FantasyTote – GW29 review and previewing GW30

Here’s our weekly review of GW29 on our partner site fantasytote as well as a preview for GW30.  FantasyTote is a fantasy betting site that follows the points system of fantasy premier league

FantasyTote – GW29 review and previewing GW30

So firstly here’s the link to last weeks introduction article so you can find out how to play fantasyTote

If you fancy giving it a go click on the fantasy tote image at the bottom of the article.

In simple terms I will be playing 2 games modes each week.  These are:

Dream Team

Select 11 players from any team to form your dream team and compete against other users teams.  No budgetary restrictions.

5 A-side

This mode is used for individual fixtures. Select the fixture you want to bet on and create your ultimate 5 A-side team from the two sets of players and compete against other 5 A-side teams within that fixture.

Gameweek 29 review

After a 9 to 1 win in my practice week I was hopeful of repeating the process for GW29. However no luck last week.

In Dream Team my team scored 64 points vs a winning cut off of 72 and in 5 aside for the Man City Chelsea game I was well off the pace with 17 against a top score of 30.

 However regular FFGeek contributor Joseph Crilley won his dream team with a 6.5 to 1 return.

Here was his winning team:


The Son HM pick was the key.

Gameweek 30 preview

Dream Team

Again this week I’ve focused on the teams I expect to win well. These are Man City, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea.  My team wholly comes from these 4 teams plus Salah who doesn’t seem to worry who he plays against.

I’ve started with Arsenal and picked Aubameyang who’s ineligible for the Europa League so has had a week off while his colleagues were in Italy on Thursday.  I haven’t gone for anyone else as the team on Thursday was full strength apart from Ospina in for Cech and I’m not that trusting of the Arsenal defence at the moment.

From Chelsea the obvious pick is Hazard but after that in attack it’s a little difficult to predict.  I expect Willian to start but Conte is a little unpredictable with his gametime so I’ve turned my attention to the defence and doubled up with Alonso and Azpilicueta. 

If you’re willing to forgo players from the fixtures before the Chelsea game and desperate to get say  Willian or Morata in then you could enter a team after that lineup is announced

I was tempted by Moses who I like as an attacking full back option but he does seem to be a bit of a sub magnet having come off early 4 times this season.  That maybe advantageous clean sheet wise but less so for attacking returns.  So I’ve gone for the security of Azpilicueta

Next is Spurs and I’ve gone for the maximum of 3 here.  I’m a little hesitant after the midweek loss from the defensive aspect but I’ve gambled on it in the end and gone for what I think will be the certain starter in VertonghenKane is a must and then I’ve gone for Eriksen over Alli as I’m unsure of Son’s starting certainty.

Lastly there was Salah, just because he’s Salah who can score against anyone

Last on the team list was Man City.  Aguero and De Bruyne were easy picks after being rested midweek.  Who knows what Pep will do in defence so I’ve gone for the security of gametime in Ederson.  The captain choice was difficult but I’ve gone for the freshness of Aguero over Kane.

Here’s the team:


5 aside

3 matches to choose from this week.

Man Utd v Liverpool, Bournemouth v Spurs and Stoke v Man City

I felt the Man Utd v Liverpool game was difficult to predict in terms of how the game will pan out so I’ve swerved that and the Spurs mental and physical fatigue made me look at the Man City game which I have no doubts about the outcome.

Having to choose 2 Stoke players was the trickiest part.  I went for set piece man Shaqiri and then gambled that I could at least get some save points out of Butland.  The Man City choice was less difficult with Aguero and De Bruyne rested as I said before.  Without Ederson to choose due to Butland I’ve gone for Walker as he didn’t start v Basel and Danilo his most obvious replacement did.

It’s worth remembering that in 5 aside you can pick the team after the lineup has been announced.  My City selections were more about freshness


That’s it.  As I said if you fancy giving it a go then click on the image below.  Remember to gamble responsibly.

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