fantasy premier league wildcard – to do it or not?

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Here I go through the debate of whether to Wildcard or not after 2 fairly say we say “challenging” rounds.  I go through the thought process for and against.  

fantasy premier league wildcard – to do it or not?

Here’s the debate for and against in relation to my team for wildcarding or not.  The decision has to be today given the state of potential price rises and falls.  You may or may not be in a similar place.  Firstly here’s my team set up for GW3.  It’s a disaster so far but as you’ll see from the top 10 FPL managers I follow there’s a lot of players with exceptional histories in alot worse positions


The case for a fantasy premier league wildcard

The price rises and falls is one of the FPL better price predictor sites.  There are a number of players with excellent fixtures and form (albeit over 2 games ) that prices are rising

The following could potentially all go up tonight.  Aguero Man City, Kompany Man City , Darmian Man Utd, Shaw Man Utd, Silva Man City , Kolarov Man City.  Payet and Mahrez have already gone up.

The following players in my team could all drop at least by £0.1m this week.  At least.  Rooney, Walcott, Mane, Sinclair, Hazard, Huth, Jones, Hennessey.  Thats 8 players.  If everything goes bad I could be down £1.5m which is an absolute disaster.  I’m no slave to value but there are limits.

The issue is of accuracy of the price predictions.  Wildcard transfers don’t count towards price rises and that means it may not be as bad as we think but it’s some gamble

The form of players

The cheap defence of Leicester, Sunderland and Southampton have started very poorly and there’s really nothing positive to take from them apart from good fixtures.

Walcott can’t get into the team.  Mane, Hazard and  Sakho have yet to return.  Neither has Sinclair and he may not even make the team if Gestede starts.  Rooney has been dreadful and only has 1 very lucky assist.

Thats 8 players in questionable form.

2 Wildcards

There’s 2 wildcards 1 of which has to be used in the first half of the season.  So why not now?  Will there be a time of more need.

The case against a Wildcard

It’s only GW2 and it’s hard to make any positive statements on players future form.  A few more rounds will be potentially alot clearer.

You will miss out on price rises after GW4  and the avoidance of injuries over the International break after GW4.  This could make up the rises

Alot of the players have good fixtures next.

Mane and Targett away to Watford.

Azpilicueta and Hazard away to WBA

Sakho home to Bournemouth

Sinclair away to Palace.  If he gets into the team.

Rooney home to Newcastle

Thats 7 players with good fixtures

I can get Silva in for the Watford GW4 game with a 4 point hit.  So I’m not in a bad place from the City point of view. Everton away isn’t the easiest fixture so maybe just Aguero from a City point of view isn’t the end of the world.

Are the price rises really going to be that bad?

Things may not be as bad as I think.  It depends on the price prediction accuracy which not taking wildcard transfers will be difficult so early in the season

What am I going to do?

Whatever I do I have to do it tonight otherwise there’s no point.  I’m probably not going to do it but I will tweet the team later if I do.

Good luck whatever decision you make

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23 thoughts on “fantasy premier league wildcard – to do it or not?

  1. After a poor second week with no aguero nor silva I cracked and played my wildcard last night. Could have just gone with a 4point hit but not liking how most of my first 11 have started so went for it. I did say I was not going to panic this season but I did. Oh well.

  2. Do it! I did mine and ive copied your tips so far. I think leaving it to late this year coukd cost you as after week 15 or so everyone’s team becomes similar! Then you wont catch anyone. I did mine in april last year and was planning to take one in april again and December but think it’ll be too late then! No difference in doing it now rather than 3 weeks time or so!

  3. Had the same issues and have played the WC to get in players even though I left it the same from GW1. The loss of more money on players is going to limit me and I think there are plenty of options out there to build a good flexible team that will allow me to get Hazard back in when Chelsea start playing properly.

    Southamption are going to do what Everton did last year with UEFA cup games coming through and City have obviously become the team you want a player from each area.

  4. Hey Geek, as a player whose finishing consitently in the top10k, id recommend wildcarding this week. Its a strange season and what makes players thrive is the ability to adapt.
    If you go down to 99m team value thats gonna be extremely painful- even more so in the long run when these players all rise in price.
    This season is different due to the 2 wildcards, gives you the opportunity to use one now without as much penalisation

  5. I have a very similar team and I wildcarded. Keeping Walcott in I think is pointless, even if he starts, which is a massive if they are playing Liverpool. Sakho doesn’t look threatening, I would rather have Payet. Targett will more than likely be dropped this weekend for Martina. Mane has lacked his edge, I would rather have Pelle up top to cover a Saints player for easy games. This is where I am stuck. Benteke went for Aguero.
    My front three is now (after wildcard) Aguero/Rooney/Gomis. But I would potentially swap Rooney for Pelle. But I do think Rooney could come good at home to Newcastle. That will be my last minute decision.
    I will give Hazard one more week, if he doesn’t perform he’s out for Silva. Will keep an eye on Sanchez as well, as the expensive midfielder option.

  6. Thinking of making this team with my wildcard: (any advice?)

    West Brom

    Crystal Palace




    Steven Taylor

    Crystal Palace







    Man City


  7. After terrible results – 34 and 41 points. I decided to make 4 transfers which means -8 points, I would like to keep a wild card in case of injury and exclusions. I took Aguero, Payet, Shelvey and Williams instead of Hazard, Depay, Bellerin and Jerome. Also I’ll keep on eye whole Leicester and Norwich midfield, from other teams: Sanchez, Ayew, Montero(Is he able to start scoring goals?), Shaqiri and Man City defence(probably i’ll buy Mangala/Kolarov in next week). I hope it will work.

  8. This is my new team after using my wildcard:

    GK – Romero / Guzan
    DEF – Darmian / Gomez / Cedric / Richards / Francis
    MID – Toure / Ozil / Fabregas / Mahrez / Shaquiri
    FWD – Aguero / Benteke / Kone

    I am aiming for balance, depth and concistency. I am also keeping enough money to alternate between Benteke and Giroud as my 2nd striker depending on fixture ease. Might also swap out Darmian in future for Baba or Azpi if Chelsea can regain their defensive prowess from last season. Still might kick myself over having Fabregas over Hazard, but we will see. I am taking a gamble on Shaquiri too, but I expect great things if he can link up with Bojan after he recovers. Hoping Mahrez’s form is no fluke either.

    There are a lot of “ifs” and “buts” still floating around in my mind at this point, but it has been a crazy FusterCluck of a 1st 2 gameweeks so far.

  9. I had a pretty decent week but I think I got lucky. Ended up with 51 points after a good Liverpool result + Myhill delivering. But now I look at my team Im really considering my wildcard too due to the amount of questionable players.

    myhill (Hennessey)
    azpilicueta, clyne, jones (huth, baker)
    hazard, cazorla, lens, Henderson (wanyama)
    kane, rooney, benteke
    0.5 bank, 2FT

    Even with 2FT I don’t know how to prioritise my transfers…

    – Henderson has a foot injury – 75% chance of playing
    – kane
    – rooney
    – cazorla instead of ozil (just a personal pick of mine I am starting to regret)
    – hazard
    – azpi

    – aguero
    – silva
    – mahrez
    – albrighton

    If I give rooney + Chelsea another week, I might end up loosing a lot of value. Also, those are some of the high value players I’d need to look at ditching to bring in aguero / silva.


  10. A lot of panicking on here. I started ok, mainly thanks to Clyne/Shaw/Myhill/Benteke doing the business. I’m enjoying the fact that people are ditching Hazard, when he comes good there may be a few regrets. Rooney is an interesting one as he often scores in clusters – my only dilemma was the Newcastle game – but I have buckled and brought in Aguero for Rooney. If Kun stays fit he is a must. Wildcard retained for now. I also don’t see Mahrez and Albrighton sustaining form long term

  11. I activated my wildcard on Sunday – combination of having shite players/losing team value was enough for me. Looking at having something like this for Saturday:

    Myhill, McCarthy
    Kolarov, Gomez, Richards, Huth, Taylor
    Hazard, Yaya, Payet, Mahrez, Westwood
    Benteke, Aguero, Giroud

    • Yeah, same for me. Performed well last season but too many 50/50 calls before GW1 started have cost me.

      Have gone similar to you but have put in Olsson (WBA) to double up with Myhill for home games (in the hope of clean sheets!)

      Have kept Azpilicueta too as I have faith Chelsea will still be ok at the back this year.

      Decent firepower up-front!

      • I finished 15K last season, and had wanted to avoid an early wildcard this season. But needs must, and it was as much about team value as changing players – can’t be doing with the likes of Walcott, Rooney, Sterling, Mane, Hennessey etc. all losing value so early in the season. I like the look of the team I’ve got above – only thing I think it’s missing is a Chelsea defender, but can always do Kolarov>Azpi later on when Chelsea improve and get better fixtures. I might borrow your Olsson idea too…

  12. I’m using my wc for gw3 and here’s my team. Any suggestion for change and captain option?


    • Too many game time risks in defence, the rest of the team looks ok but you might regret not having Aguero.

      For captain Silva, Hazard and Rooney are all options in the long term, for GW3 I’d probably go with Rooney as he tends to do well against Newcastle.

  13. Rooney kane hazard out aguero pelle yaya in..
    Frees up cash which u can always use to upgrade cazorla to Sanchez

  14. Activated my wildcard on Sunday. sitting bottom of my classic lead. Took punts with bournemouth players that didn’t pay off. Took calculated punts on southampton players which bombed. And my bankers of Rooney and Hazard have done Jack all. Had planned to play wc for GW4 but bit the bullet and got away without too much loss in value.

  15. Played my wildcard this week. What would you change in this team?:

    Myhill, McCarthy
    Kompany, Darmian, Richards, Target, S.Taylor
    Sanchez, Silva, Payet, Mahrez, Westwood
    Aguero, Benteke, Gomis

  16. Did my WC yesterday. I change my whole team 14 players change
    Please rate my move/ new team please. Thank u
    My initial team:
    Adrian (guzan)
    Francis, prodl, cedric, mertesacker, huth
    Hazard, cazorla, sterling, milner, lens
    Rooney, pelle, wilson

    My team after wild card:
    Guzan (mcarthy)
    Kolarov, richards, targatt (gomez, oxford)
    Silva, sanchez, mahrez, payet, ayew
    Kane, aguero (agbonlahor)

    Im planning to get hazard back when he start to do well, otherwise it would be a waste of points

  17. Cech
    Azpilicueta Koscielny Jagielka
    Walcott Mane Hazard Henderson
    Rooney Benteke Wilson

    Francis, Baker, Bentaleb

    What to do? I got 2 FT

    Thinking of using my 2ft for.. Silva, Aguero, Yaya, Alexis or Pedro… Thoughts???!


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