The FFGeek teams in Telegraph, Sky Sports fantasy football and Sun Dream Team for GW12

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Here’s a quick round up of my GW11 scores and GW12 plans in Telegraph fantasy football, Sky Sports fantasy football and Sun Dream Team

The FFGeek teams in Telegraph, Sky Sports fantasy football and Sun Dream Team for GW12

Unfortunately this week I’m not going to be able to see the Sunday Lineups which is a pain but unavoidable

Telegraph fantasy football

Last season was my best finish of around 200 overall rank.

Week points 47,  Total Points: 593,  transfers left: 27,  Rank: 4.0k

A worsening of rank of 0.7k.

sun dream team

The Maddison injury is a pain but I don’t have the money to replace him with anyone useful as I just fall short by £0.1m for Anderson and who I would have transferred him for and £0.2m for Barkley who I may have transferred him for except for the Chelsea over exposure.

So I’m going to leave it and hope he’s fit after the International break.

Sun Dream Team

Last season team 1 finished 7k overall and team 2 finished 12 k overall

Team 1

GW11 Points: 78,  Total points: 665,  November transfers left: 2/3,  Rank: 35k,  green arrow 9k

No transfers this week.  I won’t see the Sunday Lineups which is a pain.

sun dream team

Team 2

GW11 Points: 90, Total points 664, November transfers left: 2/3,  Rank: 37k,  green arrow: 33k

No transfers this week.  As I said above I’ll miss the Sunday game lineups

sun dream team

sky sports fantasy football

Last season I finished in 1,500th place. The season before that 34th.

GW11 Points: 61 total points 884 transfers left: 27 Rank: 1,170,  red arrow of 424

No transfers this week and again I won’t be able to check the Sunday lineups so have to hope that for some reason Salah doesn’t not start.

Will probably change Robertson to VVD and Alonso to Luiz after the International break for their pass bonus.  Seri’s lack of pass bonus recently is annoying so I’ll be keeping an eye on Winks to see if he starts and gets a pass bonus.

sun dream team

That’s it good luck everyone!

There’s also articles from Andrew Ferguson who finished top 1k in TFF, Sky and FPL plus 15k in Sun in 17/18. We also have 3 contributors showing their TFF teams including Bryan who finished 7th overall last season

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Sky Sports fantasy football

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Sun Dream Team

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