fantasy World Cup tips – McDonalds FIFA defenders

Here’s our next fantasy World Cup tips article.  This is an article where we rank the defenders in the McDonalds FIFA official format.  

 fantasy World Cup tips – McDonalds FIFA defenders

Here’s the last of the McDonalds format player rankings articles.  We’ve already completed the midfielders player rankings and the forward player rankings articles.


The approach has been simple.  I’ve taken the clean sheet odds from 1 bookie for each game and then totalled them up.  The teams are sorted into the best odds prospects and then 2 defenders are suggested and a goalkeeper.

Stats definitions

Team:  the teams are ordered by the total clean sheet odds with the team with the best total odds at the top

Rd 1, Rd 2, Rd 3:  These are the clean sheet odds for each game the team plays in Rds 1 Rds 2 and Rds 3.

Tot:  The total odds of the 3 rounds.  The lower the total the better the odds.

Def 1 and Def 2:  Def 1 is either the best attacking player or the most gametime secure player. Def 2 will be a cheaper version but I have still only tried to pick players with a decent amount of gametime security.  They are then priced as per the Mcdonalds site.  I’ve used £ through force of habit but they are the prices on the site!

GK:  This is who I think will be the first choice GK.

n/a: I’ve used this when I’ve been in doubt about the GK selection.

I’ve used the clean sheet odds when they first came out about a week ago so they were the result of analysis rather than being overly effected by betting patterns and meaningless friendlies.  You can see a variety of up to date odds on

The schedule

The schedule maybe hard to read on a phone so here’s the link to the google spreadsheet.  You can copy and paste it and then meddle as you wish.

world cup fantasy tips

I hope it’s all self explanatory.  Putting the schedule together took a load of research and work so hopefully it is accurate but I can’t guarantee that.  If you think anything is wrong please leave a comment in the comments section below.

I hope you find it useful.

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  1. Thanks for the stats. Olsen will be the keeper in Sweden 100% (of he’s not injured at practise in the last days)

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