FPL defensive rotation – Cheap or rotating Goalkeepers or premiums

Here’s our FPL defensive rotation article where we have a look back at a few combinations of goalkeepers and see if it was better in those instances to rotate of have a single GK.

FPL defensive rotation – Cheap or rotating Goalkeepers or premiums


I’ve compared 3 rotations from my pre-season rotation article to see whether it would have been better to have 2 cheap rotating GKs or just have a single cheap GK.

The rotation options I’ve picked were

Villa and Watford – £4.5m Heaton/Reina and £5.0m Foster

Brighton and Burnley – £4.5m Ryan and £4.5m Pope

Brighton and Bournemouth – £4.5m Ryan and £4.5m Ramsdale

I basically did a home and away rotation and where there was conflict or no home and away rotation picked what I thought would have been the best fixture at the time.

I then added up their total points and compared it to just having the 1 GK.  Either a cheap 1 or a premium GK.

The rotating pairs

Villa and Watford – 122 points

Under my rotation  this was pretty successful with their being 4 double figure hauls along the way and no benching disasters.  Foster contributed a mammoth 77 points the Villa GKs 45.  Only Pope as a single GK would have more points

Brighton and Burnley –  104 points

A surprisingly poor rotation considering.  There was 1 benching disaster with a 12 pointer of Pope’s on the bench for a 2 pointer of Ryans.  Ryan contributed a paltry 41 points and Pope 63.  8 individual GKs would have beaten their total

Brighton and Bournemouth – 95 points

Anything involving an Eddie Howe defence is going to be a disaster and this was no exception.  Ramsdale only contributed 30 points with Ryan 65.

Single goalkeepers

The cheap GKs

The only £4.5m GKs really were

Pope 128 points

Ryan 102 points

Ramsdale 96 points

Krul 91 points

Mid range GKs

If you extend it to £5.0m then there are far better results

Henderson 122 points

Schmeichel 119 points

Dubravka 118 points

Guiata 116 points

Patricio 116 points

Foster 111 points

Premium GKs

This was a disaster with only the Liverpool pair getting anywhere near a decent score

Alisson and Adrian – 116 points

£5.5m De Gea 103 points

£6.0m Ederson and Bravo – 93 points

£5.5m Kepa and Caballero – 76 points

So what does this mean?

This season was blighted by the lack of £4.5m GKs which meant rotation was a more difficult option than previously with limited choices.  Rotation £5.0m GKs and a £4.5m suddenly starts to look like a pretty big investment.

So comparing the 2 isn’t easy.

Of the 3 rotations the 2 £4.5m rotations weren’t successful but really only Pope of the £4.5m GKs were anyway.

The Villa/Watford rotation was successful but involved £5.0m Foster and their were a number of £5.0m single GKs with scores in that zone.

For me nothing in this brief example would make me switch to rotating GKs.  Apart from anything the inevitable benching of a double figure points haul is just toomuch to bear.

Premiums seem a complete waste of money.  Even the Liverpool one when you compare it to Alexander Arnolds 166 points and Robertson’s 137.  Even Van Dijk has got to 141.  They may have been more expensive but the Liverpool GK option still seems a bad choice

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