FPL double gameweek 32 – more FFGeek contributors draft Free Hit teams


Here’s our FPL double gameweek 32  article where 4 more FFGeek contributors show their current free hit drafts. There’s Keith Spencer, Alex Ball, Mikael Danielsen and Stephen Troop.  I’ve also made a couple of tweaks to the FFGeek free hit team as well.

FPL double gameweek 32 – more FFGeek contributors draft Free Hit teams

Again for anyone coming on to the site for the first time and apologies for repeating myself to others

Restating the basics about the free hit chip

There’s been quite a few people coming on the site asking questions about how the Free Hit Chip works. So I’m going to repeat what I said and then add a couple of help sentences that Lex left in the comments section a day or two ago. Most are copy and pastes from the fantasy premier league sites.

The free Hit chip means you can make unlimited free transfers for a single Gameweek. At the next deadline your squad is returned to how it was at the start of the Gameweek.

The Free Hit chip can be used once a season, is played when confirming your transfers and can’t be cancelled after confirmed.

After playing your Free Hit chip, at the next deadline your bank balance and squad is restored to as they were at the previous deadline, with any player price changes in the previous gameweek reflected. Any change to your bank balance whilst the Free Hit chip was active will be lost.

When playing your Free Hit chip, any saved free transfers will be lost. You will be back to the usual 1 free transfer the following Gameweek.

Firstly make your transfers as normal. When you have done this you push make transfers.

It will then give you 4 options. The option you want is play free hit. Once you have done that it will ask you to confirm or cancel the free hit. Assuming you’re ok to do that then confirm the free hit.

Hope that helps. Just a reminder these are current drafts and will change.

Alex Ball

Alex finished with an overall rank of 17k last season 10k in 16/17 28k in 15/16 and 3k in 14/15

His current rank is 643k.  He has used his triple captain chip.  His TV is £104.8m

Currently I couldn’t tell you the formation I’ll play let alone the players in it! But the two drafts I’m showing give a good idea of who I’m looking at.

The only players I will have for certain is Sterling, Kun and a third city player.

In the bracket of ‘likely haves’ it will be double or triple Chelsea and Man U (injury and formation will dictate who).

Differentials is interesting. I’m looking at Duffy and Zaha and would also like a palace defender.

Sorry it’s brief and vague but until we know more I’m not sure what it will look like.

Here’s the 2 current drafts:

Doherty could easily become Laporte but I’ve got alot of cash tied up in him so I don’t want to sell him and have to buy him back at a higher price.

FPL double gameweek 32

FPL double gameweek 32

Keith Spencer

Keith finished with a 3k OR last season, an incredible OR of 325 in 16/17 and 9k in 15/16.

He is one of the 10 top FPL managers I follow weekly who’ve finished the last 3 seasons in the top 10k OR.

Keith is currently 29k and has used his triple captain chip.  His post FH team value is £102.5m

Here’s his draft Free Hit Team

FPL double gameweek 32

Mikael L Danielsen

Mikael finished 100k OR last season and 5k in 16/17

His current rank is 35k.  He has played his triple captain chip.  His post FH team value is £105.2m

Here’s his draft team:

Stephen Troop

Stephen finished in 52k last season.

His current rank is 132k.  He has all his chips in place.  His team value post FH is £101.7m

This isn’t my finalised but my current FH draft for FPL, if you wanted to add it.

My budget is pretty small as it’s not something I ever focus on. 0.2m left in the bank.

Current dilemmas are Kane vs Hazard and which Watford assets to have (Feel they are being overlooked).

Hazard has the better fixtures but zero form. Kane has some form despite Spurs not but Liverpool away hardly inspiring as the first fixture.

The rest is more or less set but could change.

A couple of tweaks to the FFGeek team

I’ve just taken Lindelof out for Smalling due to his wife being pregnant and due to give birth in early April.  If he missed Euro qualifiers for it then you have to think PL games are possible. I’ve downgraded Coady to Connolly to fund it.  I have £0.2m in the bank but was £0.1m short of Rudiger for double Chelsea.  I may swap Luiz out for Rudiger anyway as Luiz seemed to be rested for a couple of Europa League games which worries me about playing twice in a week.  That is a monitor only at the moment though.

Rashford injury wise is also a monitor.  Also any rotation type words from Nuno could trigger a sale of Jimenez.  Batshuayi is a possible replacement for either.

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14 thoughts on “FPL double gameweek 32 – more FFGeek contributors draft Free Hit teams”

  1. F H team: Ederson, WBS Luiz Duffy Pogba Sterling hazard Deulofeu. Lukaku jiminez Aguero. Bench button Simpson connelly ORiol Ro… 0.3m in bank . 100 points behind leader . Any suggestions ?please help desperate to win local league .

  2. Don’t understand why more people are not going D.Silva over city defender, considering city’s fixtures.
    Don’t think he’s a big rotation risk.

    But yeah, a city defender/gk is game time secure.

  3. Ashiq, you only get D.Silva if you can’t afford Sterling. It’s no point getting them both because it’s not going to get you any points for both at the same time. Same theory for getting both Salah & Mane together. You will never get points from both at the same match. Do your research and you will understand why.

  4. Kent Yao,
    Against Schalke: Aguero 2 goals, Sterling 1 goal 1 ass, Sane 1 goal 3 ass. If that happened in the premier league 3 players from the same team would get double digit points.
    I have done my research ;)

  5. Envious of the teams with lots of money. The teams with Kane look very strong. My team value seems to have disappeared, I know not where.

  6. Every draft of my free hit before today has excluded Wolves players because of rotation worries before the cup semi. However, stats show that Jiménez has featured in all 30 prem games, 29 starts and one sub !!!

    Injury doubts about Rashford so Jimenez now in my latest draft.. and the money saved allows me to play a 343 with a midfield of Sterling, Hazard, Pogba and Eriksen..

  7. Andrew… I am contemplating the same move myself because of the Rashford doubt, and then upgrading Delufeu to perhaps Alli ( not Eriksen) with the saved money. However, I will wait to hear the press conferences next Friday. Solskjaer is a manager who is quite open about injuries and such things. Should get a clearer picture and I think I would rather have Rashford given that United are prioritising the league more than Wolves.

  8. -4 to get Aguero in or free hit?

    Already got Sterling so it’s only really Hazard who could do some damage that I’m missing.

  9. Got a major dilemma in whether to include Kane in addition to Aguero. Problem is that it weakens my defence and would leave me playing 2 strikers.

  10. I don’t think Kane is that essential… Spurs are not playing well, altho he himself is. And the away fixture against Liverpool is very tough, and the Palace tie a tricky one too. It’s a cheaper option for me, and strengthen up defence and mid.

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