FFGeek teams performance review of the season

Well the 2012-2013 season is over and it’s time to look at how my teams in the various formats have done

Barclays Fantasy Premier League

2012-2013  position:  12,954 out of 2,608,420 managers

2011-2012 position:  4,880

2010-2011 position 5,963

A bit of disappointing season really after the 2 previous seasons.  I would have liked to finish in the top 10k.  When I try and rationalise it I think that although I had Bale from the start the times when he was injured and I sold him cost me as my aversion to 4 point hits meant I sometimes couldn’t get him back straight away and these times really hurt me.  In addition there’s no doubt that writing on the website  and doing so many formats does take away time from continually reviewing stats of players which helped me in previous years.

Sky Sports fantasy football

2012-2013 season:  166 overall out of an estimated 300,000 managers

previous seasons:  N/A

A pretty pleasing season for a first attempt.  A enjoyable format which has no price changes and the ability to do transfers up to kick off of the first game.

Sun Dream Team

2012-2013 season:  21,918 out of an estimated 1,000,000 managers

previous season: N/A

again not a bad effort for a first season in a format which involves alot of luck and is so different than any other format

facebook fantasy premier league

2012-2013 season:   1700 out of an estimated 500,000 managers

2011-2012 season: 700

A disappointing finish after last year.  A frustrating format though with gameweeks starting before non existent cancelled games and some games not even counting??  Needed much more attention to when gameweeks started than I gave it

Telegraph fantasy football

2012 – 2013 season:  13,698 out of an estimated 250,000 managers

previous seasons: N/A

The real disaster of the year.  An excellent format where at one stage I was 741 overall and then the FA Cup part of the format was one thing I didn’t handle and at one stage dropped to 32k.  Can’t do worse next year

That’s it for this season.  I may post random articles but will start up sometime in July.  See you then.


2 thoughts on “FFGeek teams performance review of the season”

  1. Hi, I have no budget left in the bank to spend but I would love to know which transfers you would do in the last window, this is my current team I have. Regards Ian.

    Zabaleta, Gibbs, Chico, Rose.
    Hazard, Silva, Lallana,
    Suarez, Giroud, Negredo

    • I’m assuMing you don’t have a WC. I would probably swap Rose Ffor Rosenior or McCartney and Lallana if you could get Gerrard in there it would be good


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