The FFGeek teams in TFF, Sky and Sun Dream Team tips

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Here’s an earlier than usual article looking at the FFGeek teams in Telegraph fantasy football, Sky fantasy football and Sun Dream Team tips. I’ve also included some player suggestions in the commentary to help you make some transfer choices

 The FFGeek teams in TFF, Sky and Sun Dream Team tips

Telegraph fantasy football

Last season was my best finish of around 200 overall rank.

Week points 54, Total Points: 695, transfers left: 26, Rank: 4.8k

No rank movement this week.

sun dream team tips

No transfers this week.  I did think about transferring out Maddison but his suspension is over so we should see him at home to Watford this week so not worth selling at the moment.

With Chelsea playing Fulham I’m hoping my sizeable Chelsea contingent can help me make up some ground.

Wednesday is likely to see some changes with me looking to get £7.0m Kane in most likely and possibly £3.7m Trippier if he’s fit.  Sane £4.9 and Sterling £5.7m are the other obvious targets.

Sky fantasy football

Last season I finished in 1,500th place. The season before that 34th.

Week Points: 62 total points 1,008 transfers left: 27 Rank: 957, green arrow of 83

 sun dream team tips

I’m keeping with my strategy of a midfield mainly based around pass and tackle bonus players. Defence clean sheets and pass bonus and with the transfers focused on premium captain options. It’s a pretty volatile and unpredictable way of playing but has got me some decent ranks in the past

So the only transfer planned is to bring in Hazard on Sunday for his home game v Fulham for Aguero and then switching him back for the following week. I’m still alright for transfers so using 2 like that doesn’t phase me.

Seri is my main worry at the moment in that he’s not picking up pass bonus in recent games and was even subbed early v Southampton.  Add to the fact that Ranieri is hardly a possession coach and his issues could easily continue.  The problem is that there’s really no one else for the price unless I think about changing how my team is structured.

Sun Dream Team

Last season team 1 finished 7k overall and team 2 finished 12 k overall

Team 1

Week Points: 50, Total points: 768, November transfers left: 0/3, Rank: 32k, red arrow 5k

The points are prior to the Thursday Europa League games

sun dream team tips

Disappointing to get a red arrow in a European week although maybe the Europa League will bring some luck.  So no transfers left which is a bit of a pain.

Barkley, Bernardo Silva are in the firing line.  Lacazette, Kane and Sane are likely targets although nothing that can be done this week unfortunately with, I think,  next Monday seeing  the transfer replenishment again.

Team 2

Week Points: 56, Total points: 769, November transfers left: 0/3, Rank: 31k, green arrow 1k

The points are prior to the Thursday Europa League games

sun dream team tips

A small uplift in rank.

Lingard, Doherty and Lovren are in the firing line although the same objectives of Kane, Lacazette and Sane won’t be easily integrated.

I’ll endeavour to post any changes I make next week on twitter

Last week I did a more extensive article with some stats and team suggestions

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