fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW6 – Alex Ball activates his wildcard

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Long time FFGeek contributor Alex Ball’s wildcard has been activated. In this fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW6 article he talks us through the 3 options he’s looking at

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW6 – Alex Ball activates his wildcard

Alex finished in 17k last season 10k in 16/17 28k in 15/16 and 3k in 14/15.  You can find him on twitter with this link

Team 1; The balanced one.

Of the wildcard teams I’ve seen floating round twitter, this seems the most template. And with good reason. It strikes the form players  and is well balanced through all positions. Having cheap players Wan-B and Doherty is superb. It means we can have reliable bench players  that are cheap! You could change a few players in the price brackets (Mitro to Zaha/Arnie for example) but I do like the structure.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW6

Team 2; 4-3-3

A true 4-3-3 in that we have a strong backline and two 4.5 mid’s. I like this team as I think there is real value at the back and it makes sense to make the most of it. Arguably, the upgrade of Ings to Zaha isnt worth the cost it has made in having a dud-midfielder as Ings is also proving excellent value.
 fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW6

Team 3; Flexible

It provides depth through the team, covers all the major captains picks and has good depth on the bench. The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted double Pool defence; a bit of a differential call and, after their next two they have a nice run again of fixtures again and statistically they are allowing their opponents very few chances.

I’m unsure which way I will go right now, I’m still clinging on to Mane for this game so want to see out CL games. Short and sweet but I hope it helps with your wildcard thoughts. Good luck

 fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW6

I’ll post the final team on twitter and as close as it is to final on the FFGeek contributors articles Friday night/Saturday morning UK time.

Here’s a poll for you to vote on to assist my decision.

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9 thoughts on “fantasy premier league wildcard tips GW6 – Alex Ball activates his wildcard”

  1. Hi Alex, good looking teams so far! I think the first currently looks the strongest. Also on my wildcard this week – have you not considered Firminio? Him being benched and coming on during the PSG game makes me think he’ll suffer less rotation in the league and he’s picked up a fair few points without really sparking into top form yet

    • Agree on Firmino. Also in team 3 2 liverpool defenders is too much as having chelsea and mc. In both game liverpool may concede easily.

  2. Thanks for this very interesting read as I’ve played my WC this week but have decided to drop Salah to strengthen the squad elsewhere.
    What is the thinking GKs. Wolves have a fairly tough run so with Paticio are you after saves rather than clean sheets as I would have thought Foster or Begavic would be better options? Do you expect Hamar to come back into the Huddersfield team?

  3. Anyone willing to help with my WC decision I have 3.7m and the squad below I’m looking to get Firmino into it and am wondering how.

    Etherridge / Foster
    Luiz, Wan Bisaka, Mendy, Doherty, Robertson
    Mane Fraser D. Silva, Hazard, Hojbjerg
    Aguerro Wilson, Ings

    I would prefer to keep Wilson (sell price 6.1) but Firmino for Ings leaves me 0.1m short so options are:
    Get a 4.0m benchwarmer keeper (leaving a bit of cash for transfer flexibility)
    Replace Etherridge with a 4.5m keeper (Begovic or Patricio?) though the rotation is nothing like as good.
    Replace Doherty with Bennett and lose out on the attacking value of Doherty
    Keep Ings and Get rid of Fraser

  4. Hi!

    Great site! World love to get some feedback on my team.

    Alonso Laporte Wan-Bizz Gomez
    Hazard Mane Fraser
    Lukaku Aguero Firmino

    Bench: Hamer Hojberg Doherty Obiang.

    0,1 itb.


  5. Hi all,

    Sorry I missed your messages I’ve clearly been too busy tinkering!

    James, I did consider Firmino but Mané is my man (still haven’t been able to say goodbye!) but he will have to go soon.

    Yer Valour I am tempted by TAA!
    Thanks Carl, the reason I like Patricio is Wolves look very solid and statistical are right up there with the top 4 teams. Happy to go set and forget with him. If I end up with a spare 0.5 I may go 2 x 4.5’s but I always seem to pick the wrong one! (I also agree with Cesspools suggestions)

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