FPL blank gameweeks and doubles – updated for the Tuesday 4th round replays

Here’s our FPL blank gameweeks and doubles article which we’ve updated for the Tuesday 4th round replays.  There’s also some thoughts on various ways to navigate them

FPL blank gameweeks and doubles – updated for the 4th round replays

Tuesday 4th round replay results

So last night the 4th round replays were played except for WBA v Brighton.  I’ll update the schedule again tomorrow for that fixture.

So here were the results last night:

Brentford 3 Barnet 1

Newport 2 Middlesboro 0

QPR 2 Portsmouth 0

Wolves 3 Shrewsbury 2

The full 5th round draw

Queens Park Rangers v Watford
Brighton or West Brom v Derby County
AFC Wimbledon v Millwall
Swansea City v Brentford
Newport County v Manchester City
Bristol City v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Doncaster Rovers v Crystal Palace
Chelsea v Manchester United

A brief blanks and doubles time table

Assuming this season follows previous seasons precedents of not clashing postponed PL games with European competitions then a time table for blanks and doubles is as follows:

Blank GW27 – EFL Cup final postponements.

Blank GW31 – FA Cup quarter final PL postponements

Double GW32 – Potential home for postponements

Blank GW33 – FA Cup semi finals PL postponements

Double GW35 –   Potential home for postponements

The blank gameweek schedules for GW31 and GW33

So here’s the latest blank schedules updated for those fixtures last night.  I’ve taken Yaniv’s suggestion and used the to qualify odds rather than win in 90 odds although with no replays in the 5th round the difference in practicality is less.  I’ll update them again after the Brighton replay tonight

With Wolves winning there’s no change to the blank fixtures in GW31 and GW33.  The current guaranteed fixtures that are on as both teams are knocked out are in green.


FPL blank gameweeks and doubles


FPL blank gameweeks and doubles

As I’ve said before only 5 teams at the moment in Bournemouth, Burnley, Huddersfield, Leicester and Liverpool have guaranteed fixtures in GW31 and GW33.

A couple of points worth mentioning

Firstly the 5th round fixtures are between GW26 and GW27.  So I’m assuming on Monday before GW27 we will know the quarter final draw and then can make assumptions on what teams could be added to the 5 teams above that have guaranteed fixtures in GW31 and GW33.

We’ll also know the 5th round results.  In particular if Chelsea lose to Man Utd that opens things up with Chelsea, Everton and West Ham all having guaranteed fixtures in GW31 and GW33.  Making it much easier to navigate.

The 2nd point is where the postponed fixtures go to.  Last season for TV reasons the postponed fixtures were mixed around to maximise viewing fixtures.  After the quarters in GW31 the FA will know the full list of postponements as they will know the semi finalists.  Matches can be moved to GW32 or GW35 depending on what the TV companies want.  That will drastically affect the make up of the doubles.  If they don’t announce the GW31 postponements before GW27 when the quarter finalists are known then they maybe deferring announcements for that reason.

For example in my last blanks and doubles article I ran a hypothetical set of results.  Those results saw the postponed

GW31 games as

Everton v Chelsea
Man Utd v Man City
Spurs v Palace
Watford v Southampton
Wolves v Arsenal

If they moved these 2 GW32 (there is an international break between them) then all those teams will have doubles.

GW33 postponements in the hypothetical scenario are:

Chelsea v West Ham
Man City v Cardiff
Wolves v Man Utd

If these moved to GW35 then all those teams will have doubles.

In that hypothetical scenario Chelsea, Man City, Wolves and Man Utd have doubles in both as semi finalists.

But what if the TV companies decided that they wanted Spurs v Palace and Watford v Southampton in GW35 and fancied switching the Chelsea games around.

Your GW32 and GW35 doubles look very different.  Putting Son HM in at GW28 for an anticipated double in GW32 won’t work out.

If the rearranged fixtures aren’t announced by the time GW27 kicks off then it maybe that they won’t be announced until after GW31 when they can be planned accordingly.  That will make planning for GW32 without using a free hit or a wildcard difficult

4 options for using the chips

These assume you have all your chips intact. Rob Reid has done an excellent article on navigating the blanks and doubles without a 2nd wildcard.

Here’s the 4 options:

FPL blank gameweeks and doubles

You’ll see I’ve added a 4th option which I’ve seen floated around.

At the moment my thoughts are still to go for option 1 or 2.  I probably prefer option 2 although the 5th round results and the quarter final draw before GW27 will clarify things more.

The reason I’m not wild about the Yaniv option and option 4 is that if there are no announcements are made on where the postponements are going until GW31 then you’re preparing blind for GW32 if they mix and match the fixtures as I mentioned above.

Now if they don’t announce them before GW27 then you can decide if you want to still follow that path. If they do announce the GW31 postponements before GW27 I may switch paths.

As I said I’m probably doing the Aguero to Aubameyang transfer this week so at the moment I don’t need think further than that.

The option 1 and 2 strategy though mean preparing for GW31 in advance which means filling the team with Bournemouth, Burnley, Huddersfield, Leicester and Liverp0ol players.

For GW31 I would certainly have 3 Liverpool players with my bench being something like Rashford, Pogba and Aubameyang and a preferred GK.  That would mean I would only need 4 players from the likes of the 5 teams above in my starting 11 in the games up to GW31 which sounds less of a burden.  Up to GW31 the other 4 of the starters in GW31 from those 4 teams would just sit on my bench in the gameweeks up to GW31.  This situation though could be improved depending on 5th round results as I mentioned above.  Chelsea losing would make GW31 alot easier to navigate.

As far as the triple captain is concerned in option 1 and 2.  You either used that in the double GW25 or will use it in GW36 for Salah v Huddersfield or use it if Chelsea get an extra double gameweek if they get to the semi finals or if the weather does you a favour and creates postponements.

Final thoughts

In short, wait to see the 5th round results and quarter final draw before GW27 before finalising your strategy.  If the postponements aren’t given a home before GW27 then assess the risk that the postponements could be mixed and matched between 32 and 35 making the gameweeks the clubs benefiting from double gameweeks hard to predict until after GW31.

Lastly I don’t consider myself an expert at all on this.  I’ve just tried to follow it logically. If you have any comments or challenges please leave them in the comments column.

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10 thoughts on “FPL blank gameweeks and doubles – updated for the Tuesday 4th round replays”

    • Hi darren. I should have mentioned it and I’ve added something in to the article now thanks and good luck for the rest of the gameweek cheers

  1. I think those playing options 1 and 2 will have gone triple captain during this current GW25, as the other two double weeks are taken with wildcards and free hits. That’s where it was quoted previously in the template. I managed to get on the triple Aguero fortunately

  2. Geeked tc’d last week… something I should have done! Thank for your work geek…My brain cant completely follow all thw permutations but im glad uve done the options table!

    • Hi Ming Lu

      I didn’t actually TC but it was part of the options. I’ll either TC if Chelsea get an extra double gameweek if they get to the semis of the FA Cup or maybe GW36 for Salah at home to Huddersfield thanks and good luck for the rest of the gameweek

  3. Having studied the FA Cup permutations, it’s apparent that a wolves defeat at Bristol City would be an enormous help in putting a team together for the big blank GW31. With Wolves due to play Arsenal, for me it would mean needing only two transfers before then rather than five ..

  4. Andrew… I mentioned that exact scenario in the comments of a previous article. This all depends on your current team and your plans for the next 3 to 4 GW’s. I currently own 3 Wolves players (Patricio, Bennett, Jimenez) and plan on bringing in 2 Arsenal players (Auba for Aguero & Kolasinac for Luiz) in the next 2 GW’s. I guess I could bring in Perreria of Leicester instead of Kol, which would be a kind of buffer move against what the FA might do, as he is guaranteed a fixture in both upcoming blanks.
    This is why the Yaniv approach currently works best for me, because it allows me to concentrate solely on GW26-30 as normal without needing to plan further ahead.
    Now if Wolves lose, then that changes things and opens up Geek’s Options 1&2 to me. Other than Wolves losing, it’s the Yaniv approach for me.

  5. Geek. As of now you have 3 players that play in gw 31. You have 5 transfers left before 31. How the heck do you plan to get to a starting 11 by then, are you planning on taking 3 hits?

    If you did the 4th option you would only need 2 hits and there would be a higher chance Brighton would be out meaning Son would be good so only one hit. Assuming your transfer targets play the 32 dbl and also play 33 (ars, sou, eve..somewhat likely spurs).

    • Hi Kev

      The 5th round results and my next transfer will determine which strategy I follow. My preference if I could would be option 2 although unless there are some unexpected results then the numbers aren’t great as you say. At the moment I’m not assuming gw31 postponements will necessarily go to 32 unless they are announced before the GW27 deadline which is why I’m not keen on option 4 at the moment as you prepare for GW32 and then find out games you expected to be in 32 end up in 35. However I will have to make a decision before the GW27 deadline. Hope you had a good gameweek cheers

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