The FFGeek teams in Sun, Sky Sports fantasy football and Telegraph FF GW17

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Here’s the FFGeek teams in Sun Dream Team, Sky Sports fantasy football and Telegraph fantasy football

The FFGeek teams in Sun, Sky Sports fantasy football and Telegraph FF GW17

Sun Dream Team

Last seasons my teams finished 7k and 20k overall

You can also see the 5 Sun Dream Team FFGeek contributors teams using this link. There’s previous joint winner in 16/17 Michael Byrom. He also finished top 1k in 17/18 and top 300 in 18/19. There’s also Lee who finished an incredible 79th last season, Redrum who finished the last 3 seasons in 5k, 750th and 250th and lastly TFF expert Bryan (37th and 7th last 2 seasons) is having his first season at it.

Team 1

96 gameweek points. Total points 843. OR 366k

a brief respite with a 60k green arrow.  No transfers left

sky sports fantasy football

Team 2

78 gameweek points. Total points 922. OR 123k

A move back of 17k

Benched Roberston out for Maguire.  1 transfer left for December

 sky sports fantasy football

Telegraph Fantasy Football

Last season I finished 11k but did finish around the top 200 the season before

There’s also the article where 4 FFGeek contributors show their teams for the Telegraph format.

All 4 contributors finished in the top 1000 and 2 within the top 500 last season.

Team 1

Gameweek points 94 points total points 708 overall rank 29k transfers left 20

A green arrow of 2k.  I will probably transfer out Tomori, Robertson and Salah as Liverpool have no game next week.  Kelly, Maguire, Rashford are options

sky sports fantasy football

Team 2

gameweek points 90 total points 737 overall rank 16k transfers left 22

Similar issues.  Stones, Tomori and Mane will be transferred out

 sky sports fantasy football

Sky Sports Fantasy Football

last season I finished 2,800 the season before 1,500 and 34th the season before that.

Gameweek points 75  total points 1,209 overall rank 8k transfers left 21

no rank movement.

2 transfers:  Abraham for Aubameyang and Tomori out for Pulisic

Good luck what ever format you’re playing.

FFGeek league codes:

fantasy premier league:  fnqq66

Sky Sports fantasy football: with PIN 8426114

Telegraph leagues are closed

Sun Dream Team:

Classic League PIN:  SGDKX9Y3


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