FPL double gameweeks and blanks – an update after the FA Cup quarter finals

Here’s our latest FPL double gameweeks and blanks update now that the quarter finals have taken place.  We include a schedule of what we think GW32-35 will look like.

FPL double gameweeks and blanks – an update after the FA Cup quarter finals

I’m trying to write this as a fairly standalone article so apologies for repetition from other previous articles of mine.

The FA Cup quarter finals and semi finals will be played on the weekends of the premier league gameweeks of GW31 and GW33. They will therefore require postponements outside of the current gameweeks. With UEFA rules requiring no clashes with European fixtures the only options as GW32 and GW35 which on historical precedent has been followed. 4  postponed fixtures have already been allocated to GW32 and GW35 as you will see below.

Where are we now?

The quarter finals have completed with Man City, Wolves, Watford and Brighton winning.  My simulation articles got 3 of the 4 fixtures right btw.

4 resulting fixture postponements have been confirmed.

In GW32 Spurs v Palace and Wolves v Man Utd

In GW35 Man Utd v Man City and Spurs v Brighton.

3 of the 4 are already on the fantasy premier league site

The remaining fixtures should, hopefully, come out soon.  I imagine the FA are just waiting for Sky and BT to tell them when they want them to be.

The blank week schedules completed

This is just for completeness so you know where the postponement’s came from and where, if confirmed they are going to.


Green means they stay in the gameweek

Pink are to be postponed but whereabouts are to be confirmed

Yellow have been postponed and confirmed where

FPL double gameweeks


FPL double gameweeks

How GW32-GW35 could look

Those in italics below the main set of fixtures are where I think the postponements could go.  The 4 in bold are already confirmed.

With Spurs v Brighton already confirmed then Chelsea v Brighton can only realistically go into GW32.  Chelsea can’t go in a European conflict week given they are still in the Europa League

Man Utd v Man City is confirmed in GW35 which means Man City v Cardiff can only realistically go into GW32

With Wolves v Man Utd confirmed for GW32 then Wolves v Arsenal can only go to GW35

The 2 Watford matches for me though are interchangeable in my mind.  That’s an issue for people trying to transition from 32 to 33 without using a chip as Southampton, Palace and Chelsea are potentially the only teams with DGWs in 32 and a game in GW33.

Lastly there’s the postponement which indirectly resulted from the EFL final of Brighton v Cardiff.  That will have to go into a European conflict week as there is no other way of doing it.  They will probably play it on a Monday or with a kick off before any European games on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’m not sure which but if it goes into 33 there is no double gameweek for the 2 teams.

The FFGeek team plans

My plan has been to Free Hit 32, Wildcard 34 and bench boost 35 using my triple captain possibly for Salah v Huddersfield in GW36.  His performance v Fulham did’t help that plan.

At the moment I’m waiting for the fixture announcements before activating the free hit chip as I want to be sure of what I’m dealing with.  I’m not sure what the FA are doing apart from waiting to be told what to do.

Hopefully they will be confirmed in the next day or so or otherwise I’ll start to think something else is going on.

I’ll try and update the articles as fixtures are announced and then do a completion article once they all have.

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18 thoughts on “FPL double gameweeks and blanks – an update after the FA Cup quarter finals”

  1. If you know you are definitely using the FH chip (or even WC) in this GW32 is it worth getting in all the players who are going to rise and getting rid of all the players who are going to fall, knowing that you will be able to just make more transfers before the deadline to get the team you want?

    And in this way you should have more money to spend.

    In essence, you play the market for the next 15 days to maximise your purse for GW32. Maybe im missing something.

    • Hi Rob,

      This strategy with FH chip is correct in the short term (to maximise your purse for GW32). But with WC it gets even better, because you can actually make some extra money for the rest of the season. :)


  2. Is the free hit similar to wild card? I mean can I be swapping and changing once I activate it up until the deadline time?

  3. Another FH question – can you make a transfer before activating the free hit? Or does the FH negate any transfers you made that week?

  4. The transfer you make before activating the free hit will be counted as a free hit transfer. That is, the transfer will be undone in the next game week.

    There are no free transfers in a game week where you activate the free hit.

  5. Rob… that is exactly what I have done. Activated the FH immediately and brought in Aguero, Sterling etc…

    Geek, you dont need to worry about what the FA might be up to… they are just doing exactly what you believe; waiting to be told.
    City are 100% playing Fulham and Cardiff GW32… I can already see that huge green arrow slicing through the 10k wall like it was made of confetti.

  6. Yeah Ian I think I’ll do the same. Those two haven’t risen or anything yet so nothing lost yet.

    The 3.8m players look like they may rise soon so may be worth putting in if u find u might need funds.

  7. No guarantees any player will play twice, especially Man City players. Activated my free hit and currently have three Man City players, three Man Utd, three Chelsea and two Palace, all 11 players with two games each. I think Wolves will almost certainly rest their first team in the second game which is just days before the cup semi so avoiding double Wolves

  8. Wolves and Watford have some interesting decisions to make regarding resting players, yes, they both want to get through to the FA cup final, but if City win the FA cup 7th will be enough for a Europa spot so league matches are also important, I expect they will rest a few players but some will play both games, the question is who?

    Geek, easy solution to your TC problem. Captain Mane for Huddersfield at home in GW36, 43 point in his last 4 and 78 in his last 9 is ridiculous form.

  9. Why wont they announce the cardiff man c already!? Im preparing the TC on Kun! So unlucky with the Yaniv FH option wilson hazard salah vardy arny ( started) higuain TAA robertson all blanking, Sadler is a smart man having the cojones to captain mane!

  10. Rob.. I activated my FH on Saturday and immediately brought in Aguero and Sterling.
    Like Andrew, I am going 3 City, 3 United and 2 Palace. I currently have 2 Chelsea, but their form is seriously worrying. I will probably go 1 Spurs or 1 Watford. It will be Watford if the Fulham tie is rescheduled to GW32. But as pointed out, Watford may rest players there. Wolves will surely be trying to finish 7th so I do not think they will rest as much.

  11. Hi what are your opinions on this FH team:
    Jonny, Young, AWB
    Sterling, Hazard, Pogba, B.Silva, Son
    Rashford, Aguero

  12. Will… not sure about double Palace defence.
    Son’s form has fallen off a cliff and B. Silva I wouldnt be so sure about either. Maybe swap Silva for a city defender (or Ederson in goal which is what I am going for). Other than that, the team is solid.

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