The FFGeek teams in Telegraph, Sky Sports fantasy football and Sun Dream Team for GW7

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Here’s a quick round up of my GW6 scores and GW7 plans in Telegraph fantasy football, Sky Sports fantasy football and Sun Dream Team

The FFGeek teams in Telegraph, Sky Sports fantasy football and Sun Dream Team for GW7

Telegraph fantasy football

Last season was my best finish of around 200 overall rank.

Week points 49 Total Points: 328 transfers left: 32 Rank: 6.4k

A poor with an 1.8k drop although I’m ok with the overall rank.

After the West Ham game v Man Utd the plan is to take Felipe Anderson out and put in Trippier if he starts he’s £3.7m.  That will necessitate a shift to 3-5-2.  I will then remove either D Silva or Ramsey if either of them don’t play and insert Mitrovic as the striker.  It’s a bit fluid and will depend on lineups. I could use 2 transfers I could use none

I’ll definitely tweet and hopefully put on facebook as well any transfers or confirm non done

Here’s the team prior to any transfers:

sky sports fantasy football

Sun Dream Team

Last season team 1 finished 7k overall and team 2 finished 12 k overall

Team 1

GW Points: 67 Total points: 337 September transfers left: 0/3 Rank: 66k green arrow 28k

SKY sports fantasy football

I did pretty well to get a green arrow considering the state of the walking wounded I have.  Everyone who was fit except Mane returned.

Team 2

GW Points: 55 Total points 305 September transfers left: 0/3 Rank: 221k red arrow 21k

So this team is struggling.  No transfers left so it’s just a case of hoping for the best

sky sports fantasy football


Sky Sports fantasy football

GW5 Points: 89 total points 517 transfers left: 35 Rank: 1,662 small green arrow of 1,200

At the moment my team plan is to leave everyone in place except the fluid pair of Kane and Ings who I can use roughly a transfer per week for captain and other point picks.  Capoue is the other player I’m not sure about.  He has got tackle bonus in 3 of the 6 games and is capable of points every now and then with goals or assists but 4 yellow cards in 6 games is not helpful.  There are 3 games coming up with

Cardiff v Burnley

Bournemouth v Palace

Brighton v West Ham

Where I only have a captain in the Palace game and that’s the GK.  If I can identify a pass tackle bonus player as an alternative to Capoue who may give me a captain option in any of those teams I will think about a transfer.

The transfer this week is Hazard out and Kane in.  I get Kane v Huddersfield and Cardiff before Hazard plays Southampton so worth the transfer for me.  I’ve done it early this morning so hopefully no late news comes out.  Ignore the Kane PC thing.  I have no one for Sundays games.

Here’s the team after the Hazard out Kane in transfer completed:

sky sports fantasy football

That’s it good luck everyone!

There’s also articles from Andrew Ferguson who finished in the top 1k in TFF, Sky and FPL and Stephen Troop who finished around 1k too last season. Both who have included TFF as part of a multi format article. We also have 3 contributors showing their TFF teams including Bryan who finished 7th overall last season

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Sky Sports fantasy football

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Sun Dream Team

League PIN is SGDKX9Y3


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