The FFGeek teams in Telegraph, Sky Sports fantasy football and Sun Dream Team for GW8

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Here’s a quick round up of my GW7 scores and GW8 plans in Telegraph fantasy football, Sky Sports fantasy football and Sun Dream Team

The FFGeek teams in Telegraph, Sky Sports fantasy football and Sun Dream Team for GW8

Telegraph fantasy football

Last season was my best finish of around 200 overall rank.

Week points  Total Points: 328 transfers left: 32 Rank: 5.1k

An improvement of rank of 1.3k.

sun dream team

I’m happy with the large proportion of the overall team.  The watchouts are Ramsey, Shaw and Anderson.

Btw I can’t get Kane in without multiple changes so I’m leaving that alone.

I won’t change Ramsey if he starts v Fulham the fixture is too good to pass up.  With Shaw I could double up on Liverpool after the City game with Alexander Arnold.  Anderson I could possibly change for Maddison who has a decent run of fixtures.

I’ll tweet any changes as a minimum.

Sun Dream Team

Last season team 1 finished 7k overall and team 2 finished 12 k overall

Team 1

GW7 Points: 62 Total points: 399 October transfers left: 3/3 Rank: 65k green arrow 1k

sun dream team

The virtual no change in week belied a week of a roller coaster rank which was saved by Sokratis’ goal and clean sheet in the Europa League.  Still way off where I want to be but still time to turn it around.

With Mendy apparently fit then Pedro is my only desperate change needed.  He is fit and can give Europa League or premier league coverage so not a desperate situation.  Again I’m just going to ride Kane out.  Mane hasn’t exactly been performing but with Huddersfield, Cardiff and Fulham in the next 4 I’ll probably hold.

Team 2

GW7 Points: 72 Total points 379 October transfers left: 3/3 Rank: 138k green arrow 83k

sun dream team

A very good week in my nightmare 2nd team even if it was coming from a ridiculously low base.  Again I’ll ride out the Kane issue.  The 2 Spurs players are the watchout although I’ll leave those until after the Cardiff game.

Sky Sports fantasy football

Last season I finished in 1,500th place.  The season before that 34th.

GW8 Points: 76 total points 593 transfers left: 34 Rank: 1,620 small green arrow of 42

So I managed to ride out 2 non captaincy days where it could have been worse and ended up in roughly the same place.

I have one premium player that I can rotate which is currently Kane after this week I will change him back to Salah for Liverpools good run of games.  Ings is a player I need to change but I’ll probably do so in conjunction with Capoue who although gets tackle bonus is getting way to many yellow cards.  I’ll look in more detail over the break.

Kane captain for Saturday and Aguero for Sunday.  I did think about getting in Hazard or Lacazette for Sundays captain but I thought I’d save the transfer.

sun dream team

That’s it good luck everyone!

There’s also articles from Andrew Ferguson who finished in the top 1k in TFF, Sky and FPL and Stephen Troop who finished around 1k too last season. Both who have included TFF as part of a multi format article. We also have 3 contributors showing their TFF teams including Bryan who finished 7th overall last season

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