FPL DGW19 – more fixture amendments announced


Here’s our FPL DGW19 article where we look at the effect of a couple more fixture amendments that have affected double gameweek 19.  We also use a bookies “to win” odds to show you easily which teams have the best 2 games and which have the best single fixtures

FPL DGW19 – more fixture amendments announced

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The fixture changes

Leeds v Southampton has been postponed and taken out of DGW19 without another home

Aston Villa vs Everton has been postponed and taken out of DGW19 without another home

Aston Villa vs Newcastle has been added into DGW19

Here’s Aston Villa’s tweet and article

fpl DGW19

Here’s Leeds tweet and article

fpl dgw19

Here’s the revised DGW19 fixtures on the FPL site

fpl dgw19

fpl dgw19

Fixture odds

Here’s a schedule showing win odds for the various games ordered by who has the best odds over the 2 or 1 games as appropriate

fpl dgw19

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8 thoughts on “FPL DGW19 – more fixture amendments announced”

  1. What do people think? Back off the bench boost and roll with the punches, or full steam ahead and man the torpedoes in the hope of no more cancellations/alterations? (The Villa games must still be in doubt, for example.) My own view–for what it is worth–is to back off and save both the bench boost and the triple captain chips (but then I don’t have De Bruyne). Nerves of steel people! Nerves of bloody steel.

  2. Difficult decisions and depends who is in your team. Until today my team for GW19 had 14 players on a DGW, DCL and a non playing keeper (Grealinh is my only AV player). The plan was to replace the GK as my FT this week and BB. Now DCL is on a blank and I have two Leeds players on a single but I still think this is my best chance for a BB. Probably take a -4 to replace DCL and the GK.
    If you keep your BB how each will it be to optimise? If you play your WC trhe week before you might find a load of postponments mean your players are not on DGWs and even blanks?
    You also have to wonder how many games in hand Villa will be allowed to have as it is, even with then out of the cup it will be hard to fit them all in especially if Everton and spurs go deep into the cup. At some point the premier league will have to say sorry either they field a youth team or scratch.
    Given I am going to BB the question then becomes who to get in, Wilson is the obvious replacement for DCL and I will just hope their game with Villa goes ahead. I was planning on getting Martinez (and selling mendy in the next week or two) though that might be too much of a gamble on the Villa games going ahead so Pope might be more prudent

  3. I have taken a 12 point hit and confirmed it for game week 19 but now the games have changed can I play my wildcard and will this stop me from taking the 12 pt hit?

  4. Worth noting that you shouldn’t add odds to get a total, you should multiply. Not a massive impact here but could affect decision making – Villa should be 3 ranks higher, and Man U above Leicester.

  5. Stan multiplying makes sense when you are betting on two wins and one win does not help you but for fantasty football 1 good result is half as good as 2. For fantasy I would be adding implied probabilities. Consider two teams one with a 50% chance of winning each game (odds = 2.00) the other having a 95% chance of winning one game (Odds 1.05) and a 5% chance of winning the other (odds 20). I would say each team’s odds are equally good for fantasy but adding favours the team with two 50% chances to win by 4 vs 11.05 while multipliy favours them even more (4 vs 21)

  6. I have ten doublers plus Son, Meslier, Dallas, Bamford and Adams.
    Three of the doublers are in City v Villa.
    Used my Free Hit chip last gameweek.
    Should I play my bench boost now or not??

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