Fanteam Euro 2020 – a First draft team

Heres my Fanteam Euro2020 team first draft plus some commentary on my picks.

Fanteam Euro 2020 – A First Draft Team

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I hope to have a rules article out in the next day or so but you can see them on the site

Here’s the team with commentary below

Fanteam Euro 2020


The focus with this team is on the Group stage only

Rather than my usual template style I’m going to try to be a little different. I think with the short timeframe you can’t win this type of tournament without being a little bit different.

The 2nd part of that is to try and attack the three transfers by going for high reward through fixtures

I’ve gone for decent bench cover if going to do this in case injuries happen.


I think Kane, Lukaku and Ronaldo will be picked heavily in this tournament and I think this is where being different will either pay off or take you out of the running altogether.

The first risk I’m going to take is to ignore Lukaku.

Lewandowski is only 9m. For me Lewandoski and Ronaldo really should be priced up with Kane and Mbappe. It’s surprising he isn’t. He did not have a great World Cup and there is some talk that Poland isn’t Bayern and he relies on the supporting cast. He has 66 goals in 118 games for Poland. He has a tough Rd 2 playing away in Spain. Although, the Spain Covid situation may make them the weakest top seed in any group. Also, the other two games are in Russia against neutral opponents. He is the vice captain with Ronaldo captain .

Ronaldo, if for nothing else, is a good pick for the first game. He is also priced too low at 10m, so I may keep him vs. Germany, as others transfer him out. Ronaldo is the MD1 Captain.

I am tempted to also go against Kane but I think that his home games make him too strong. I think Lukaku is the popular pick that I can go against. There is a chance I change Kane before Friday to upgrade the midfield. However there are some really good value midfield picks and the defence is already as strong as it could be so keeping Kane seems OK.


Depay I think will score alot of goals. He is the main man for the Netherlands. All three matches are at home and he is cheap. I may still go for a differential captain here instead of Ronaldo or Lewandoski.

Eriksen is great value. Bale is also great value.

Sabitzer is very attacking for Austria and is likely to play in a front two. That first game vs. North Macedonia is a great play for game 1. He can easily be benched after.

Yarmolenko gets North Macedonia in the second game. Straight bench swap with Sabitzer. Also plays as a forward and on pens.


Triple Italy. Italy should be main clean sheet team so I’m rolling the dice heavily on them. They play all 3 matches at home. They have great fixtures.

Maehle of Denmark has excellent fixtures in the first and third game if needed.

Double France comes in for the second game. I may even play one vs Portugal instead of Maehle in the third game. Germany and Portgual are tough opponents but it’s not uncommon to see these games as nil nil. This will be a big differential tick if successful

Dubravka is the cheap back up GK.

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