FPL Bonus points – analysing the players with the most bonus points

Here’s our FPL bonus points article where we analyse the players with the most bonus points in FPL in the 4 positions.

FPL Bonus points – analysing the players with the most bonus points

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Here we look at 10 players with the most bonus points in each position and see what we can learn in terms of individual players and the positions likelihood of getting bonus points.  Alot of people use baseline bonus which shows how players earn bonus outside of returns.  I don’t have access to that information.

Here’s the different lines within the schedule:

Mins Pts –  The amount of minutes played to secure a bonus point.  The lower the better

% tot pts – the % of total points that is the bonus points

Bon/Rtns – How many times a bonus point is earned/returns of a goal or assist and in the case of GKs and defs clean sheets

% – Bon/Rtns expressed as a %


fpl bonus points


fpl bonus points


fpl bonus points


So what did we learn?

Firstly it’s important to realise that bonus points are only 1 part of the scoring equation for players.

Bonus points by position

Firstly, on an overall basis,  the hierarchy of total bonus points and how quickly they are earned is clear.  Forwards earn the most the quickest followed clearly by midfielders, then defenders and then goalkeepers.

Forwards bonus points as a % of total points is also far higher than the other positions who are fairly even.

Forwards are also far more likely to earn some sort of bonus when they score or assist.  Followed by goalkeepers with midfielders and defenders similar.  In the majority of cases for all positions a return of a goal assist or clean sheet does come with the likelihood of a bonus point.  This is at least for these top 10 bonus earners in their category

By Individual player 

Pope and Guaita standout among the GKs in all categories.  Both are low block defences  although the main generator of bonus points is the clean sheets where they both have excelled.   Although interestingly Newcastle’s Dubravka is quite low on bonus as is Henderson although both have suffered from attacking defenders who have nicked bonus points of them in Fernandez and Lundstram

4 attacking defenders top the bonus totals although both Liverpool players have to compete with attackers when the bonus’s are dished out.  That’s not a problem with Lundstram and Fernandez.

In the midfield it seems pretty much that there is a fairly even spread of bonus in relation to total points so hard to take anything from it.  There are also different styles of midfielders in there from set piece men in De Bruyne and Maddison to players as strikers in Richarlison and wing forwards like Son, Salah and Mane.

The standout from forwards is that Ings, Pukki and Ayew seem to get some sort of bonus every time they return.  Wood is similar.  At least Ings, Pukki and Wood with Barnes injured are the dominant attacking player.  As is Aubameyang who has the most bonus points of any player.  Those players apart from Wood have the highest % of bonus points of total points.

Is there a type of player who is more likely to accrue bonus points? 

From this I guess you would say goalkeepers in teams where they are defensively minded, score low amounts of goals so attackers don’t steal the bonus points and the GKs don’t compete with attacking defenders.  This is because a clean sheet and return will generally see you take a share of the bonus points.

Defenders similar points but attacking defenders obviously fare best as a goal/assist combined with a clean sheet will see bonus points.  A clean sheet in a low scoring game will also give you a decent chance.

For midfield it’s difficult to pick a particular style apart from the talisman like Jack Grealish.

Forwards who dominate their teams scoring are the obvious ones.  It was hard to differentiate the rest.

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