Fantasy World Cup teams update – Sunday 17 June

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Here’s our Fantasy World Cup teams update for Sunday 17 June.  We show our changes to the McDonalds FIFA team, the Sun Dream Team and the Telegraph fantasy football teams

Fantasy World Cup teams update – Sunday 17 June

McDonalds format

Just a captain change today from Messi to Jesus.  No substitutions as no one on the bench playing today

Fantasy World Cup teams update

Sun Dream Team

I’ve taken Griezmann out for Neymar in

Fantasy World Cup teams update

Telegraph Fantasy Football

I’ve taken Messi out as he plays last again of the 3 for Neymar.  I could have waited to the lineups confirmed him in but I can’t believe he won’t play

Fantasy World Cup teams update

Telegraph Block defence

Umtiti’s ridiculous handball ended that block defence

Only 1 change again Neymar in for Messi

Fantasy World Cup teams update

Geek World Cup Leagues

I’m not sure what the rules are in joining leagues now but here’s the details anyway

McDonalds FIFA Official


or League code:

Sun Dream Team

Fantasy Football Geek
League PIN: WCW6UFM9

Telegraph fantasy football (£100 in prizes)

League PIN 8000919
Passcode 4453

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10 thoughts on “Fantasy World Cup teams update – Sunday 17 June

  1. Why Griezmann for Neymar? Are you planning on bringing Griezmann back?

    Do you know if I can make a change after the first game ready for the Brazil game? ie Messi > Neymar (want to wait to see if he starts or not)

    • Assume you’re talking about the McDonalds format. Yes you lose the double points for captain and no you can’t make changes after the first game starts on the McDs format. Only on TFF

      gOOD LUCK

  2. So basically could I transfer out Messi for Neymar just before the Brazil game or do I have to do it before the Costa Rica game? (The sun dream team)

  3. Yes, I thought that. I only found the rules about half hour ago. It’s hard to navigate the sun dream team site.

  4. Yeh it’s not the best. You can wait until the kick offs unless you are thinking of players on the same day. For example, couldn’t put muller in before Germany game then countinho before Brazil. But as France played yesterday can wait.

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