FPL best attacking fixtures GW1 – a fixture ease schedule for attacking players


Here’s our FPL best attacking fixtures GW1 article with our fixture ease schedule. Here we look at the teams and players with the best fixtures from an attacking players perspective over the next 6 gameweeks.

FPL best attacking fixtures GW1 – a fixture ease schedule for attacking players

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The idea is to have 2 fixture ease schedules as teams don’t have the same quality of defence as they do attack. Take Sheffield Utd for instance. Good defence but poor attack.

The attacking players fixture schedule will rank the teams by the ease of the opposition defences they face over the upcoming games.

I’ve taken the overall picture of an average of actual goals and expected goals from and made a general adjustment for home and away which has been significantly reduced for closed door games.

I have a fixture graphic below which I’ve colour coded for difficulty. It is just to improve the visual aspect of the schedule and the factors I’ve talked about above, rather than the just the colours, are basis for calculation.

A fixture ease schedule for attacking players

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the defences they face over the next 6 gameweeks. There’s attacking player suggestions below.

fpl best attacking fixtures

Attacking player stats

Here I’ve picked out the 5 teams with the best fixtures. They are Leicester, Wolves, Spurs, Sheffield Utd and C Palace

PPM is their 19/20 points per match.  The 4 teams with postponed games are  at the bottom due to the effect 1 less game has on the calculations


£10.0m Fwd Vardy – PPM 6.0

£7.0m Mid Barnes – PPM 3.7

£7.0m Mid Maddison – PPM 4.0


£8.5m Fwd Jimenez – PPM 5.1

£6.5m Mid Jota – PPM 3.1 (as a fwd)

£6.5m Mid  Traore – PPM 3.5


£10.5m Fwd Kane – PPM 5.4

£8.0m Mid Dele Alli– PPM 4.7

£9.0m Mid Son– PPM 5.6

Sheffield Utd

No one

C Palace

£6.0m Fwd Ayew – PPM 5.4

£7.0m Mid Zaha– PPM 4.7

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