FPL alternate teams – the bookies, expected goals and the template teams


Here’s 3 FFGeek fpl alternate teams which I do for a bit of fun and another way of getting ideas for player selection.  There’s a bookies team, an expected goals team and a template team.  I’ll be playing them through the season to see how they do

 FPL alternate teams – the bookies, expected goals and the template teams

The Bookies team

The team finished with a disappointing OR of 130k last season but an impressive one the previous season of 6k.

The team this season will be initially set up differently.  I’ve taken a bookies top goalscorer projections and then put players in at various price points to reflect that .  The defence and GKs were the top 3 teams to win the league and then the top teams with 34.5m defenders/GKs in them

2 transfers are made every 2 weeks unless there’s an injury or a gametime risk. The 2 transfers will seek to improve the overall odds for the 11 players forecast to play. The captain will be the player with the best ATGS odds.

Here’s the team:

fpl differential teams

A few surprising things.

The bookies rated Aubameyang to be top scorer over Aguero which was interesting.  Kane is the favourite but I discounted him as he may not start.

The lower prices are the surprising ones.  The bookies seem to love Tosun and Iheanacho which was a major surprise.  Schurrle was too at the price point.  Yarmalenko was really high in the odds which was another shock.

I haven’t tried to second guess selection doubts into the odds apart from the obvious World Cup returners.

Not an easy week to start for the team that’s for sure.

The expected goals team

The first year with the team last season and it finished a reasonably respectable 47k OR

Same theory transfer every 2 weeks except for injury, place lost or suspension. Transfers will be to replace lowest ranked with highest ranked subject to team structure. Captain will be poll leader. I get these stats free from the excellent site understat.

There won’t be enough data until at least GW6 to rely on and maybe longer so until then it will be relying on last seasons data which will make for a difficult start

Here’s the team now:

fpl differentials team

So a few surprises here.  D Silva, Ramsey and Gray probably the obvious ones.

The template team

This is a new team which I’ve put together from my twitter template article although I’ve adjusted the team in that article to fit Bernardo Silva in.

I’m not sure at this stage whether the team will be set from my top 10 FPL managers articles or trying to do a twitter template each week.  I think the former as very few managers on twitter show their team.  I could do it from the FFGeek contributors?  I’ve got 2 weeks to decide anyway

Captain will be poll leader.  Transfers every 2 weeks barring injury etc

Here’s the team:

fpl differential teams

That’s it. I will try and do these weekly articles as they are one of my favourites to do it’s just at the end of the to do list and has been sacrificed last season.

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6 thoughts on “FPL alternate teams – the bookies, expected goals and the template teams

  1. pls RMT:

    pickford, stekelenBurg
    bernado, mane, richal, salah, stephens
    kun, king, zaha


  2. I thought that my striking line of Aguero-Gray-Austin would be unique, but i see they feature in the expected goals team!

  3. i’m going with
    Patricio (Ederson)
    Alonso,Robertson,Shaw (Peltier,Wan-B)
    Salah(C), B Silva,Milivojevic,Richarlison(Gunarsson)

    B Silva and Shaw to be replaced in 2 weeks by Mikhtaryan and Bellerin

    Any thoughts? thank you

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