Fanteam Tips – Last chance to sign up for the season long game – See the FFGeek and Contributors teams

Here’s our fanteam tips article with the Contributors Tracker run by FFGeek Contributor Sergio Torija. I also update you on the 2 FFGeek teams and a few of the Contributors Teams. It’s the last chance to join the £1 million season long game

Fanteam Tips – Last Chance To Sign Up For The Season Long Game – See The FFGeek And Contributors Teams


Please note I am an affiliate of fanteam so if you want to play the season long game please sign up here

FanTeam and the Scout Gaming Group are running a £1,000,000 Fantasy Premier League Season Game for the 2021/22 campaign with a €200,000 1st place prize.

This season, the entry to the £1M game will be set at £20/€23, less then what was charged in 2020/21 (€25).

You can still join. Late joiners start on average points of 202. 95% of the average score. Late registration is open to GW4

You can see my introduction article together with the rules and scoring. In essence though it’s quite close to FPL so you can play each other side by side.

Here’s the prize allocation

Fanteam Tips

FFGeek Fanteam Tracker team – GW3 summary

The tracker team had another ok week in GW3 with 66.7 points, for a small rank improvement to 3386 OR. This would mean a £40 prize at the end of the season. 

As for GW4 the trend of the Contributors seems to be to bring in Ronaldo so the transfers are

The transfers are Ings to Ronaldo, funded by Fernandes to Benrhama. All in with Ronaldo, he is our captain, with Salah as vice.

Here’s the team

Fanteam Tips

The FFGeek Fanteam lineups

Team 1

245 points Overall rank 1,646 prize £50

Transfer was Ings out Calvert-Lewin in

Fanteam Tips

Team 2 229.1 points overall rank 7,693

Son and Toney to Lukaku and Sarr for a hit

Fanteam Tips

Other Contributor Teams

Stephen Troop

Overall rank 193rd

GW3 Review – 72.8 points rising me up to 193rd

Another decent week rising me up a couple of hundred places or so. Captain Antonio, Greenwood, Salah, Ings returning as did my transfer of Dier from Tsimikas (although it meant I benched Coleman who scored even more).

GW4 Preview

I’m waiting until as late as possible to make my moves. Originally I had planned an Ings to DCL move but Ronaldo + DCL’s injury doubt has put a spanner in the works. I do have 2FT and 0.2m in the bank.

Likely moves are Bruno>Jota and Ings to Ronaldo. I am glad I brought in Semedo at the start of the season with an aim to bench him GW1-3 until this now nice fixture run. It means I have 2 benching decisions in the goalkeeper and Dier vs Semedo. Currently I’ve gone Dier and Bachman for the bench.

I have toyed with a -4 to do Ings, Bruno and Toney to DCL, Ronaldo and Traore but I’m not sure the -4 is worth it. I would like DCL for these nice fixtures for Jota with Firmino out could also do well.

Team below prior to transfers. Ronaldo would be captain with the moves above.

Team before transfers

Fanteam Tips

Yaniv Salomon

Total Points 232.4 Overall rank 6,135

Fanteam Tips

Ben Wooton

Overall rank 10k

Fanteam Tips

Rob Reid

Wildcard activated

total Points 231.7 overall rank 6,463

Fanteam Tips

Kris O

Wildcard activated

total Points 203 overall rank 22,879

Fanteam Tips

Sergio Torija

Total Points 239.6 Overall rank 3,209

I’m sticking with Fernandes Cap for the week. For the transfer still thinking Ings to DCL, or Tsimikas to Tierney

Fanteam Tips