The FFGeek teams in the other formats for fantasy football GW35

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Here’s a quick summary of how the other FFGeek fantasy football GW35 teams lineup for the weekend in the Sun Dream Team, Telegraph fantasy football and Sky Sports fantasy football lineup for this weekend. Plus a very very short update on ranks and transfers etc


If you’re also interested in FPL here’s the link to my team article.

I will at least tweet any changes to my teams over the weekend. The link to my twitter handle is at the bottom of the article.


I currently have an overall rank here of 672 a decent improvement from 840 last week with 14 transfers left.

Assuming Van Dijk starts today I will transfer him out for Alonso.  Then Maguire will go for a City defender and Aubameyang or maybe Lukaku will go for Jesus.  Unfortunately tomorrow the last time for transfers is 1.30 which means I will have to guess the defence for City.  I have enough cash for  all the defenders it’s just a shame I can’t see the first lineup.

 so the transfers will be


Alonso out for Van Dijk done


Maguire out for Walker/Kompany/Otamendi

Aubameyang/Lukaku out for Jesus

That will still give me 11 to use incredibly

Here’s the team as it is now:

fantasy football gw35


2 teams here. The first (team 1) is 13k overall up from 16k last week and the 2nd (team 2) 12k overall up from 14k last week. Small changes in rank from last week which is the most you can hope for at this stage. Both teams have 1 transfer left for the month. I think there’s a couple of million of teams in Sun Dream Team.

Both teams have got 1 transfer left

 In team 1 it’s Bernardo out for Mane.  Liverpool players have 2 extra games over the next 2 weeks with the UCL semis. However in both teams I’ve got a defender and Salah so it seems enough overall but Bernardo is asking to be transferred out in team 1.  No Liverpool players are great value but if you’re like me funds aren’t an issue for some reason.  Pickford to Karius was  also a consideration. I’m just not sure about 2 Liverpool defensive representations

Team 1 (13k OR)

Bernardo out to Mane

fantasy football gw35

Team 2 (12k OR)

No transfer

fantasy football gw35


Up to 1,872 from 2,108.  I still have 9 transfers left but apart from Lukaku to Jesus tomorrow I have no plan on how to use them despite alot of scribbling this morning.  This gameweek I’m only going to have 5 or 6 players if I also get an Arsenal player in.  I couldn’t even get rid of Wan- Bissaka

So transfers today.  Lukaku to Jesus tomorrow plus maybe an Arsenal player somewhere

Here’s the team:

 fantasy football gw35

Good luck everyone!

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  1. FF Geek, you’re on for a high finish. I think the folk with Smalling got a wee bit lucky this week, though. I got Valencia, assuming he was less likely to be rotated than the others, backfired badly.

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