The FFGeek teams in the other fantasy football formats – final rankings and thoughts

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With the Champions League final now done here’s my final rankings in the Telegraph Fantasy Football, Sun Dream Team and Sky Sports fantasy football formats.  There’s a few thoughts on how the season panned out and a congratulations to each FFGeek league winner

The FFGeek teams in the other fantasy football formats – final rankings and thoughts

telegraph fantasy football

Final rank 227 from 2158 points

So my best ever rank in TFF although I have got around 500 before.

I think the key was that I started with 4-4-2.  That enabled me to buy 9 players from the top 6 teams plus a cheap GK and 1 cheap midfielder.  I spread my risk on the front 6 with 1 player from each team.  Either the key striker or the creative player/set piece man to take advantage of the wider key contribution rule.

In defence it was attacking players from the top 6 teams.

With that team in place I didn’t really have to make many transfers.  I had a ridiculous amount of transfers up my sleeve for the home stretch but I just didn’t use them well at all otherwise I could have finished with an even higher rank.  There was a lot of luck involved though and up until the home stretch all my transfers seem to pay off.

Next season I can see myself using a similar strategy.

I finished 11th in the Fantasy Football Geek league which was the 3rd highest ranked league overall.

The winner was John West who finished 112 overall.  Congratulations to him.

You can also read the thoughts of our TFF pundit Stephen Troop with his excellent season round up

Also if you want to play TFF World Cup then here’s the link to our article with all the rules and league details

Sun Dream Team

2 teams this season

Team 1: 2,467 points and 7,824 overall rank

Team 2:  2,424 points and 12,991 overall rank

The main team of Team 1 entered into the 2 FFGeek leagues and finished 71st out of 390 teams and  18th out of 40 in the H2H league.  Considering I was pleased with my 7k finish it showed how strong the FFGeek league was this season.

Congratulations to Neil Fleeson who won the Sun classic league and finished 58th overall.  An incredible achievement.

Congratulations to Jason Cooke who comprehensively won the H2H league.

So 20k had been my historic ranking level generally so I was pleased with the 7k OR.  It was made difficult by a poor start and then I was pretty much priced out of De Bruyne, Otamendi and Sterling.  That meant having to take risks with other cheaper players but I managed to edge my way back up the rankings.

I don’t think there’s much to learn.  You just have to hope you get the essential players before they become too expensive.

Sky Sports Fantasy Football

Team points:  2,960 and 1,560 OR

A very disappointing season where I held on to transfers but made very little use of them in the end.

I need  to rethink my strategy next season which has been based on holding pass and tackle bonus players to save transfers for the end of the season when fixtures are spread out.  This ensures that I can maximise captain options at the end of the season.

Unfortunately I was always behind the game and even with a load of built up transfers made little progress.

Next season I may play in a more traditional way which would be FPL except checking the captain availability in your team.

Unfortunately I can’t access the FFGeek league now to congratulate the winner

I hope you all had a good season in these other formats

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  1. That’s a brilliant effort, FF Geek. It’s a pity you don’t give TFF more attention through the season. The last few weeks of the season were a nightmare, so I’m not surprised you got your transfers wrong.

    • Thanks mate. Yeah I will be trying more next season but it is difficult to fit everything in. Hope you had a good season.


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