FPL Double Gameweeks – 2 FFGeek Contributors outline their plans


Here’s our FPL double gameweeks where 2 FFGeek contributors outline their initial plans for the double gameweek first up on the FPL site.  In this article Yaniv Salomon and Rob Reid talk about their teams and how they are planning to deal with it

FPL Double Gameweeks – 2 FFGeek Contributors outline their plans

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The Premier League has said that on the 17 June the 19/20 season will restart if the safety requirements are in place.  The Fantasy Premier League site’s plan is to resume FPL with additional multiple Gameweeks for the remaining 92 fixtures.

Aston Villa v Sheffield United and Manchester City v Arsenal, were postponed due to the Carabao Cup final and will now take place on Wednesday 17 June, 2 days before a full gameweek commences on Friday 19 June.

That will mean a double gameweek for the 4 clubs above:

The doubles are as follows:

Aston Villa ( Sheffield United H) and (Chelsea H)

Sheffield United (Aston Villa A) and  (Newcastle A)

Manchester  City (Arsenal H) and (Burnley H)

Arsenal (Man City A) and Arsenal (Brighton A)

The games in that gameweek then assuming it is as GW30 was are then:

Aston Villa v Sheffield United

Man City v Arsenal

Watford v Leicester

Bournemouth v C Palace

Brighton v Arsenal

Man City v Burnley

Newcastle v Sheffield Utd

Norwich v Southampton

Aston Villa v Chelsea

West Ham v Wolves

Spurs v Man Utd

Everton v Liverpool

Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv finished with an overall rank of 4k last season and 8k in 17/18

You can follow Yaniv on twitter here

Total points 1,786,  Overall Rank: 556th, Team Value: £107.6m

Yaniv has used his triple captain only of his chips

Hi all it has been too long since the last time I wrote here, I hope everything is well , great to have the FPL back in our lives again.

So we start with a Double Gameweek (DGW) , that could end up as the only DGW until the end of the season. As for using chips, Bench Boost could be fine for someone who has already at least 5 DGW players.   As for me I have only 1, so an easy Free Hit decision for me.  The Wildcard is not a solution, in my opinion, as you will want to have Liverpool and United assets from next Gameweek.

This is a first draft of the Free Hit I will use.   I have alot of margin to play with as my Team Value is £107.6m.   I hope I will be able to keep my place in the top 1k, and secure for the third time in a row a place in the top 10k.  My other goals are to win both of my cash leagues and to do back to back titles in the FFGeek Contributors league.

Good luck all!!

The formation will be 3-5-2 with 10 DGW players plus Mane. Kun will get the armband!

Here’s the draft free hit team:

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

You can follow Rob on twitter here

Total points 1,688, Overall Rank: 36k, Team Value: £106.7m

Rob has used his triple captain chip and his 2nd wildcard

Hi everyone – hope you are all doing ok wherever in the world you are, and are looking forward to the league restarting in a couple of weeks.

Geek has asked a few of us to give some early thoughts on what Project Restart will hold for our FPL teams, now that we have a confirmed restart date of 17th June. I gave a few thoughts on the Patreon Podcast last week so you can tune in to this to hear things in a bit more detail, but I’ll give a brief overview of where my team stands and what I’m thinking now we have a firm restart date.

Current State of Affairs – OR 36k

FPL Double Gameweeks

Chip situation – Triple Captain used GW24 Mo Salah 48 pts; 2nd Wildcard used GW25; Free Hit and Bench Boost remaining.

Update to now

Overall, I’m quite happy with my situation going into GW39. I made a few transfers during the lockdown period, taking the opportunity to change out some under-performers. I first brought in Bruno Fernandes, then I loaded up on Sheffield United players in view of them having an extra fixture and also being quite cheap. This latter move initially looks to have been a good gamble as it looks like the only double gameweek will be in GW39 and will involve Sheffield United, Arsenal, Man City and Aston Villa. This leaves me potentially with 5 DGW players and hopefully 2 transfers (I only used one in GW38) although as I write we await word from FPL Towers as to confirmation of this.

Ideally, I would have liked 2 more attacking Sheffield United defenders, but Basham and Egan are good value so it does leave me funds for elsewhere and Fleck is a reasonable budget midfielder to fill the gap. As for my other double players, I’m pretty happy to have Kevin De Bruyne, though I’m a bit torn on Aubameyang – I would prefer Sergio Aguero here. One thing having Aubameyang does mean though is I have some cash invested in this area and with Doherty and Barnes also in my team, I do have potential to free cash elsewhere too.

Thoughts going forward

I’ve seen a bit of talk on Twitter about using the Free Hit chip for this first week back and loading up on double players. I probably won’t do this as I can get to 7 double players fairly easily and even use a hit to get to 8 should I wish this. I’m actually more tempted by the Bench Boost chip in this first week back. It means I’ll have no benching dilemmas and also means I can move on one of my keepers fairly quickly as another way for freeing up cash. I’ll then save the Free Hit for later on – I can see a couple of possible later gameweeks where I could deploy it so I would aim to use it to my advantage there.

As for other players I’m looking at, I’ve already mentioned Aguero and another City player such as Laporte in defence or a mid-price midfielder like one of the Silvas would be tempting. Arsenal’s fixtures aren’t as favourable and other than Aubamyeang I’m not really sold on their attacking assets. Leno could be an interesting shout though as could a fit-again Bellerin who has good previous attacking pedigree from full-back. I’m already loaded up on Blades assets so I won’t mention these much further and for Villa, it’s Grealish who is the tempter here for me.

I hope this gives people some early ideas and I’ll of course update when my team is ready for GW39.

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