The 60th FFGeek fantasy premier league Podcast with Geek, Andrew Whitfield and Prakhar Patel


Here’s the 60th FFGeek fantasy premier league podcast on our Patreon site with FFGeek Contributors Andrew Whitfield and Prakhar Patel. We talk about our FPL team’s season performance  and transfers, captains and lineups for GW5. We also answer questions from the FFGeek Slack Channel

The 60th FFGeek fantasy premier league Podcast with Geek, Andrew Whitfield and Prakhar Patel

I outline my FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

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Welcome to the 60th FFGeek podcast

Thanks to FFGeek contributors Andrew Whitfield and Prakhar Patel for coming on

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 132k last season and 6k in 18/19 and 19k in 17/18

Prakhar finished with a rank of 147k last season 17k in 18/19 and an incredible 17th overall in 17/18

Geek’s last 4 seasons are 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k

Here’s the link:

What’s on the pod?

We go through our teams season performance so far as well as plans for GW5

We then answer questions from the FFGeek Slack Channel

The Questions

How do you solve a problem like De Bruyne? If I’m wildcarding, is it too much of a risk to swap him out for Grealish and reinvest his funds elsewhere?

Best Aston Villa asset?

Rate cheap attacking defenders: Dallas/Ayling, Lamptey, KWP

Assuming you WC based on who is available to play now. Who do you plan to get back in later?

Covid impact on FPL 20/21: Given there is now a small but significant ongoing new risk x% that any game might be canceled, this means your premium may not play, your bench fodder plays etc. – does this not dictate a) minimizing hits even more so than usual b) holding WC longer than usual c) spreading funds to more balanced all-starters team d) paying less attention to team value than usual e) not tripling up on any team.

Best cheap forward on Wildcard? Currently on Maupay but Wilson Antonio also options.

I have a history of 7 finishes inside the TOP 12K but started very slowly this year, currently at 4.5m (169pts). With that in mind, I have Werner and Foden in my team currently. Would you keep both this week and carry over a free transfer or is it worth taking a 4 pt HIT for Kane and Soucek (or alternative 5.5MID) ?Given my current 4.5m rank im torn between sitting back and being patient with Werner playing Southampton next, or taking the 4pt HIT for Kane with the potential upside he brings and consistent returns.

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