How to play FanTeam’s €1m Fantasy Premier League game – a beginner’s guide

Here’s our article on how to play FanTeams  €1m  Fantasy Premier League game

How to play FanTeam’s €1m Fantasy Premier League game – a beginner’s guide

Fantasy Football Geek have partnered with FanTeam as an affiliate ahead of their guaranteed fantasy football prize-pool of €1,000,000. To register for a chance to win the first prize of  €200,000 click here

Prizepool Breakdown


If you’re a Fantasy Premier League player, the game is very similar indeed, with only a few subtle differences to FPL – but we’ll touch on these later in the article.

There prizes to be won from a €25 entry – first place wins €200,000 all to themselves, while finishing in the top 20 guarantees you a minimum of €2,500 payout and even the top 100 is a lock for €400.

FanTeam are paying all the way down to 5,659th.

There’s weekly and monthly prizes for the top managers in each period

Game rules

fan team

For anyone that has played FPL before, the above should look very familiar.

There are a few subtle differences between playing FPL and FanTeam which we will list below.

Selling price – unlike FPL*, on FanTeam you get 100% of the profit when you sell a player, which means that it’s easily possible to get a team value of 110+ million by the time you utilise your second wildcard to help you build a strong squad.

Chips – there are no chips on the Fanteam game, other than two wildcards which can be utilised between Gameweek 2-18 and Gameweek 19-38.

*in FPL your selling price is only 50% of the increase in price since you purchased a player: e.g. if you purchased someone for 10.0m and their price increases to 10.4m you would only get 10.2m when you sold them, whereas in Fanteam, you would get the full 10.4m.

Aside from the main differences explained above, the weekly transfers and extra hits are the same as FPL, along with the weekly deadlines, which are 90-minutes before the first scheduled Gameweek kick off.

Scoring system

fan team

Again, like the Game Rules above, there are a few subtle differences which you need to learn and take into consideration if playing FanTeam this season.
90 Minute Bonus – in FPL, we often emphasise their preference for captaining a midfielder over a forward due to the additional point for a clean sheet (CS). On FanTeam, there’s an additional point earned if your midfield / forward plays for 90 minutes. This should definitely be factored in when constructing your squad and considering who to captain.
Save Points – in FPL, the goalkeeper gets an additional point for every three saves that they make. On FanTeam, they get 0.5m every time, so after five saves they would have 2.5 points (which is nearly the equivalent of an assist) compared to just one point in FPL. Goalkeepers that rack up a lot of saves are great assets, however, be aware that negative points are awarded for conceding more than two or if a team loses in the period a player is on the pitch. So keepers like Pope that get a lot of saves but also keep a lot of clean sheets, are great, whereas other keepers who get a lot of saves that tend to lose a lot of games by conceding a few goals aren’t so good.

Fouls that lead to goals – it’s difficult to plan in advance for this one and it’s just something to be aware of. Try to avoid players that foul a lot, especially in dangerous positions. Not only will they be penalised if they pick up a card but you’ll get a double blow if the opposition gets a penalty or scores their direct freekick.

Impact Points – FanTeam doesn’t have the Bonus Points System that FPL operates, which heavily rewards forwards. Instead, they award an ‘Impact Point’ for when a team wins the period the player is involved in and deduct one if the player loses that period. This needs to be factored in when assessing players e.g. Danny Ings did great in FPL last season (190 points), he only tended to score a single goal, but usually came away with two to three bonus points. On FanTeam, he scored 173 points. It isn’t a huge difference, but there are definitely ramifications though and these impact points push you towards a team structure that is more heavily composed of the top six sides that will pick up more impact points.

Fan Team Bonus

Entry to FanTeam’s €1,000,000 season-long game is just €25.

If you join FanTeam using this link you’ll receive a €30 Welcome Bonus to spend on their Sportsbook when you make your first deposit.

You are not forced to use the Sportsbook bonus – it’s just given as a thank you for registering on FanTeam as a new customer should you wish to take advantage of this.

If you’d like to get involved, sign up to Fanteam and check out the €1,000,000 in their Lobby.

Please note: FanTeam is licensed by the UK and Malta Gambling Commission – all users must be 18 years of age, or older. BeGambleAware.