty good form for the price with 3 goals and an assist in his last 7.  All of which has been backed up by pretty good underlying stats although his shot volumes could be better.  You could put in Wolves player Jimenez as an alternative.  To be of use for GW31 Wolves would either need to lose the replay to Shrewsbury or the 5th round tie to Bristol City away.

The Key players

The players I see staying to GW31 and being on the bench for that game are Pogba, Rashford and Aubameyang (after the Aguero Flip).  All 3 are in excellent form with pretty good fixtures until then

The Rest

The 3 unmentioned players so far are Kolasinac who has excellent fixtures after City away and seems to have the strongest attacking underlying stats of any defender.

Doherty who similarly has excellent attacking stats with Wolves having good fixtures.

Lastly there’s Wan Bissaka who’s a cheap player in a good defence where you have a decent clean sheet chance for any home game as well as bonus points

It’s worth noting that Wan Bissaka will have a fixture in GW31 and or GW33 should they go out of the cup in either the 5th round or quarters respectively.  Doherty if they go out to Bristol City but otherwise they need Man Utd to lose for GW33.

Kolasinac has a guaranteed fixture in GW33 and will in GW31 if Wolves lose to Bristol or Shrewsbury as mentioned above

Sorry for lack of stats 

Doing the rankings and stats is difficult with a 2 days to prepare when you’d normally have 5.

However here’s the link to the GW24 player rankings below which are still pretty relevant and the underlying cumulative stats up to GW23

 GW24 defender player rankings

Midfield player rankings GW24

Forward player rankings GW24 

The official FPL fixtures schedule

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW25

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10 thoughts on “fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW25 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard”

  1. Heres a question for everyone – would you take a hit to get Sane in for Anderson? Anderson does have 2 good fix after Liverpool but he has done nothing for 5 games now all while his value is dropping like a tonne of bricks.

  2. Hi Geek

    top article as always, just a quick question ‘re the aguero move, I have auba and 1 transfer left, could do the auba – aguero switch that many have mentioned and then straight back week after, my only problem is I have used the 2nd wildcard so from my point of view should I be looking much further forward for the BGW DGWs rather than just the city double I.e. not tying up a transfer this week and a transfer next week ?? ps have all other chips available

  3. So if you go Yaniv option… Are there enough players that double in 32, that ALSO don’t blank 33? Is that possible?
    -WC 10 starter 32 dbl players that also dont blank 33, salah (of course), 4 bench 32 dbl players that also do blank 33
    -fh31 explained in your write up
    -32 bb
    -33 taken care of (note: i could have said 9 ’32dbl play 33′ instead of 10 but 10 lets you potentially carry the 32 ft)
    -34 business as usual. Use all free transfers post 32 to be swapping for dblgw 35 players

    So 4 + Salah + 3 Free transfers will give you 8 solid players for the gw35 week.

    This is essentially exactly what Yaniv stated just with the focus on the topic of focusing on ‘dbl32 also play 33 players’.

  4. Sorry. One more thing..

    So I guess with yaniv strategy, the pro is your TC is taken care of. Both 31 and 33 are sorted.

    The other strategy of free hitting in week 32 and wildcarding in 34. The pro is you have 10+salah double in gw 32 vs 7+salah in 35 with yaniv strategy. However that is assuming there would be enough EPL double 35 to field 10 dbls and 4 bench dbls (+salah). Net result ideally is 3 more dbls than yaniv strategy.
    Con is likely no TC option for a double gw player unless that weird che scenario plays out.

    I am still on the fence. Ultimately I think the more doubles in total the better. So free hitting 32 has a slight edge. A choice isnt needed until gw 30. So a month of hell and losing sleep in the ‘what if’ world.

    I think the key NOW in the short term is to turn transfer focus in the next few weeks to include some key blank gw 31, 33 players just in case the choice does end up being to go free hit 32 plan. So fraser, brooks, macguire, periera, etc.

    Good luck. At least there is some sort of bones of a plan now.

  5. Kev, another advantage to the Yaniv approach is that you dont now have to spend time on transferring players in for the blank GW31. By doing that you are not concentrating on GW’s 26-30 like you would if there was no blank 31. That is 5 GW’s where plenty of points could be lost bringing in the likes of Leicester and Bournemouth assets at the expense of City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Wolves assets.
    Of course, it is all dependant on FA cup results. For example, Wolves losing their replay with Shrews or their 5th round tie would make manouevering the GW31 withouth a chip a hell of a lot easier, as that would mean the Wolves v Arsenal tie would go ahead. I know for my team personally that it would and if it does happen then I will probably switch from Yanivs approach, but that happening is the only thing that would make me switch.

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